Eyal Toledano

Product-Led Growth Executive

Montreal, Canada (-05:00 UTC)English, Hebrew, Frenchfrom Montreal, Canada
Mindset Coaching

There's nothing funny about defeating your mental self. Being in the right mindframe is important. If you feel HALT (hungry - angry - lonely or tired), stop what you're doing and fix why you are HALTing.

Product Management

Building something people want and are willing to pay for is no easy feat; in fact, stellar product management will make or break you on the simple basis that people don't want to be sold to anymore. Your product is your most powerful marketing asset, and the hustle & flow you establish within your product team is the determining energy that results from it.

Marketing Automation

I'll help you think clearly about your conversion funnel design and the ideal toolkit to execute a best-of-breed marketing automation strategy using today's most up-to-date tools, regardless of your company stage.


Getting your baby off the ground with little to not resources is a huge undertaking. I'll happily share a wealth of information as it relates to getting your first version off the ground, talking to customers and making sure you build something people want and are willing to pay for.

Venting Frustration

As a preferred FounderFuel and Techstars mentor, I often engage with high-performing startup CEOs as a second brain, the purpose of which is to either work through personal frustrations or dive deep into specific issues preventing the company from growing faster.

Outbound Marketing

Early-stage traction with little to not funding is almost always a case of outbound marketing. Luckily, outbound is a straightforward but very specific discipline that will generate the quick results you need to catch your breath and invest in longer-term assets.

Customer Success

Successful customers don't happen by chance. Being deliberate about how customers find you is obvious, but not as much when it comes to using your product and extracting value from it. I'll help you crystallize the North Star of your product and recalibrate your CS team to match.

Growth Hacking

Growth cannot be hacked, but it can be engineered. I have an uncanny ability to reverse-engineer desired benchmarks into specific actions that go straight for the kill, such as creating systematic advantages across the stack with single strokes.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I'm able to help you breakdown your conversion goals into clear inputs and outputs that give clarify on how to achieve uplift, what the available parameters are for achieving that, and what the fastest conductor for change is provided your context.

Product Market Fit

I'm a veteran pathfinder when it comes to Market/Product fit. More than 10 years of experience enable me to cut through the noise and quickly identify best practices for accelerated market/fit discovery.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

A/B testing is core to my most valued discipline (CRO), and Optimizely is generally the tool of choice for both designing, orchestrating and executing a best-of-breed multivariate testing strategy.

over 4 years of experience

I'm a founder with both growth marketing and engineering pedigrees. As a full stack developer with professional proficiencies over Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React and Redux.

over 11 years of experience

I've lost count of how many Intercom installations I've configured and run over the years. Generally speaking, any funded startup I work with will be rocking the system because it is by far the best in its category.

Ruby on Rails
over 4 years of experience

I'm a founder with both growth marketing and engineering pedigrees. As a full stack developer with professional proficiencies over Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React and Redux.

over 15 years of experience

You can't really escape JIRA if you're serious about documentation. The software suite has become phenomenal and far more lightweight. I enjoy building company Wikis using Jira and still to this day run my Quality Assurance off it.

over 7 years of experience

I mostly rely on Asana for project and product management for its incredibly complete featureset. I run marketing, product, management, success, finance and every company team from within Asana as the single source of operations.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 6 years of experience

Paired with GA, the Search Console is a must-have for marketing professionals looking to understand how the search demand for their website is developing relative to the content that exists on the website.

Google Analytics
over 14 years of experience

The quintessential and so complete Google Analytics is one of my favoured tools for quantitative data analysis, driving many of the initial questions leading to A/B tests in key sections of the conversion flow.

over 4 years of experience

I'm proficient with Ahrefs and similar SEO tools in the kit, leveraging these tools to quickly identify key search optimization opportunities within and outside the website I operate in.

over 7 years of experience

I'm very comfortable using Geckoboard to design and implement highly valuable startup dashboards across lead generation. marketing, sales and success functions. Paired with a strong growth roadmap, my dashboards help you stay focused and on-track.

Bare Metrics
over 4 years of experience

I'm a big fan of Baremetrics and the analytics they are able to produce. Specifically, I've got a bunch of experience utilizing Baremetrics for identifying growth impediments at the business model layer, as well as at the upgrades/churn layer which is key for SaaS hypergrowth.

over 5 years of experience

I've got the sales playbook down and Pipedrive tends to be the partner I select for executing sales strategy whether it be at the startup level or beyond.

over 9 years of experience

I'm HubSpot certified since forever, and a big proponent of inbound marketing as a growth asset. I regularly set HubSpot up for Techstars and FounderFuel companies I mentor.

over 16 years of experience

I've used Mailchimp for as long as I remember. I know the toolkit like the back of my hand, and can setup/configure/iterate on an account with good speed, whether it be new or longstanding.

over 3 years of experience

Recently been really impressed with how complete Drip has become as a marketing automation package. I've used it mostly for your typical list management from landing pages, and have since then expanded its use to CRM and beyond

over 8 years of experience

Expert practicioner both setting up, configuring and leveraging Mixpanel for data tracking and analysis. I'm especially proficient when it comes to bootstrapping a young startup's data science toolkit without any dedicated data science resource.

over 8 years of experience

Early adopter of Segment as a single source of truth for product usage metrics and as the main conductor from the app code to tools requiring event data.

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