SaaS Growth Marketer

San Diego, United States (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom San Diego, United States
$80 / hour
Growth marketing

Foundationally, you'll want to: 1. Do heavy customer research via interviews, surveys, and research 2. Position your product among the competition with a compelling unique selling point 3. Establish clearly defined guiding principles and values Then, begin experimenting with growth strategies and tactics in various channels: 1. Ideate and compile a list of experiments 2. Score and prioritize your ideas 3. Start testing and investing 4. Analyze and either optimize or discontinue the experiment.

Product market fit

I'm a champion of Brian Balfour's product/market/channel/model fit methodology that takes multiple factors into account when going to market with a product. Many startups struggle with finding marketing traction because they use faulty strategies that were not meant for their type of business. The three key components to product/market fit are: 1. Alignment in product/market/channel/model 2. Positioning 3. Brand messaging framework

Content marketing

Heavy experience in producing blog posts, podcasting, using video, webinars, and guides. In that, I specialize in customer research, keyword research, content research, and all other SEO research required. I also help with content promotion tactics with SEO, email marketing, community participation, social media, and even some creative forms of advertising.

Mentor Toolkit
Bare Metrics
4 years of experience

Probably the most advanced Baremetrics user out there. I use it to create custom dashboards, augment customer data, build rich segments, make detailed comparisons, forecast, learn why customers cancel, and automate dunning.

Head of Growth
San Diego, United States
- present

Leading all marketing and sales activities. Own full funnel from Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue.

Marketing Manager
San Diego, United States

Own and operate digital marketing efforts Create and organize event sponsorships and marketing Execute on content marketing through blog posts and webinars Coordinate product marketing content creation and publication

Refactoring Growth
Jan 2020 - present

The growth marketing course for SaaS indie hackers, founders, and developers. A comprehensive course to go from maker to marketer.

Mental Models For Marketing
Nov 2019 - present

The course about the timeless principles, frameworks, and psychology of marketing. It covers 50+ mental models you can use to do your best work, be more strategic, and learn to think for yourself.

Swipe Files
Corey Haines
Mar 2020 - present

Marketing and copywriting examples with detailed teardowns of what makes them great. It's a membership site that helps you never have to start from scratch ever again.

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Reviews (6)
Jonathan Goldford
1 session
17 Jul 2020

Corey brought great outside perspective to what we're doing. He helped us brainstorm ways to learn more about our customers and potential customers. And he walked through our homepage and pricing page, pointing out opportunities for positioning improvements. Overall, we really enjoyed the call and hope to stay in touch with Corey.

Ashok Kola
1 session
19 Jun 2020

Corey gave the ideas how our product can be monetized which we didn’t even thought of. Corey is expert in finding the maximum possibilities to increase the revenue on a single product.

Sibi Murugesan
1 session
8 May 2020

Corey was super insightful and gave a ton of actionable ideas to help us grow!

Sateesh Kumar
1 session
1 Apr 2020

Corey is top-notch, he knows his stuff when it comes to SAAS marketing. He gave me good practical tips on how to validate my product with early adopters, pricing models etc. If you're looking for someone to give you great SAAS marketing feedback, Corey is your guy!

Nykki Yeager
1 session
4 Dec 2019

Blown away by all the insights and resources that Corey shared in just 30 minutes. I love that he took the time at the beginning of the call to get context about my business and role. That allowed him to tailor his examples to my specific circumstances, which really helped solidify things. I highly recommend booking a session with him!

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
2 May 2019

Corey is a great human being. He cares and offered superlative advice. Corey has solid knowledge and understanding in the Bootstrapped and Funded SAAS marketing initiatives. He knows how to provide real results with sustainable growth! I highly recommend booking a call with Corey as a SAAS Growth Marketing Mentor.