Baris Karaman

VP Growth @ Swvl | Author of Data Driven Growth Series

`Dubai, United Arab Emirates (+04:00 UTC)Turkish, Englishfrom Istanbul, Turkey
Technology and tools

To achieve any goals on growth hacking, you need to have the right tools. It can be a software, a simple tool or a script you built. I have built my own software to manage my growth hacking initiatives and help you to find the right tools and show how to use them.

Conversion rate optimisation

Building awesome growth models requires knowing each step of the conversion, understanding the strengths and weaknesses at those points and coming up with solutions. I can help you with identifying these hidden key points and improve your kpi performances.

Growth marketing

I spent my last 4 years to build growth models/strategies to improve North Star Metrics. To do that, I always used the power of data analysis, machine learning, automation, and experimentation.

Mentor Toolkit
9 years of experience

I have used both mysql and nosql databases for my regular work and personal projects more than 5 years. I am also an expert on querying and optimization.

7 years of experience

I am using Tableau more than 3 years and I can help you with building dashboards, identifying and tracking all the important metrics and extract insights.

9 years of experience

I have 5+ years of experience in web development, scripting, automation and building machine learning models with python. I also built my own tool to manage my growth hack initiatives.

Head of Growth Marketing Tech
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
- present

I mainly focus on building growth strategies, extracting insights from data, automating regular growth hacks, designing and executing A/B tests, creating machine learning models for driving efficient growth.

Reviews (9)
Marwan Ahmed
1 session
17 Jul 2021

Baris was amazing and super helpful. Not only he did share info and general advice, but he was enabling screen sharing and explaining things to me from scratch with diagrams and illustrations. He did follow up with articles and encouraged me to book another session after getting some work done with my team.

Leon Yeh
1 session
4 Sep 2020

Baris is an experienced data scientist. He is a great guy to ask on how to grow your company by focusing on customer retention. On a just short call, I learned so much on both the technical side and business side. He gave me advices what to focus and what to avoid.He saves me many hours of frustration doing trial and error. Highly recommended.

sowmith mandadi
1 session
22 Aug 2020

Baris is a great listener. He was able to meet all my questions with great solution based answers. We talked about how to capture right data points and KPI's to measure to make data-driven decisions. I highly recommend Baris.

Tzu Chu
1 session
11 Apr 2020

very knowledgeable

Michael Taylor
1 session
22 Jan 2020

This is the most helpful session I've had so far! Baris clearly knows what he's talking about regarding Data Science and its application to Marketing and recommended several rich sources of further information after the session. Really approachable, cares about helping people and can relate back to when he was learning. I highly recommend a session with Baris.

Oseitofo Amedu
1 session
3 Jan 2020

Chat with Baris was good. He had to be somewhere so our call was hurried but I will reschedule to speak with him again, especially when I can real problems around experiment tools he can help with.

Alex Gracia Lupotto
1 session
20 Nov 2019

He is great and gave material and insights to solve my problem

blake janover
1 session
9 Oct 2019

This was a wonderful call with an extremely humble, hyper-intelligent​ individual. Baris is a leader in his field and I hope he'll make time to interact with me again.

Janez Tratnik
1 session
6 Oct 2019

Baris is great! He is a fast thinker, has a sharp mind and is super friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you are not sure what’s your next step with your business/idea - get in touch with Baris and you’ll suddenly known what to do!