Baptiste Debever

Growth engineer - entrepreneur

Lille, France (+01:00 UTC)English, Frenchfrom Lille, France
Marketing automation

I have set up numerous automation within my own business, but also for our users at Feedier, especially using Zapier. I'm definitely happy to help out and give advice. Time is money, manage it wisely. There is nothing complicated, it's all about using the right tools.

Technology and tools

I have built my SaaS from scratch and happy to help on the design, development or anything related. I can help you define the right structure, in order to define a maintainable and scalable software. I have also a deep knowledge in architecture and the different tools out there. More info at

Product market fit

I have learned numerous lessons from starting my own software, and there are a lot of key points I'd be happy to share and make sure you take the right approach when it comes to validating your product market fit. Happy to answer any question you would have before;

Mentor Toolkit
7 years of experience

MySQL is the go-to when it comes to managing databases! :) I can help you out here, definitely proficient, with a deep knowledge. Built a few websites and applications based on MySQL.

6 years of experience

I have been tinkering with JS for a few years now, and I'm also fairly comfortable with common frameworks, mainly Vue.js and React.js. For a recent project: check out, built in Vue.js. I can definitely help here.

7 years of experience

Laravel is my framework of choice when it comes to building substainable and long-term back-end solution, or API. Happy to help you get started, layout your project or debug with you.

6 years of experience

I'm fairly comfortable with PHP, being my first language, and still my language of choice when it comes to building reliable backend solution. I'm also fairly proficient in Laravel Framework.

5 years of experience

I have used Stripe API on two different projects, the biggest one being Feedier. I'm able to advise and help you get started, whether you're dealing with the simple front-end JS integration, or the more in-depth back-end kind of integration.

7 years of experience

I have been building WordPress themes and custom website for a few years, with a major success being I'm able to help you out on that, and advise on any issue / question related to WP development.

4 years of experience

Heap analytics is implemented on Feedier and I have been tinkering with it for a few months, figuring out how things work and what do to with them, so I can be helpful.

5 years of experience

Buffer is my go-to software when it comes to social media management and audience building. I have been using it for 2 different businesses and some good results.

5 years of experience

CrazyEgg is implemented on most of my businesses websites, and I have a really good grasp over it. I can help figuring out and interpreting the traffic.

4 years of experience

This is my go to CRM when it comes to managing sales and even some part of the marketing. I am a true believer and evangelist, also very used to the product.

7 years of experience

I have been using Mailchimp since I'm a child.... Kidding.. Just that I have been using for a few years now, even built custom templates and use the API side of things to RSS automation.

6 years of experience

Zapier is my bread and butter when it comes to automating stuff together. Whether you're talking about simple 2-step automation, or in-depth linking, I can help and will surely do.

5 years of experience

Finding the right trade-off between SEO oriented and value-oriented content is anything but obvious. By using tools such as Moz, you're able to find new opportunities and analyse trends overtime. I'm now a good player in the field!

5 years of experience

Having tinkered and listened to a bunch of podcast episodes on the topic of Quora writing and Quora ads, I have got a good grasp of it, and should be able to answer any question or help you out wiht it.

Google Analytics
8 years of experience

I have been heavily using GA on a bunch of websites I made for clients back in my consulting time, and I am now using it for Feedier on a daily basis. I can definitely help you get a good grasp and figure out non-obvious things.

6 years of experience

I can help on the following points: - Facebook Ads - Facebook Social Management - Facebook Audience - Facebook Business - Facebook Analysis Anything related to Facebook really.

Head of Growth and Sales
Lille, France
Mar 2018 - present

Feedier is a software helping companies collect better feedback using gamification and by focusing on the User Experience. I'm the Co-founder and Head of Growth, handling everything from marketing strategy to demo call and support with clients.

Master Degree in Software Engineering
Centrale Lille
- present

Engineering degree (5-year master's degree) at ITEEM, department of Centrale Lille (top engineering school) in partnership with SKEMA Business School (top business school). This curriculum provides skills in both general engineering and business, as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Reviews (9)
Maxime Salomon
1 session
9 Jan 2021

It was great talking to Baptiste and he was useful to understand more about the sales automation stack he has put in place for his company. Would have been even better if he wasn't doing something else during the call.

Massimo Falini
1 session
1 Aug 2020

Great session! Thanks!

Michael Taylor
1 session
18 Feb 2020

Baptiste asked a lot of questions and really dug deep into my complex situation to make sure he understood every aspect before giving me advice. It was great to get a strong opinion so well tailored to my unique context and I really appreciate him taking the time. He helped me avoid potentially weeks of wasted effort!

Rod Nunes
2 sessions
6 Jan 2020

Baptiste is a young and very successful entrepreneur with a lot of valuable experience that was very valuable for Thank you Baptiste

Rod Nunes
2 sessions
5 Jan 2020

Baptiste is an extraordinary entrepreneur that understands the logic behind approaching the market. He is very much focus driven so you can expect pragmatic recommendations. He did it, so he knows it!

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
16 May 2019

Baptise impressed me with his self-taught web development knowledge and domain expertise on user feedback. He shared some of his strategies for Growth at Feedier and I can't wait to see how they play out. If you need help around validating your product market fit or the more technical aspects of growing your startup, you need to speak to Baptiste

Robert Stockley
1 session
16 Apr 2019

Baptise was able to provide some straight forward honest advise that has helped me gain clarity on how I can get more results out of my LinkedIn marketing. Looking forward to applying his recommendations and seeing the impact they have.

Tyrel Johnson
1 session
17 Jan 2019

Baptiste gave me some very helpful advice in regards to how to rebuild my pricing/payments system which I wanted to overhaul. In addition to the advice, he actually shared a resource after our call that was the EXACT solution I needed, saving me a ton of time and hundreds of dollars that I would have otherwise had to spend on developing a solution. I highly recommend Baptiste, and I know I will be booking sessions with him in the future.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
13 Jan 2019

Talked about Stripe and API stuff. Growth isn't all about marketing in 2019+. Sometimes you need to get technical. Baptiste's a great person to talk to about technical marketing!