Anthony English

Impostor Syndrome Coach

Sydney, Australia (+10:00 UTC)Englishfrom Sydney, Australia
$19 / hour
Remote work

My YouTube channel started growing when, in 2020, people wanted to learn about how to use Zoom. Their challenges weren't just technical. There was the emotional side of being on camera, and having to navigate tools that would make remote work easier, especially within teams. I pride myself on helping others set themselves up to work remotely and to collaborate as a team.


Copywriting, in my view, is less about creating content and more about customer research. Finding out what the client actually wants. Understanding how they describe their own pains. Learning what they really are after (which sometimes they don't know how to express for themselves, because they're too close to it.)

Technology and tools

If you're finding technology and the software you're trying to use is a roadblock for you, I'm happy to help you through it. My YouTube channel has tech tips for people who aren't geeks (and who don't want to be). I don't think the technology should be a reason to hold you back, so I'll show you how to use just what you need for now.

Content marketing

"You've got to get your name out there", they tell you. But what should you talk about? What should you write about? And what if you feel it's all been said before (and said better than you can)? I can show you how to choose topics that are going to be valuable for your audience, and also get you excited to write about. And if you need some confidence with video - going on camera for YouTube, for example - I'm here to help.

Mindset coaching

I know how important it is to break through those blocks that you can experience as you build your business ... especially as you face something new. The key is to see how what you're doing is building on something that you're already good at.

Mentor Toolkit
over 10 years of experience

I've been very active on LinkedIn for five years, posting several times a week. I know how important LinkedIn is for B2B engagement, and I'm also aware of some of the mistakes people make when they get started on LinkedIn.

over 8 years of experience

My YouTube channel has grown to 3000 subscribers (as at April 2021), and I've learned why some videos do well, and some don't seem to get any traction at all. I LOVE the analytics of YouTube and am deeply immersed in the platform.

over 3 years of experience

I'm familiar with ConvertKit for email automation, and I am happy to share ideas on how to set up sequences and automations, what to write in your emails, and how to keep subscribers coming back.

Business Coach
Anthony English Business Coaching
Sydney, Australia
- present

I've been working as a business coach for small, service-based businesses. Although I do work with men, I especially have worked with women in their first year or two of running a business for themselves.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (19)
Lena Sesardic
2 sessions
1 Jul 2021

Always get so much clarity when speaking with Anthony! He's quick to understand my situation and is able to use his experience to provide feedback on how to go about building my own business and getting unstuck.

1 session
25 Jun 2021

Anthony gave me excellent advice on how to reframe my imposter syndrome so that I can learn to view it in a positive light. He provided clever analogies to illustrate the mechanism of imposter syndrome and how it works. Really great session!

Ann Hsieh 🙂
1 session
22 Jun 2021

Anthony helped me in recognizing mental barriers such as "imposter syndrome" and "people-pleasing" that I was not fully aware I was carrying. I now feel better equipped to overcome mental challenges in my life-long journey thanks to his practical and engaging stories, kindness, and resources. It was a pleasure -- thanks Anthony!

Lena Sesardic
2 sessions
20 Jun 2021

Anthony is extremely friendly and helped me create a plan for a coaching offer and feel confident about it. He also gave me great feedback on how to structure my pricing for a beta coaching offer. The best part for me personally was that Anthony serves a similar niche of customers and hearing how he went about his niching down and crafting of his messaging was immensely helpful in figuring out how I should tackle my own situation. Couldn't recommend Anthony enough!!

Kilian Ekamp
1 session
14 Jun 2021

Had a fantastic session with Anthony today. Talking to Anthony feels like you've known him for years. I guess that's due to his immensely empathetic personality. He is the kind of mentor that is capable of viewing things from a birds-eye perspective instead of getting lost in the nitty-gritty of things. I'd recommend every entrepreneur or creator who is struggling with impostor syndrome to talk to Anthony. His words of encouragement are not only kind-hearted, but completely right and to the point.

Hollie Youlden
3 sessions
7 Jun 2021

Another beneficial session with Anthony – my third! It's been so useful to have 1-on-1 sessions with Anthony as I've been optimising our affiliate onboarding sequence. His feedback is always helpful and having his insights has really helped me better understand our affiliates' mindset and concerns.

Michelle Evans
1 session
31 May 2021

Anthony greeted me like an old friend. We discussed my current mindset challenges with my projects and problem solved the hurdles within 15 minutes. His IT background allows the advanced root cause issues, combined with his professional empathy and patience! Thank you so much, Anthony! Your Humanity and humour made this conversation so empowering, even though it was supposed to be 1 hour we spoke for nearly 2!

Sammy James
1 session
28 May 2021

Anthony is a very cool guy and super generous with him time and knowledge. We could have talked about a lot of things related to growth but we dove into Youtube and wow- he is an expert on how to leverage it for whatever you are trying to accomplish. I am actually going to start posting videos now that i know how to 'fish'. I look forward to talking with him again soon.

Hollie Youlden
3 sessions
24 May 2021

This was my second session with Anthony and an opportunity to go over all of the ideas he inspired in our first session. I'd put those ideas into a new onboarding sequence for our affiliates and it was so helpful to go through each email and get his feedback – he understands what I'm trying to achieve and provides insights and ideas that are actionable and make a difference. Another great session.

anand tahiliani
1 session
20 May 2021

Had an illuminating session with Anthony - he was able to share a lot of practical examples in order for me to better grasp the limiting nature of impostor syndrome (as well as help me realize that I am not alone). I am looking forward to the exploration of a more peaceful co-existence with myself.

Allison Kelly
1 session
12 May 2021

This was such an informative session! My company's Youtube strategy is seriously lacking, and Anthony gave me some GOLDEN advice on ways to improve our Youtube acquisition.

Moritz Lang
1 session
10 May 2021

Had a great call with Anthony who gave me lots of metaphors and analogies to change my mindset around imposter syndrome. He gave me the tools to get over (it) myself and carry on. Plus, I got great energy and positivity from him. Thanks!

Hollie Youlden
3 sessions
5 May 2021

If I had to describe my session with Anthony using just one word it would be 'invigorating'. He gave me so many useful insights and actionable tips that I finished the session with pages of notes and a real excitement for implementing these ideas and suggestions. The focus of our session was affiliate marketing and how we (our SaaS brand) could help our affiliates to drive more sales. But we touched on so much more than that, including YouTube and psychology. This was a free session with Anthony but I gained so much value from the call that I would happily pay for his consultation and would highly recommend him to others looking for a mentor, not just for affiliate marketing but also for help and guidance on how to identify and empathise with an audience. One of my favourite Growth Mentor sessions yet!

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
28 Apr 2021

One of the best mentors on Growth Mentor for sure! Helped a lot with youtube analytics, extra delivering, and really cared about my situation. Anthony deserves 10 stars!

William A.
1 session
24 Apr 2021

I had a wonderful experience chatting with Anthony. We discussed about the customer pain points and he did provide many valuable suggestions which we will be using. We also spend some time with improving the copy and gave very valuable insights on how we can better target our customer segment. Thank you very much Anthony :)

Eric Acri
1 session
24 Apr 2021

All I can say is, "wow" - I got so much out of our time together and wish it was longer! We covered a lot of ground, and tackled a lot of my challenges. I can honestly say if you get a chance to speak with Anthony, do it because you will come out with a wonderful outlook that is just fantastic.

Necca Sampson
1 session
23 Apr 2021

Anthony's a true expert at identifying and diffusing roadblocks to growth! We discussed a program I'm currently developing, and he shared fantastic insights to help me reach my target audience and tweak the syllabus. He was also super nice and encouraging!

Dani Hart
1 session
20 Apr 2021

With a background in IT, Anthony is kind, warm and knows what it takes to bring the best out in people. He'll leave you feeling like you're doing exactly what you're meant to be doing and getting paid for what you're worth! If you're questioning your career, brand, or mindset, a call with Anthony will get you started on the right foot.

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
15 Apr 2021

WOW! WOW! WOW! 10 stars for our call! Anthony knows youtube in and out and provided super valuable insights which I would have probably got in months of online course. Straightforward in his analysis, he helped point out the good and bad in my youtube channel and suggested ways to improve it! Will definitely follow up, incredible mentor!