Anita Toth

Customer Retention/Churn Consultant

Hamilton, Canada (-05:00 UTC)from Hamilton, Canada
$99 / hour
User research

I help B2B companies increase their user retention by understanding the wants, needs and desires of their users/customers. Using 20+ years of academic qualitative research, I help companies develop a feedback strategy to fully understand the goals their users have and to highlight those areas preventing their users from reaching those goals. This strategy ultimately increases retention, increases loyalty and increases revenues.

Customer success

I work with Founders, Customer Success and Product teams to help you see vital areas to: 1) reduce churn by 1% or more (which also increases customer retention) 2) identify areas to increase Customer Lifetime Value through expansion opportunities 3) identify and hear the genuine Voice of Your Customer to help you make strategic business decisions that lead to increased revenues and greater profits

Mentor Toolkit
7 years of experience

I use my years owning and running a Facebook ad agency to help my SaaS clients see how better customer retention starts right at the beginning of the customer journey -- in your marketing.

Janiva Digital Marketing

Janiva Digital Marketing was my Facebook ad agency and digital marketing company. I closed the agency to really leverage my qualitative research skills working with B2B Saas with churn reduction.

Digital Agencies
Research Coodinator
McMaster University

14 years I worked as a Research Coordinator in a qualitative research institute at McMaster University. After funding cuts laid me off, I used my research skills to develop an in-depth voice of the customer playbook for my Facebook and digital marketing agency

Reviews (12)
Roly Walter
1 session
14 Jul 2021

Anita was extremely patient and knowledgeable and it was a great initial call that will hopefully lead to more. Thanks Anita!

Eric Acri
1 session
9 Jun 2021

I just had a fantastic meeting with Anita. I had a few topics for the meeting, and got way, WAY, more out of our conversation than I could have hoped for. We talked about clear next steps, which is awesome. I also have to say that Anita's personality is encouraging, positive, and up lifting. I sincerely recommend speaking with Anita!

Tracy Johnson
1 session
11 Nov 2020

I was very satisfied with the session. Anita is very friendly and knowledgeable. I plan to use her again.

Vijay Chakilam
1 session
15 Oct 2020

Anita was very friendly and responsive. She helped me with a template for user interviews.

Thomas Seidel
1 session
6 Oct 2020

Anita is a very friendly person and our discussion was very interactive and fruitful. I have some things to go after now and will definitely do so.

Michelle Evans
1 session
13 Aug 2020

Anita is extremely friendly, well experienced in Customer Success and is true to her value of always thinking of customers. Anita is able to instantly think of your customers POV, when you explain your profession and industry and come up with strategies to support them. I will definitely be booking another session with Anita again soon

Aaron Foster
1 session
13 Aug 2020

Whew! I need a nap after that session! Anita fired so much amazing information at me and asked fantastic questions during our session. Not only that, but she gave me a ton of actionable items of what to do not only to REDUCE our churn, but also to RECOVER past churn. It was a fantastic session and I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking to reduce your churn and retain more of your subscribers. Thanks again Anita and I'll be in touch again!

David Kellerman
1 session
31 Jul 2020

Very detailed session on how to interview customers, what emotion to elicit from them and how to do it. Anita is energetic, funny and very knowledgeable. She was very engaged with the topic at hand, since she is a fan of it (spoiler: it's tea), which made the talk even easier, because she comprehend the reason behind consumption. Nonetheless, she gave me the right feedback at the right time!

Pritesh Vora
1 session
30 Jul 2020

She was very kind and insightful. I unfortunately got late for the call but she was still there to help me out. She gave actionable tactics that can help us with customer interviews. Some nifty ways to drive it, attract and handle tough situations. Thanks Anita for the help.

Hendrik Henze
1 session
24 Jul 2020

What I really liked was that Anita asked a lot of questions in the beginning to get a better understanding of the situation. Then during the talk she made a lot of good suggestions to improve.

Weina Scott
1 session
8 Jul 2020

She is amazing. She helped me to figure out why customers are churning and what I can do to prevent it. She gives great advice. She is an excellent communicator and a great listener. She is very smart.

Matthew Day
1 session
25 Jun 2020

Awesome call with Anita. In fact, so good that she broke two of my pens as I was keeping track of the ideas and strategies. Don’t be put off by the idea of a ‘Churn Consultant’ – this can totally feed into your marketing messages and lead-gen activities as you learn what customers really think and what they really want. You might think you already know it. But spend some time with Anita and if you’re anything like me, you’ll realise you don’t! Great session – look forward to talking again. 😊