Anand Chowdhary

Creative technologist & entrepreneur — Y Combinator founder — Forbes 30 Under 30

Enschede, Netherlands (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom New Delhi, India
$100 / hour
Product management

I've been building and launching products for as long as I can remember and have experimented with several types of business models, including B2B SaaS, B2C smartphone apps, open source monetization, etc. As a full-stack maker of several tools, including a #1 Product Hunt open-source product, I can help guide the big-picture vision and make informed decisions by writing OKRs, brainstorming KPIs, building teams, and launching products.

Public relations

I've been very lucky to have been featured in some leading publications around the world, including in Forbes 30 Under 30, Dutch Financial Times' list of most-innovative entrepreneurs and professionals in The Netherlands, and in publications like Time Out Magazine, The Times of India, Tubantia, RTV Oost, Forbes, YourStory, Hindustan Times, HuffPost, etc. I can help entrepreneurs craft stories and get them published in the right places.

Design / UX

I started my career as a user experience design consultant for e-commerce companies, so I have plenty of "full-stack design" experience — from user research, wireframes, UX writing, interactive prototypes, and interface design. I'm also experienced with both modern and traditional design tools, from Sketch and Figma to Photoshop and Illustrator.

Technology and tools

I've been writing code and designing interfaces for over a decade, and have a 5+ year full-stack experience with JavaScript/TypeScript, including all major frontend frameworks. I'm also an extremely active open-source contributor and maker, with over 10,000 contribution on GitHub per year.

Mentor Toolkit
8 years of experience

I've worked on projects of all sizes when it comes to different databases, both SQL and NoSQL. I can help you architect your database schema, setup powerful index-based optimizations and relations, and help you choose the right database for your startup.

5 years of experience

I've worked with Stripe APIs and subscriptions models extensively, especially while building my open-source JS/TS SaaS framework, Staart. I can help you integrate Stripe for payments or recurring billing into your products and show you best-practices for compliance such as with PCI.

11 years of experience

I'm highly specialized in full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript, and have experience with all major frontend frameworks, including Vue.js, React, Angular, and Svelte. I've also written tens of JS libraries, open source projects, and #1 products. If it's JavaScript, I can probably help you with it.

6 years of experience

I've been writing JavaScript for almost a decade, and I have 4+ years of Node.js experience in production. I've built open-source projects, web APIs, and large-scale platforms running Node.js, so I can help you architect, deploy, and scale your projects.

6 years of experience

Though I haven't used it as much as JavaScript and TypeScript, I've worked on a few hobby projects with Python, especially for machine learning applications. I can help you architect your tech stack with Python frameworks like Django and Flask, or write scikit or Tensorflow-powered ML apps.

9 years of experience

I've published several WordPress themes and have worked with fast-growing Woocommerce-based e-commerce companies. Plus, with significant PHP programming experience, I can help write custom plugins, themes, and APIs in WordPress.

Reviews (12)
anand tahiliani
1 session
4 May 2021

Really appreciate how frank and forthright Anand was. He was able to provide solid actionable advice along with some uncomfortable truths. Thanks again mate!

1 session
25 Feb 2021

Anad is super super knowledgable, especially in the B2b space that Im in and was able to very quickly provide key focus and direction listening to my situation. I really felt that eyes were opened. Looking forward to tapping more of Anand's help.

1 session
15 Dec 2020

Anand is amazing! He gave me actionable & insightful tips on how to get PR for my product, drawing upon his experience. He really took the time to understand more about my product, so he could best support me. I really appreciate that. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, Anand!

Josephine Tse
1 session
7 Dec 2020

My call with Anand was very eye-opening and helpful. He helped me look at a situation I was having with another perspective, an alternative solution as I was feeling very blocked. Very thankful for that!

Justin Homkow
1 session
5 Nov 2020

Anand, thank you for our call. I appreciate how generous you were with your time. You grasped the big picture quickly and provided great perspective on the best way to proceed, in particular with respect to using third-parties/agencies vs. bringing on a CTO co-founder, due to efficiency and cost.

Nidhish Rajan
1 session
18 Oct 2020

He had very good clarity of thought and gave some awesome insights. I'm really glad that I spoke to him :)

Guy Hobbs
1 session
24 Sep 2020

Great guy, awesome advice. Feel smarter already 🧠

Marty Cornish
1 session
21 Aug 2020

Anand is great. Big future ahead of him. Understood quickly what we are doing and provided some helpful and actionable ideas.

Michael Taylor
1 session
4 Aug 2020

Anand just immediately gets what I'm trying to do, with minimal explanation, and had some really solid advice on future direction. Super smart guy.

1 session
14 Jul 2020

Outstanding session with a lot of insights. Usersnap is very thankful for the time spent with Anand.

David Kellerman
1 session
13 Jul 2020

Very good session :) Energetic, full on it, driven and motivated. Gave clear direction and alternatives to my proposed idea of a validation track/incubator program. This is one of the types that loves mentoring for the energy that it gives him.

Hendrik Henze
1 session
13 Jul 2020

Anand gave good feedback from a business as well as from a personal perspective. I wish I had talked to him a few month if not years earlier :)