Alex Scott

Product Management | Cross-functional Leadership | Data & Analytics | Business & Tech | Startup Mentor

Lëtzebuerg, Lussemburgo (+01:00 UTC)from London, Regno Unito
Product management

Here are some of my relevant achievements: * Designed and launched an automated operations trouble-shooter that generated €8m incremental revenue by reducing account manager effort by 50 hours per week (~10%) * Launched ML-driven profitability management systems that captured €20m incremental profit * Managed the feature backlogs of global products, which automated annual contract negotiations, customer support, marketing campaigns and new SKU creation for >40k Amazon suppliers

Building a team

Here are some of my relevant achievements: * Recruited and promoted a team of four Senior Product Managers and Business Intelligence Engineers to scale a pan-EU supplier management program, which will generate €4.5bn revenue in 2020 * Interviewed over 400 candidates across 19 Amazon businesses as an interview ‘Bar Raiser’

Remote work

Here are some of my relevant achievements: * Successfully promoted three Vendor Managers and grew direct reports by 50%, with no regretted attrition, through two annual review cycles * Invented training, reporting and operational processes to scale from 5 to 30 HC in a year * Led a large team of 13 Business Intelligence Engineers, Technical Program Managers and Product Managers to launch a scalable COVID-19 testing solution in 21 regions across Europe, UK and Ireland

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

I was an early adopter of Asana within Amazon and helped spread its adoption throughout the company. I've used to to run idea generation workshops and plan a three read tech roadmap.

over 10 years of experience

I implemented Tableau for clients as a BI consultant. I've also used it to run large scale business at Amazon. I'm generally comfortable with many different visualisation applications including Qlikview, QuickSight and Tableau.

Reviews (9)
Brandon Gains
1 session
7 Sep 2021

Alex provided a ton of insights on how to structure our Product Dept! Thanks again!

Filip Pabisek
1 session
28 Aug 2021

A good high-level conversation about how to approach fast-moving growth team

Marwan Ahmed
1 session
22 Jul 2021

Alex and I had a good start in our introductory call and his questions were on point and definitely eye-opening in one way or another. We are due a follow-up session very soon that I am looking forward to!

1 session
19 Jul 2021

Alex asked great challenging questions. It is helpful. Thanks

Sean Sarram
1 session
15 Jul 2021

Things went well.

Satwik Govindarajula
1 session
30 May 2021

Alex is a blast to speak with. He took his time to really get to the core of my challenges, and gave tons of advice on product management, managing engineering teams, and prioritising, along with a plethora of reading materials to get me started. I would highly recommend speaking to him for anything product-related!

Andrea Nagar
1 session
24 May 2021

It has been a true pleasure talking to Alex. He validated some ideas I had about marketing and he was very positive and encouraging. I know what should be the next step now. Thank you.

Monika Fasula
1 session
19 May 2021

Alex was very helpful to generate new ideas for our pre-launch app. He shared learnings from his past experience as a product manager and helped me generate new ideas for my company. I would highly recommend him to other startups looking for product market fit. Looking forward to talk with Alex again another time! :-).

Vipul Mittal
1 session
14 May 2021

I'd scheduled time with Alex to discuss OKRs and performance management. He shared some valuable insights with me that have helped me approach this better while implementing the OKR framework at my company. I would recommend a call with Alex