Head of Marketing @ Piktochart | Growth Marketing Expert | Former Manager @ Google, Director of Growth @ Groove,

Munich, Germany (+01:00 UTC)Polish, Englishfrom Sopot, Poland
$45 / hour
Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have developed and executed CRO strategies at several companies, analyzing many websites and onboarding flows and running various experiments. Let's look at your website together and identify quick wins that will help you improve your conversions!

Technology and Tools

Are you currently evaluating email automation, helpdesk, forum or CRM platforms? I have done that at several companies and would be glad to share with you my platform requirements/evaluation framework that makes the process much more straightforward.

PPC Strategies

I have been part of the Google AdWords team for 6 years collaborating closely with the product, as well as with the best Google AdWords agencies globally. My former team is the one behind the #AdWordsTips video series. I'm happy to help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns or with getting you started. I also specialize in paid social (LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora), native advertising, and ABM (account based marketing) campaigns.

Growth Hacking

Independent if it's improving acquisition, conversions, sales, product adoption or engagement, I will help you identify best opportunities to grow your business. And if you are looking to improve the accountability and focus on results across your company then the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are the way to go! I have experience working with OKRs at Google and I have successfully implemented the framework from scratch at several startups. I would be glad to guide you through the process.


Through the years of using SEO as the main revenue growth channel at multiple companies, I have developed a successful framework that consists of an SEO and website audit, keyword research, link-building strategy, and content strategy. With my help, we will bring your organic traffic to the next level. Send me your URL before the call. I will identify some low-hanging fruits that you will be able to implement directly after our call.

Mentor Toolkit
8 years of experience

Hootsuite was our social media tool at Google and I continued using it when working at startups. I think it's a very good solution that makes it easy to schedule your social media posts and track them.

5 years of experience

I find VWO very intuitive and easy to use (more than Optimizely). It' s a great all-in-one solution for CRO at your company. At the same time, if you find it too expensive, then Google Optimize might be just enough for you.

6 years of experience

Optimizely was sone of the first tools I used for CRO. I have used it both for A/B testing as well as for personalization. If you need help with the tool or are evaluating CRO tools, I'm glad to help out.

5 years of experience

Hotjar is a great solution if you are looking to implement heatmaps and gain a better understanding of how users behave on your website. I have used it in the past to optimize navigations and identify website elements that users are most interested in.

Google Analytics Experiments
4 years of experience

Google Optimize (formerly Google Analytics Experiments) is a great CRO solution that is available for free. It integrates well with Google Analytics and allows you to easily set up and evaluate A/B experiments on your website.

6 years of experience

I have been running LinkedIn video, image, sponsored content, form, and ABM campaigns for both small and large companies. I can also help you with growing your LinkedIn presence through LinkedIn automation using tools such as Dux-Soup.

4 years of experience

I find Facebook more cost-efficient for PPC than LinkedIn or AdWords but it also doesn't work for each industry. I can help you out with setting up Facebook Business Manager, launching remarketing campaigns, and creating Facebook ads specs.

13 years of experience

I have been part of the Google AdWords team for 6 years collaborating closely with the product, as well as with the best Google AdWords agencies globally. My former team is the one behind the #AdWordsTips video series. I'm happy to help with optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns or with getting you started.

3 years of experience

Trello is very easy to use and provides you with a lot of flexibility. However, it lacks more advanced features which sometimes make it hard when you want to use it for more long-term planning.

6 years of experience

The biggest advantage of Redmine is that you can use it for free. It's a good solution for technical teams but not a very good one if you are trying to use it for project management across other departments such as Sales or Marketing.

4 years of experience

I have used Jira both for Scrum and Kanban for Marketing and Product. From the tools I have used for project management, Jira is one of my favorite. I have experience setting up the tool and using advanced filtering queries to make.

4 years of experience

I have used Intercom for lead acquisition, as well as for user onboarding within the product. I have experience setting up automation in Intercom and sorting the incoming inquiries by the department.

4 years of experience

I have worked closely with the Hubspot team for the past 2 years. It's a great tool especially for startups given the deal they offer as part of their startup program (you get a CRM, Email Automation, Chat, Social Media Scheduling - All in one platform). I have experience in setting up the platform, creating reports, dashboards, email automation programs, as well as integrating it with other tools.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
6 years of experience

MS Dynamics can be complex to work with but once you figure it out it can be very powerful. I have done integration of MS Dynamics with Email Automation platform (Act-On) which has helped us to get valuable insights about the leads (acquisition channel, acquisition source) and feed them back to the CRM for Sales.

Google Webmaster Tools
8 years of experience

Great for tracking your organic keywords, identifying if you are attracting the right audiences, and making sure that your website is indexed correctly. If you need help with setting it up fr your website, I'm here to help.

Google Analytics
11 years of experience

Google Analytics can be really powerful especially when combining it with Google Tag Manager, URL Builder, Google Optimize, and Google AdWords. It will allow you to be very data-driven in all the decision you make. I love digging into the Google Analytics data and identifying areas for improvement.

5 years of experience

Ahrefs is my number 1 tool for SEO and I'm using it on a daily basis since 2016. I can show you how you can get the most out of it for keywords research, content planning, and link building.

Growth Marketing Consultant
Munich, Germany
- present

Zengrowth is a one-of-its-kind marketing agency compromised of marketers and growth hackers coming directly from the world’s top tech companies. I work with different companies helping them to nail growth through ABM, PPC, SEO, and CRO.

Digital Agencies
Director of Growth
Remote, United States of America

Groove is a help desk software compromised of a multi-channel shared Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports. I was responsible for running the marketing department, developing target personas, implementing OKRs across the company, and launching Groove's new blog, website, and customer success stories.

VP Marketing & Community
Munich, Germany

Responsible for the development and execution of lead generation and user engagement strategies. In 1 year reduced the cost per acquisition by 8x and overall marketing spend by 3x, while at the same time increasing the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by +108%

Team Manager
Google Inc.
Mountain View, United States of America

Leading, coaching and building a team of high-performing and motivated Community & Social Managers in North America and Dublin. Focusing on developing the strategy for growth and success within the 1:Many support channels, measuring the success and establishing the future of the Community platform, including the development of requirements and growth plan for product adoptions measurement for Communities. Acting as a consultant for other Google product teams on community platform setup, community success and community support org modeling.

Postgraduate Diploma, Graphic Design
Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology

Graphic design, 3D design, UI, and UX.

MA in Economics
University of Gdansk

Specialty in the international market and the global economy. Thesis on the subject: "The influence of cultural differences on development of new managing staff – a concept of the global manager"

Certified ScrumMaster®
Scrum Alliance

Scrum is the leading Agile framework for completing complex projects. It has its roots and greatest success in software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. Scrum is the leading framework for Agile development. A Certified ScrumMaster® certification is suggested as an entry-level program for Agile certified practitioners, professional ScrumMasters, Product Owners, or managers.

Marketing and Human Resources Management
Carrick Insistute

3 months course completed with a certificate in marketing and human resources management.

Reviews (15)
Joanna Blein
1 session
3 Oct 2020

Agata is Growth Hacking SuperStar! She gives practical and easy to implement tips that don't break your budget. Love it!!!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
7 sessions
25 Sep 2020

Always refreshing to catch up with Agata!

Raaj Govintharajah
1 session
19 Jun 2020

Agatha was awesome. Smart, practical and got business quickly

Max Corbeau
1 session
9 Jun 2020

Agata has lots of XP in marketing to grow communities, very useful feedback. Looking forward to our future sessions.

Jeremy Ellens
1 session
3 Mar 2020

Agata gave me some really great marketing ideas to test next quarter to improve my conversions!

Sammy James
1 session
7 Jan 2020

Wow! Agata has real-world experience and knowledge about so many important aspects of growth marketing. And she is super friendly and genuinely cares about helping. She provided thoughtful and practical ways to help us grow. I have a long list of action items to work on and feel optimistic about the impact they will have. Thank you Agata for your generosity!

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
1 session
24 Oct 2019

Absolutely fantastic CRO teardown by Agata. She will now be a go-to person for me for whenever I've been looking at a site too long and need someone else to step in and take a look. Her analysis was thorough, it was obvious she prepared before the call and took the time to really think about the site.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
7 sessions
23 Sep 2019

Another great call with Agata!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
7 sessions
13 Aug 2019

Had another call with Agata and we discussed some game-changing updates to the GrowthMentor platform. Can't really describe the value she gave me too verbosely on this review as I'll give things away, but basically, Agata dropped some awesome ideas on me and gave me that much-needed validation to just keep forging forward with what I've got planned. Long story short - if you've got something really important up your sleeve and you want to bounce it off someone really damn clever, book a call with Agata.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
7 sessions
12 Aug 2019

Always a pleasure speaking with Agata!

Cae Silva
1 session
17 Jun 2019

Agata is that pump of energy, enthusiasm and insight one might need. Besides being so emotionally important, the content that she brings is absolutely fantastic and the clever ones will for sure be able to profit immensely from a session with her :)

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
7 sessions
31 May 2019

Agata is one of the best full stack growth marketers I've ever spoke to. We discussed prioritization, burnout, and to top it off she hooked me up with 2 x awesome connections to take my PR strategy to the next level.

1 session
21 May 2019

Had a great conversation with Agata. She was very friendly and easy to get straight to the point.

Dani Hart
1 session
20 May 2019

Agata is a high energy and easy to talk to person. She helped me brainstorm new ideas, connected me to people in her network, and shared her own experiences to help guide me in my current endeavors. I highly recommend grabbing a time with Agata to help you level up your growth game.

Wes Bush
2 sessions
17 May 2019

I am blown away by how helpful Agata was! I reached out to her for help with my SEO strategy and before our call even started, she analyzed my site, compiled a list of recommendations, and helped me prioritize what I needed to do. As a busy business owner, getting a pile of recommendations can feel overwhelming, but Agata left me rock solid action plan that showed me the top three things I needed to take action on. Agata, you're awesome! Thank so much for your help.