Max Corbeau

📈 On-demand analytics excellence

Mallorca, Spain (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom Laval, France
$75 / hour
Growth Hacking

I specialize in analytics, that is, collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data to drive faster and smarter decisions. I also sometimes do some CRO as there is a natural fit with analytics. Been doing this for about 8 years, so I've seen my fair share I think.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
10 years of experience

The almost unavoidable Analytics tool :) Very often used, quite often misused. Probably your best bet at getting a solid marketing ROI view without too much setup cost

6 years of experience

I setup Mixpanel primarily for Mobile App and SaaS products. It's a bit of an investment to setup, but it's lot more flexible than tools like Google Analytics.

Google Data Studio
4 years of experience

GDS is a great tool for simple and free data consolidation and reporting on Google products. Connectors can be used to plugin data from non-Google products (eg FB, Mailchimp...)

Analytics Consultant
- present

Helping companies (from startups to large corporate) implementing and leveraging analytics to make faster and smarter decisions

Digital Agencies
Analytics Manager

Managed Analytics & SEO for, domain ranked top 500 in the world (lots of scientific content and huge page rank):

Senior Network Engineer
F5 Networks
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Used to work as network engineer on load balancers and application firewalls before progressively changing career over to Marketing & Analytics (Network -> Cloud -> Web -> Marketing & Analytics)

Masters in Computer Science and Forensics
University of East London

Dropped out to work for

Reviews (8)
Foti Panagiotakopoulos
4 sessions
9 Jan 2020

Another super call with Max!

Vito Margiotta
3 sessions
4 Nov 2019

In 30 minutes Max saved me days of learning. Super to-the-point and hands on. Thanks!

Danilo De Rosa
3 sessions
5 Sep 2019

Outstanding experience. Max is a straight-to-the-point growth consultant able to be helpful, fast, reliable helping me in multiple 30 minutes sessions we have confirmed quickly. His coding-technical skills have been very useful to our growth team to develop a GTM tracking solution for a top EU Saas scaleup. Thank you, looking forward to working together again.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
4 sessions
13 May 2019

Another great call with Max. I had two analytics bugs I was trying for 2 hours to debug myself, and then I got on a 30 minute call and both were sorted out in realtime over screenshare.

Hector Hughes
1 session
13 May 2019

Max is extremely knowledgeable about everything Analytics. Extremely useful chat with him, where he laid out the path to successfully becoming more data-driven. Would highly recommend having a call with him if you want to get a better grip on what is really going on!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
4 sessions
24 Apr 2019

My call with Max was about how to best structure a Google Data Studio dashboard and the dynamics at play. We spoke high-level about conversion attribution models and in passing he mentioned about Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and how using it you can track recurring revenue transactions using UserID and therefore measure LTV across channels. #Mindblown that I didn't know about this. Silly me, just tracking the first conversion value all this time. As a person, Max is very professional, intelligent, and well-versed in all matters analytics.

Jan Kuzel
1 session
15 Apr 2019

Max completely blew my mind and now I have to reconsider everything I thought I knew about B2B SaaS analytics. We mostly discussed Mixpanel, Google Analytics and Amplitude. How they should be properly setup and some advanced considerations with them.

Emils Veveris
1 session
12 Feb 2019

Very knowledgeable and highly experienced. I needed some help with Mixpanel, not only he helped me refine my understanding of the tool but how to think about the whole tracking plan so that it is tool agnostic, can save you hours of pain, development time and ultimately from bad data (which is worse than having no data)!