Mauricio Giordano

Co-founder @ InEvent

Atlanta, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Portuguese, Englishfrom Sao Paulo, Brazil
Technology and Tools

If you have technical questions and need to talk with a knowledgeable developer, you can contact me. If you have questions on specific tools or technologies, please take a look at my profile.


We bootstrapped from $0 to > $1mi ARR in a couple of years. I know how to run your company on low budget and how to do sales that serves as an investment for your company.

Product Management

I'm the CTO of InEvent, so I can help you managing your product team, build your roadmap, decide what to do when customizations are requested by your customers and more.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound sales, I can help you setting up campaigns that convert, cold emails for different industries, cold calling and also account expansion. Most of my help is directed to enterprise sales, deals of at east $ 10k / yr.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
over 5 years of experience

I have a pinned Google Analytics tab, so I can help you with most questions you may have. If you need help understanding your audience, key metrics you should be looking to, and integration aspects, you can contact me.

over 3 years of experience

We have a bunch of zaps running every day and I can help you leverage the best zaps based on your marketing and sales stack and also advice you on which zaps you should have been running already.

over 2 years of experience

I know their API quite well. If you have plans to develop an integration with Stripe and need help with their API, you can contact me, but I don't know if it will be necessary since their API docs is amazing.

over 15 years of experience

I work with Linux every single day. I deploy our servers, manage backups, create Docker images and many more things. If you have questions mostly on Debian-based distros, you can contact me.

over 15 years of experience

I started developing Javascript on browsers since forever. That's probably the first real programming language a kid learns when trying to build their first website. In my case it was Lua, but Javascript was next :D

over 13 years of experience

After I created the craziest query of all time (no joking), I can say that I'm an expert on MySQL. If you have any questions regarding queries and complex relations, or configurations and server logs, you can contact me.

over 16 years of experience

Well, I'm a PHP developer for over 10 years and I can probably help you with anything. Although I can say I'm an expert on PHP, I'm not experienced with certain frameworks such as Laravel, but if you have language-specific questions or even framework-specific that you feel it could get a hand from people that never worked with given framework, you can contact me.

over 8 years of experience

I use Trello since it was launched and I know how to get the most of it. I can help you build boards for your product team, marketing team, a product roadmap and more. It's important to know how to create an effective board to make sure you don't have tasks that takes forever to be archived.

Google Data Studio
over 2 years of experience

I'm not an expert, but I used it quite extensively, so I believe if we hop on a call we can figure out how to create the graphs you're looking for (I know quite well how to use Excel) and if not, we will probably learn something.

over 2 years of experience

I can help you build an integration between Salesforce and your own source code. I developed from scratch our integration and I have a deep knowledge on their APIs, custom objects and also learned how to use the Marketing Cloud by understanding their APIs.

over 5 years of experience

I work with Pipedrive on a daily basis. I can help you generating reports, integrating with your CRM, Slack, etc. I can also help you creating funnels that actually works and setup activities and scoring techniques with your inside sales team.

CTO & Co-founder
Mountain View, United States of America
- present

Co-founder of InEvent. We bootstrapped an enterprise SaaS platform to 7 figures by closing deals with fortune 500 companies. We are funded by Y Combinator and if you have questions on enterprise sales, feel free to reach out to me!

Computer Engineering
University of Sao Paulo

I started my company during college and since then I traveled to several countries for work, events and school.

Reviews (3)
Andrew Amedu
1 session
19 Dec 2019

Enjoyed talking to Mauricio. As a fellow founder, he understood better what my challenges are and gave a lot of valuable advice on how to go about executing on the technical side of my business. Looking forward to a follow-up session with him when we begin building in 2020.

Masood Raza
1 session
4 Nov 2019

Mauricio was very attentive during our session and made sure he fully understood our market and business model before giving advice. He shared his experience as a technical founder but also how he overcame challenges with non-technical aspects of running his startup. He also shared super valuable insights as a YC company. Very happy with advice given.

Hugo Hamel
1 session
16 Aug 2019

Mauricio knows really well how to do online sales. His insights and advice were really useful. He took the time to walk me through every process and system he had done with all the requirements that it'll take. I highly recommend him if you have any sales needs.