Co-Founder / Project Lead

Portland, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)from Portland, United States of America
$25 / hour
Technology and Tools

From project management tools to client services dashboards. From web hosting to wordpress plugins. From ManageWP to Google Analytics. My exposure to all things web and digital marketing runs deep. I've got recommendations, but I've also got insight into how to evaluate if these tools are right for you.

Venting Frustration

Growing a company is hard. The pressures of building a sustainable business can feel overwhelming and that's before we start taking care of customer requests. I'm happy to help you deal with the entrepreneur life, frustrating clients and business decisions that are stressing you out. Need to chat? Let's talk.

Design / UX

Through years of building website for small businesses I've learned what generally works to make an effective websites. Does your site pass the grunt test? Do the images match communicate well? Does your CTA work for your business? Let's talk through all those things and more.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Webmaster Tools
over 4 years of experience

Google Search Console and Google My Business tools are the unsung hero of the internet. These are powerful tools that we use everyday with our SEO and marketing clients. I'm happy to provide insight to the tools for your situation.

over 7 years of experience

Project Management, checklists, due dates, etc. Our entire business is built around Trello. Take it to the next level with Gantt charts and Slack integrations. I can review your Trello use and give you pointers on how to best use it for your situation.

Google Analytics
over 5 years of experience

Google Analytics fuels all of our marketing efforts for our clients. Want to set up goals, run reports integrate with WordPress. I can get you started.

Co-Founder / Project Lead
Center Street Digital
Portland, United States of America
- present

I run the day to day of my marketing agency. We provide streamlined websites and marketing packages that help small business owners grow their business.

Web Hosting
Digital Agencies
Bachelors of Science
Montana State University


Project Management Professional
Project Management Insitute

Certified project manager. I passed the PMP exam in March 2015 and met all requirement for renewal in 2018.

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18 Oct 2018

We had such a great chat with Matt who gave us brilliant insights in the agency's world based on his experience and much-needed direction to help us take the name steps. Thank you!