Matt Kritzer

Growth Marketing Consultant

New York, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Atlanta, United States of America
$30 / hour
Growth Hacking

I can help with instrumentation, insight generation and experimentation ideas. Hit me up with your acquisition, activation, and retention questions and concerns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I've spent a lot of time inside Google Optimize and Optimizely. I've utilized Google Tag Manager extensively to trigger events for different experiments.

Product Market Fit

I've been on both sides of Product Market Fit: having it and not having it. I can help you determine if you do or do not have it and what to look for.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics Experiments
over 4 years of experience

I've run 100+ experiments in Google Optimize. I can help check your setup and discuss how to go about doing thing like triggering experiments with first-party cookies

Google Analytics
over 14 years of experience

If you're curious about how to do something in GA for ecommerce, I've probably either done it or contemplated how to do it. Extensive use of custom metrics and dimensions.

Google Tag Manager
over 4 years of experience

Variables, Triggers and Tags. If you're having trouble understanding how to use these in concert, I can help. I've used GTM in the past to feed custom metrics and dimensions into GA.

VP of Marketing
Tommy John
New York, United States of America

First non-founding employee. Launched online business.

Head of Commerce
Resonance Companies

Driving growth for all Resonance brands: including Tucker, JCRT and THE KIT.

Industrial Engineering
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Bachelors Degree

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Reviews (2)
Tyrel Johnson
1 session
23 Jan 2019

Matt's experience in the D2C market proved to be extremely valuable on my call with him. I received a lot of solid feedback on my business, copywriting, and several pieces of advice that I know I can implement immediately and benefit from. I know I will be having more conversations with him in the near future. He's a wonderful guy to talk with, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Matt.

Foti Panagio
1 session
24 Apr 2019

I asked Matt to walk through Google Tag Manager with me via Screenshare and show me how to setup "on-click" triggers so I could A/B test micro-interactions since I don't have enough traffic to do statistically significant A/B testing on conversion goals. He was super patient and walked me through it like a pro. Honestly that 30 minute call probably saved me at least 2-3 hours of suffering through tutorials. I'll admit, setting up analytics isn't my strong suit, so having someone just SHOW ME how to do it was super awesome.