Markus Hofmann

Head of UX Design & Research, Product Design Consultant

Singapore, Singapore (+07:00 UTC)German, Englishfrom Munich, Germany
Product Management

You want to create a product that's really loved by users? I've helped to shape and set up multiple product organisations for customer centricity and user driven design. I can help you through some challenges, typical pitfalls and share some practical tips about tiny things which can make a big difference. Let's chat!

Venting Frustration

Designing and creating products can be incredibly rewarding ... or frustrating. From users who behave totally irrationally to stakeholders who just don't seem to get it. We've all been there. Let's get it off the chest and find fresh perspectives together!

Design / UX

You need hands-on design advise based on years of experiences across industries? You need tips on how to set up and run effective product design teams, no matter if it's a team of one or a dozen designers? I've designed and brought to market multiple successful products. I've repeatedly set up and grown very successful and happy product design teams. Let's chat, I'm looking forward to exchange experiences, struggles and give valuable and very hands on advice even in brief timeframes!

Mentor Toolkit
5 years of experience

Have been using Basecamp in smaller teams, for which it's great! Currently not on it and a fan of Slack + Confluence (or the upcoming Notion). Still happy to exchange about Basecamp or project management tools in general.

6 years of experience

Introduced JIRA and mainly Confluence to two organisations. Not necessarily an expert for technical JIRA questions, however collected quite some experiences about how important a single source of truth is for an organisation. It's still a struggle to *really* make JIRA work for design teams, happy to exchange about a few ways which worked and many which didn't.

Head of User Experience – Product Design & Research
- present

Establishing and maturing UI designers into an innovative product design and user research team.

Team Lead UX Design & User Research
Yara, Innovation Hub

Built up product design and user research team from scratch across three countries. Driving blank slate product innovation at scale. Aim for our digital innovation hub was to advance the world of smallholder agriculture: Enabling millions of farmers to increase their produce quality and yield, by providing engaging access to relevant actionable knowledge.

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Fin Tech
Digital Agencies
Reviews (18)
Anne-Laure Enjolras
1 session
20 Jan 2021

Markus was able to understand, process and make great UX suggestions in just 30 minutes. It helped me a lot!

Peter Antonov
1 session
14 Jan 2021

I had a fabulous time chatting with Markus! He asked the right questions to understand the situation and provided not just one viewpoint on things but multiple perspectives putting himself in the user's shoes as well as a product leader. He also shared some awesome resources I wouldn't be able to find myself. Very calm and down to earth person. The call was really valuable and enjoyable!

Ashley Bailey
2 sessions
7 Jan 2021

Friendly and straight-talking - huge insight into UX

Lucy Walker
1 session
22 Dec 2020

Great session with Markus, covering a lot of design/UX topics. We've already discussed our next session for the new year! Thanks again :)

Natalie Masrujeh
1 session
7 Dec 2020

Markus is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. Thank you for your time

Christian Heine
1 session
2 Dec 2020

Great session with practical and highly usable insights. The main focus was UI/UX, but we also touched on various other topics like marketing strategy and revenue models.

Lucas Mondora 💰
1 session
1 Dec 2020

Markus gave me invaluable insights into the design and hiring process from the perspective of designers and businesses. I would never have been able to get those insights elsewhere, and were extremely useful.

JJ Huang
1 session
10 Nov 2020

Markus was great, he went right into our product management process and also shared his insights on product & design roles, moving fast and adapting to change. I learnt a lot!

Hal Zeitlin
1 session
16 Oct 2020

Markus played an oversized role in helping me make some vital UX decisions. I learned so much and felt joy in meeting with him. What a great help Markus was to my professional development and critical decision making.

Shankar Shethe
1 session
2 Oct 2020

Markus was extremely good. It was very nice of him to have taken time to look at my work, before the session. Right into the call, he sought a few clarifications from me and then there were like 8 million insights, and actionable feedback :) I mean, there were atleast 12 takeaways for me from this call and , now, I can get back to the drawing board right away! equipped with a lot more confidence, knowledge and insights. Thanks to Markus, I saved several hours of effort which otherwise I'd have spent doing research, collecting feedback, etc. I'd definitely recommend him other mentees out there.

Simo Elalj
1 session
15 Sep 2020

Markus was helpful and provided interesting UX feedback and highlighted interesting ideas. Thanks!

Kamil Kwiecień
1 session
12 Aug 2020

Thanks to Markus advice my SaaS offer will just make much more sense. He gave me also great hints about product design and UX.

Rahul Goel
1 session
26 Jul 2020

Markus went WAY above and beyond, he even followed up completely own his own via Linkedin and shared created simple Figma designs for me for how we can improve our new dashboard's layout - who does that!? Thank you Markus, had a great session and I hope to reconnect soon once we've made some progress.

David Kellerman
1 session
30 Jun 2020

Growthmentor is great, but my special niche, is pretty niche and therefore sometimes difficult to get answers for :) But, Markus went out his way to accomodate me, extended the original time limit and helped me out where he could. If you need any advice on UX or product design he is your go-to-guy :)

Oz Merchant
1 session
23 Jun 2020

Markus gave me fantastic feedback. I have full page of notes. I appreciated his insights from industry best practices. Look forward on getting insights on future projects.

Nuno Pereira
1 session
19 Mar 2020

Really great call with Markus. We discussed in detail the wireframes, exactly what can be improved, how it should be improved and why. Markus made as well a few comments that made me reflect on what we want to achieve with this, and without a doubt, I'll make a few changes that will make everything work better. Thanks!

Tela Andrews
1 session
20 Feb 2020

I asked Markus for specific feedback on our onboarding flow UX and product language during, since that experience is a key differentiator. We walked through the current UX and my proposed designs updates. Markus identified areas of likely friction that I hadn't known were there, and helped with design ideas to resolve those issues. He also identified and talked through other use cases for my technology beyond what I showed him. He's a target persona (my product is a tool for designers), and I'd heard this suggestion from one other designer, which adds some powerful validation. Fantastic session!

Carsten Schaefer
1 session
18 Feb 2020

Awesome! Had a really helpful session with Markus today. He had no problem with extending our call to nearly one hour. We walked through many aspects of our dashboard and he had a lot of good ideas on how to make it better for different types of users. He talked about different techniques and their affect out of his experience in the past years. He gave clear advices and suggestions. Now I have a lot of new tasks and happy to talk to him again once implemented. Thanks Markus for your time!