Mark Tan

Director of Product Development

Seattle, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)from Seattle, United States of America
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion can be improved in many ways. It is important to have the right call to action, hierarchy, and layout when communicating the value proposition to your customers. I can help you identify these areas and define a holistic way to improve your product.

Technology and Tools

Selecting and using the right tools is important in making sure that a product gets shipped at the door. From product definition, tracking development, A/B testing, and reporting tools, I can help you identify the most effective technology and tools that you need to succeed.

Product Management

I can help you define product roadmaps and strategy, identify the right use cases, and measure performance and success. I focus on building digital products, mobile apps, and user experiences.

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

Trello is an easy way to manage your projects and is highly customizable when it comes to creating project phases. Let's discuss the pros and cons of using this vs. other similar products in the market.

over 5 years of experience

This tool makes it easy for you to visualize your raw data. Let's discuss how Tableau can help you uncover insights and present them in interesting ways.

Google Data Studio
over 5 years of experience

This tool helps you aggregate and display data from different sources. Let me help you build your own reporting and analytics that will be useful for the right audience.

over 5 years of experience

Dropbox has shifted it focus from storage to collaboration. Let's explore ways to do this effectively and look at tools such as Paper, their own version of Google docs.

over 5 years of experience

Unable to track and manage your leads properly? Hubspot is a good tool that has rich integrations with your email client such as Gmail. I can help share insights on how to effectively use this tool so you can follow through and close your transactions.

over 5 years of experience

This tool is one of the simplest ways to reach thousands of customers with the right message. I can help you identify the right way to segment and schedule email campaigns that will be most effective for your products.

over 5 years of experience

Jira is a well-known project management tool that lets you work with design and engineering teams effectively. I can share insights on how to use this tool and how you can customize this to your needs.

Director of Product
Wyze Labs
Seattle, United States of America
- present

Smart home, consumer gadgets, cloud, and IoT. Scope includes mobile app, commerce, content discovery, and core community. One Year, One Million Sold.

Sr. Product Manager
Seattle, United States of America

• 10+ A/B testing and metrics. Prime Day added +15% to revenue • Mobile cards in the app exposed to 2M Prime users vs. target 150k, led to 2.5x engagement • Managed vendor central that reconciles clips, redemptions, and campaigns worth $100M+

MS Software Management
Carnegie Mellon University

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UX Design. Work includes e-commerce and visualization for mobile games

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