Mark Cann

Growth marketing & startup product/market fit testing

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+00:00 UTC)Englishfrom London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
$100 / hour
Design / UX

Currently working on a re-brand project with a major B2B brand and one of the top brand agencies in the world. I can advise on brand visual identity, tone of voice and brand archetypes and buyer personas. I also specify landing page design, Facebook ad design and video design for my client work.

Mindset Coaching

I've read more self help and business books than I care to admit. If you're demotivated, struggling, feeling down or just feel stuck in a rut I'd love to help.

Content Marketing

Specifically looking for video content? I'm your guy. I worked in video advertising for a mobile video platform for one of the top mobile games globally. Now I work with startups in B2B and B2C software helping them tell their story through video. For startups with lower budgets who want to DIY, I have some neat tools you can use to get started too.

Technology and Tools

I've tested lots of different outbound sales technology tools. Email database generation are often the hardest to get right, often it's not just the tools you're using but having a water tight process for a virtual assistant to follow to ensure you're not having to research 1000's of emails or Linkedin connections yourself. Reach out to me to find out more.

Outbound Marketing

I've tested cold email, paid ads, cold calling, Linkedin outreach. I'd genuinely love to look at your startup and really see how I can shortcut which channel to use and why. I also have a passion for video marketing, and can show you how to use this as part of your outbound marketing. SAAS company explainer video Lead generation video - Blockchain PR/comms company

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

Run Facebook ads both B2C campaigns (see my projects) and B2B lead gen campaigns. My approach to creative is to brainstorm different ad angles, and try both image ads initially before coming up with a video ad creative strategy. I've run different types of campaigns including split tests using dynamic ads and regular campaigns. Lets chat some more, as Facebook is a beast and far too much to list here!

More Video Ads
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

More Video Ads is a video designer as a service for ecommerce and brands who need regular video content.

Digital Agencies
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Mobile video in-app creative and ad strategist

Facebook ads, AI chatbot, video content
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Sep 2017 -

Chatbot for, specialist online beer shop. Worked on the lead up to Christmas by creating short form content, Facebook ads management, and their first based Chatbot for the beer advent calendar!

Corkscrew wine app
Corkscrew (What Wine Ltd)
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Jun 2018 - present

Facebook ad management, creative ad angles (images and videos), copywriting, bid optimisation, audience insights and selections. Set up and optimised retargeting campaigns.

Reviews (32)
Melissa Witmer
1 session
2 Jul 2020

I feel sad to be leaving a less than great review. But the call felt really strange to me. I came for mindset coaching and questions about my relationship between myself and my biz partner. I felt like I got very generic marketing advice instead and even trying to re-direct the conversation back to my primary questions didn't work very well. Felt a bit like I was being ignored and being mansplained to. A friendly person. Perhaps just not the right fit for me.

Jonathan Berkowitz
1 session
10 Jun 2020

Brilliant as always. Mark is a great mentor and I'm glad we've connected through GrowthMentor. I always get immense value out of my calls with him.

Shiva Mangal
1 session
1 Jun 2020

Great conversation.

Luis Camacho
1 session
18 May 2020

Mark was a great resource and helped me with some really good actionable ideas on content to put together to be seen as the authoritarian firm in the SaaS space. Thank you so much for the time!

Julia Wilk
1 session
11 May 2020

I had an amazing mentoring session with Mark. He had experience in the exact thing I was looking for help with (evaluating niches and products for starting an ecommerce store) and he gave me great specific advice on how to approach this along with some warnings about possible pitfalls. Not only do I feel more confident moving forward, but I'm pretty sure I was moving in the wrong directions before talking to him. He also tied in some mindset coaching to help me avoid getting discouraged by the ups and downs inherent in any new venture. I had heard about fixed vs growth mindset plenty of times before, but Mark helped me apply the theory to the specific situation I was facing. I got some good recommendations for further study too!

Evgeny Korolev
1 session
6 May 2020

Mark gave some good advice about psychology apps, showed how to test the idea, gave feedback about my landing page.

Krish M
1 session
25 Apr 2020

It was great to speak to Mark! He was very willing to listen to the business issues we had and gave us some useful tips and action points.

Vincent Tresno
1 session
24 Apr 2020

Was great talking to Mark. Super nice growth expert with a very broad background from direct response, to visual design, branding and copywriting. We talked about tools, strategies and life. Looking forward to the next time! Many thanks!

Martin Wachters
1 session
21 Apr 2020

Great value mentoring on video marketing!! I asked Mark how to go about creating a promotional/explainer video. Mark came straight to the point and advised me to go for a series of video testimonials and explained how to go about it. He also shared a great template for creating an explainer video.

Dan Ragan
1 session
2 Apr 2020

What a guy! Mark took the time before our call to review project materials and prepare feedback. I left with actionable insights and look forward to continuing our conversation around this particular project (and perhaps others?)

Jonathan Clayton
1 session
18 Mar 2020

Mark was really helpful and truly engaged during our session. Defintely will contact him again soon.

Bogdan Pol
1 session
2 Jul 2019

I'm launching a retail product, and Mark has helped me with a lean blueprint to check for product-market fit with minimal investment. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the help, Mark!

dmitry kalupin
1 session
12 Mar 2019

It was great to receive Mark's advice. I think the result was the best possible: our initial plan (scaling) turned into a different one (growing retention first). Well, it wasn't just this talk, but Mark has clearly helped us in sorting it through. Also he shared a lot of valuable ideas regarding copy/channels/videos/competitors

Jason Quey
1 session
7 Mar 2019

Mark provided a lot of excellent insight as someone who has worked with several startups and VCs.

Alexandru Novac
1 session
20 Feb 2019

Mark was awesome - had great ideas on how to grow my audience, what type of content would do great and what channels to use

đŸ¤˜Tauras Sinkus
2 sessions
13 Feb 2019

Had a pleasure talking to Mark today, shared our challenges with regards to CRO and monetization and he was able to provide some great actionable advice that I will definitely use! Thanks, Mark!

Angelo Sorbello
1 session
11 Feb 2019

Mark gave me outstanding tips about customer acquisition and video marketing during the call! Great experience

Charlie Tarr
1 session
8 Feb 2019

Very valuable session with Mark. He really took the time to listen actively and understand my business challenge. He is a very knowledgeable marketeer and brings a huge amount of value to sessions.

Jamie Gordon
1 session
8 Feb 2019

Mark was great at helping me refine my ideas and helping me think more about the software i could be creating.

Curran Van Waarde
1 session
28 Jan 2019

Good stuff - mark was great to talk to & bounce ideas off of. Thanks for the time!

Jeff Gates
1 session
22 Jan 2019

Marc helped with a landing page review, then facebook ads tests. We spoke about Video and he told me about re-targeting, and gave me suggestions to smooth out some of the issues I was having. He knows how to help and gave me positive insight.

Baptiste Debever
1 session
17 Jan 2019

Mark is a great mentor. Can't recommend him more. He is very insightful, knowledgeable and was able to provide me with great tips for market segmentation and Facebook ads. Thanks again!

Edgar W
1 session
17 Jan 2019

With most mentoring sessions, at best you hope to walk away with at least one helpful tidbit - there's no magic pill! Mark went beyond that and raised several very actionable points for me to consider, specifically related to marketing. He's got a ton of background knowledge and can pull off relevant statistics from memory - which are very helpful for building context. Definitely crystallized areas I've been thinking need more focus. Highly recommend!

Tyrel Johnson
1 session
17 Jan 2019

Mark gave me some golden nuggets around things I could be doing to grow my business, but he also recommended to get started on a single channel versus spreading myself too thin. I walked away from this session with a more clear vision of what I should be spending my time on marketing-wise, as well as a few tips I could implement right away that would really help long-term. I highly recommend chatting with Mark!

Konstantinos Gkovedaros
1 session
14 Jan 2019

Excellent session. Mark gave insightful feedback on how to approach product/market fit, the holy grail of startups. Will definitely come back again. Thanks!

1 session
11 Jan 2019

Great chat with Mark about the possible monetization strategies for my project and the content marketing efforts I am carrying out. He shared me lots of examples which helped me understand how similar businesses are making money.

Alexandra Filip
2 sessions
11 Jan 2019

I spoke with Mark as I work on a consumer food and beverage iOS and Android app. Mark helped with Facebook ad strategy, brand and social media management and specifically with creative messaging, video content creation and copywriting for our customer discovery strategy. Mark saved us time and significantly improved the quality of our Facebook ad campaigns. He is resourceful, flexible and creative and it was a pleasure working with him.

Mitch Kessler
1 session
7 Jan 2019

Mark was quick to understand my company's idea and objective, and immediately started to suggest ways to help me grow my business, that were not generic, but instead demonstrated his level of experience as a marketer and depth of knowledge in how to grow a business. I would strongly recommend having a chat with him as he's likely to help you out within just a couple of minutes! Will book Mark again!

Alexandra Filip
2 sessions
7 Jan 2019

I spoke with Mark as I work on a consumer food and beverage iOS and Android app. Mark helped with Facebook ad strategy and specifically copywriting and creative messaging. Mark saved us time and significantly improved the quality of our Facebook ad campaigns.

Michael Woods
1 session
4 Jan 2019

Mark was very thorough and structured in his approach to help me with my sales. We specifically discussed proposal writing, the importance of explaining the benefits of our services, and transparent pricing. He has recommended various methods to improve my proposal writing skills. I would certainly recommend speaking to Mark if you are in business and need help with sales.

1 session
31 Dec 2018

Talking with Mark was a great decision! He helped me come up with creative ideas for my 2 businesses, which gave me a good push. I can't wait to try one of the strategies and I have a good feeling for it :) A good listener and all around knowledgeable about startups and marketing, his input will most probably save you some time, go for it!

will gordon
1 session
28 Dec 2018

Extremely helpful. I wasn't too sure what I was getting into when I signed up but after speaking with Mark I am glad that I did. Very smart, experienced, and knowledgeable in multiple industries. Basically he nailed exactly what my issue was with marketing and I have been spinning my wheels for the last 6 months. I really enjoyed speaking to him and Mark couldn't have been nicer or cooler. Great guy who is here to truly help and didn't push any product or service on me. Just genuine concern and helpful insight into my company. 10/10.