Startup Growth Strategy

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Customer Success

After Idea, Technology and MVP is built the primary focus has to be on Customers. This includes listening to Customers and Operating the company as geared towards Customer Success. Over the last 3 years at various startups I have played roles like part-time COO, US Sales Head and other focussed on helping startups listen to the customer voice intently. Helping the startup operate from a prism of Customer Centricity helps the startup attain hockey stick curve or pivot faster in their life cycle.

Content Marketing

I led Marketing functions at one of my startups and it was heavily focussed on Inbound Marketing and Content. Over the past 3 years I have played roles of fractional CMO at a variety of startups. Helping startups increase their brand presence and help reach out to the right audience.

Advice on Funding

I have pitched and fundraised at my own startups to the tune of 650K in seed and angel rounds. For the past 3 years I have created pitch deck, pitched in competitions, pitched for VC, Angels and Family Offices for at least 8 of my startups I work with. We have raised on last count between 1.3 Million across these companies. - Getting the right Pitch - Finding the right set of investors - Competing at large conferences and pitch competitions - Finally closing the round, term sheets and cap tables

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

Setup a few companies on various levels of Drift. Have known the founding team for a long time. With thier Conversational Advertising introduced recently along with thier existing Conversational Marketing they are a game changer in the industry to have instant conversations.

9 years of experience

Including my own companies I have run end to end Market Automation and Sales Framework using HubSpot for a couple of startups. This includes email marketing, CRM, Hubspot Designed Landing Pages, Sales Notification and others.

Chief Thinking Officer
DSHG Sonic
Boston, United States of America
- present

DSHG Sonic was formed with the intention to help startups and small business get an advisory and service partner along their journey to handle some of the most specialized and critical functions.

Fin Tech
Founder & CEO
A Digital Agency
New York, United States of America
- present

A Digital Agency is a web, mobile app, SEO and SMM agency helping small businesses and startups achieve their goals on growth and sales. We work with founders and entrepreneurs in defining the marketing strategy, executing each step of the roadmap and measuring and correcting the strategy as we proceed ahead.

Web Hosting
Digital Agencies
VP Customer Success
New York, United States of America

For Publishers, Yukta One platform enables end-to-end automation of Digital Ad and Revenue Operations across Display, Video and Mobile assets. For Brands and Agencies, Yukta One platform enables end-to-end automation of Engagement, ROI and Media Operations across Display, Video and Mobile campaigns. Manish led the Sales and Growth for this company across USA

Digital Agencies
Director Product Marketing
Seattle, United States of America

As a Consulting Partner and Product Marketing lead for Edifecs, Manish acts as a trusted digital partner for Healthcare Plans and Providers enabling them plan and operationalize their competitive and business goals at the same time achieving their time bound regulatory needs. Manish partnered across a wide spectrum of Healthcare organizations including Payers, Providers, Healthcare Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations and State Medicaid Organizations

Masters in Computers and Management
University of Pune

Masters in Computers and Double Majored in Management

Reviews (18)
Sibi Murugesan
1 session
30 Oct 2020

Manish was insightful, giving me a lot to think about! Easy-going attitude was also appreciated as my questions were very early-stage ("dont know what I don't know")!

Peter Murphy Lewis
1 session
29 Oct 2020

Manish helped me map out a simple process and strategy for growing the Saas marketing roadmap for the next quarter. His diverse experience helped me think outside the box in addressing my issues and challenges. Thanks

Grace Bishop
1 session
17 Oct 2020

Manish listened to where I am struggling and was really helpful with thinking through things I can do right away to improve.

Hannah Goldie
1 session
14 Oct 2020

Really lovely session, super insightful and helpful!

Dan Ragan
1 session
6 Oct 2020


Stephanie Houng
1 session
5 Oct 2020

Manish was very helpful in helping me brainstorm new ways to productize and price our business.

johanna rustia
1 session
25 Sep 2020

I needed help with figuring out how to engage people on Instagram and Facebook for my Kickstarter. Manish has a friendly tone and a wealth of knowledge. I walked away feeling like I know what to do and I can do this.

Grig Duta
1 session
23 Sep 2020

I love how Manish bring so much sales and business experience into the conversation. He helped me break down the sales strategy for Bunnyshell into different approaches and explained to me how to tackle each approach. I'm grateful for each minute of conversation with Manish.

Venkata Gandikota
1 session
11 Sep 2020

Had a really good discussion with Manish and he gave some really valuable insights and action points for me to follow through on customer success. Appreciate him giving his time and advice!

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
10 Sep 2020

Helped me refine the messaging of my offering and prioritize how I should acquire more customers and who to target. Understands the SaaS space really well. 100% recommended.

Jeremy Mah
1 session
21 Aug 2020

Had a great session with Manish.

Sheila Donohue
1 session
7 Aug 2020

Manish listened well to what I had to say and asked good questions, to get me thinking and give direction.

David Kellerman
1 session
8 Jul 2020

Loved the session :) Manish gave valuable insights in how to structure my ecommerce shop. Looking forward to a next chat!

1 session
4 May 2020

Manish is a brilliant advisor. He asked detailed questions and gave his insights to the problems we faced. Would definitely recommend him for fundraising questions.

Benjamin Liger
1 session
23 Apr 2020

Manish offered some great advice on how to market communities, would definitely recommend to someone else looking for SAAS marketing advice!

Jonatan Snyders
1 session
11 Feb 2019

Manish had a lot of great insights concerning the inbound marketing strategy we're trying to build. He's a great fit for a startup trying to incorporate an inbound methodology into its organization. We'll be coming back for his strategic advice on a regular basis. I definitely recommend him!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
7 Nov 2018

Manish was a pleasure to talk to. If you're looking for advice on funding topics, you can't go wrong here!

Dina Tanga
1 session
21 Sep 2018

Manish was very knowledgeable regarding health care business start ups. He was extremely easy to talk to. He was a great communicator in speaking as well as listening. He enlightened me to ideas and concepts that I had no knowledge of. I felt that I had chosen the perfect growth mentor for my small health care business proposal and start up.