Lynn Patchett

Head of Paid & Organic Search @ Kollective

Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)Greek, Englishfrom Edmonton, Canada

Experience in search engine optimisation for a range of industries and business sizes including small niche markets to enterprise level technical seo audits in both english and greek. I am NOT an expert on SEO strategies for tech based startups - although I am always happy to have a chat :)

Link Building

Ethical and practical link building advice only with an emphasis on quick win links for local SMBs and hotel / tourism related businesses. I am NOT an expert on link building strategies for tech based startups - although I am always happy to have a chat :)

PPC Strategies

A Google partner since 2015 and a premier partner since early 2017. Experience in a wide range of industries including ecommerce, travel and B2B lead generation.

Mentor Toolkit
13 years of experience

12+ years experience running campaigns both big and small for a wide variety of industries including e-commerce and tourism and a Google Premier Partner with Kollective. Google Ads can be confusing and an ever changing environment but getting the basics right goes a long way to guaranteeing success. Let's have a session to get it set up right!

7 years of experience

Giving another approach to targeting in comparison with Google Ads, Facebook Ads complement any digital marketing campaign. My experience is mainly with remarketing and e-commerce implementations, less so with b2b lead generation and chatbot flows.

16 years of experience

With few exceptions, Wordpress is suitable for just about any sort of website! Open source and fully customisable, what is not to like? Just be careful of plugin bloat!

Google Webmaster Tools
11 years of experience

Another go to tool for debugging technical SEO issues and ensuring your website is technically sound even if sometimes the messages are a bit cryptic!

6 years of experience

As part of the Google Ads offering, advertising on Youtube can be very effective at raising awareness and driving leads. It doesn't need a huge budget to get started, but you have to be careful in your targeting to get maximum value!

10 years of experience

Moz is a great tool for Search Engine Optimisation and market research. The community is strong and I am (or was) a frequent contributor. My participation in the community has slowed somewhat due to other obligations, but I still participate when I can!

Google Analytics
13 years of experience

If budget is a problem, Google Analytics is the only tool you need for a wide selection of actionable insights! If in doubt, have a look at the Analytics!

Athens, Greece
- present

Kollective is a web design and marketing agency based in Athens, Greece. We deliver personalised solutions to clients in the travel/tourism and e-commerce sectors.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (40)
1 session
19 Jan 2021

Real SEO professional and amazing person! Thank you! 5 Stars!

Arthur Richards
1 session
12 Jan 2021

Was extremely informative.

Ashley Bailey
3 sessions
7 Jan 2021

Concise and straight-talking - prefect for a 30 min sprint

Walter Scalzone
1 session
5 Jan 2021

Great talk with Lynn who clarified my concern about lookalike audiences and guided me through the process of creating one properly! will definitely follow up :)

Laura Catz
1 session
15 Dec 2020

Had a nice chat with Lynn, he gave me some nice ideas to implement and I am looking forward to trying them out!

Lucas McNickle
1 session
10 Dec 2020

Great conversation. Very knowledgeable and very helpful!

Francisco Quiroz
1 session
27 Oct 2020

Lynn is a great mentor. He gave us very useful tips for improve our current situation.

Ashok Kola
1 session
15 Oct 2020

Very very Friendly mentor. Had many valuable insights during the session on SEO. Thanks Lynn, for being so kind

Walter Cullinan
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Had a great chat with Lynn, if you need help with Google Ads he's the right guy to talk to. Very friendly and great advice, highly recommend him.

Marytere Solano
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Lynn is super friendly and very fun to talk to! He asked questions to understand my situation and was very open to sharing his knowledge and experience.

Jose Jayma
1 session
6 Oct 2020

My talk with Lynn was incredible. He's knowledgeable, patient and has great insight.

Ashley Bailey
3 sessions
11 Sep 2020

Lynn was super efficient and friendly. Just what's needed when you've 30 minutes to bash lots out.

Ashley Bailey
3 sessions
14 Jul 2020

Smashed through so much! Thoroughly worth it, will schedule another for sure!

Aggelos Mouzakitis
1 session
27 Jun 2020

Great mentor, amazing insights!

Scott Coates
1 session
18 Jun 2020

Lynn was fantastic. He offered a number of great ideas for how we could improve our Facebook ad campaign. His ability to talk about multiple platforms gave us a clear direction for scaling up in the future. Highly recommend!

Nadir Ziat
1 session
8 Jun 2020

Time went so fast ... :) Very good session, thanks.

Daniel Bumpstead
2 sessions
28 May 2020

Lynn was great to chat to, very helpful and willing to share his knowledge and experience. He went above and beyond what was requested and left me with sound actionable tips to work on. I look forward to catching up with Lynn again.

Nathan Chandler
1 session
13 May 2020

Lynn was really patient in trying to understand my situation with SEO management and had some pertinent suggestions for my challenging niche. He took the time to pitch several ideas going forward. He was also just fun to talk to!

Sierra Stanton
1 session
12 May 2020

Lynn helped give me tips on SEO optimization for a social good group I work with. Despite saying he wasn't an expert in the industry, he gave a fresh perspective and was super helpful. He even pointed me toward a Google grant that could help boost their work.

Paweł Kaczyński
1 session
14 Apr 2020

Lyann was great person to talk with. I liked his sharp observations straight to the point. Despite we had only 30 minutes we have discussed what I need to do next and Lyann promised to help me with that.

Samy ben sadok
3 sessions
7 Apr 2020

Another amazing call with Lynn, thank you very much for your time ! We went deeper into Google Ads campaigns & talked about bidding strategies / audiences. He also gave me very good tips on how to run retargeting campaigns, everything was super useful. Thanks !

Sharon sharon
1 session
31 Mar 2020

Lynn is great to bounce ideas around. It shows that he knows what he is talking about in regard to SEO and he has been a great help to get an external view on a project that I am currently running. Take the time to schedule a meeting with this guy!

Samy ben sadok
3 sessions
3 Mar 2020

I've had another amazing call with Lynn who gave me useful & actionable tips to launch an Andwords campaign with a low budget. It's always a pleasure to talk with Lynn, he's very nice & knowledgeable on SEO / SEA. Thanks for your time!

Kati Smith
1 session
27 Feb 2020

FANTASTIC CALL! He was so kind and helpful and helped me work out some of the issues I am having with my digital marketing. I def recommend using him as a sounding board!

Ophir Prusak
1 session
19 Feb 2020

Lynn was great help with some performance marketing questions I had. He really knows his stuff!

Rohit Sehgal
1 session
17 Feb 2020

That was a great session! Lynn was very helpful and specific about things that we can improve with our PPC campaigns and what to focus on. I highly recommend Lynn's expertise and friendly approach!

Trevor Sullivan
37 sessions
5 Feb 2020

Best PPC mentor I have ever had.

Samy ben sadok
3 sessions
4 Feb 2020

I had an amazing talk with Lynn! He gave me a lot of valuable information & high-level feedback. Thank you for your time!

Alonso Alvarez
1 session
21 Jan 2020

It was perfect, because we got straight to work, and we did the plan of the things that need to get done to move to the next step. Thank you so much, Lynn!

Baptiste Debever
2 sessions
16 Jan 2020

Best SEA session I had! 30 minutes worth a 5 hours course. Thanks Lynn!

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
16 Jan 2020

Lynn gave me a very succinct overview of the PPC landscape covering all the options available. He then shared valuable strategies for retargeting and demonstrated his expertise by sharing some common mistakes that most people make. Since our conversation, I'm planning to follow Lynn's advice and deploy drip re-targeting campaigns. Thank you Lynn.

Anna Pogrebniak
2 sessions
22 Nov 2019

If you need an expert advice for Google Ads, try Lynn! He's great and very practical. On our call we were literally checking how this campaign performs over the other and how to improve overall performance, which was fantastic.

Baptiste Debever
2 sessions
15 Oct 2019

Great session with Lynn about SEO. Very knowledgeable, although not a specialist of my niche, Lynn was able to give me clear guidances and food for thoughts! Thanks mate.

Anna Pogrebniak
2 sessions
5 Sep 2019

If I could leave a 50 star review, I'd be happy to do that. Lynn is a SEM magician, knows Google Ads on a very advanced level and is eager to help out with your strategy an tactics. Amazing session, one of the best I've had on this platform.

Cae Silva
1 session
18 Jul 2019

Lynn is a powerhouse when it comes to ppc strategies. Solid, to the point and with extremely valuable feedback & inputs that have actually helped me to generate new hypothesis to test

Jacob Elbaum
1 session
25 Jun 2019

It was a real pleasure speaking with Lynn. Extremely friendly guy with tons of knowledge and information on optimizing google ads. We dove right into my google ads account and started looking at different areas where I could improve. Lynn gave me some great ideas and somewhat of an action plan moving forward. It was a great conversation. I really recommend speaking with Lynn for anyone who needs anything related to google ads (or probably other areas of marketing that he specializes in).

1 session
24 Jun 2019

The 45-minute call with Lynn gave me a 100% clear vision on the SEO & content marketing of Failory. He was able to solve all of my questions and provide me with actionable tips on how to improve the rankings of my site.

Kosta Panagoulias
1 session
19 Jun 2019

Lynn is very knowledgeable in his space. I was looking for someone with clear answers and confidence in regards to inbound marketing, and he delivered. Would certainly recommend Lynn to anyone look for advice on their paid strategy!

Trevor Sullivan
37 sessions
21 May 2019

Lynn is great! I am pretty new to the PPC world and Lynn took the time to answer my questions and direct me to the proper sites/ reading materials needed to keep going. Excellent guy, knows his stuff. I look forward to future meetings.

Russ Adz
1 session
21 May 2019

I've been running google campaigns for a while and Lynn pointed out some easy areas to optimize. He helped me cut through everything the adwords console offers you. Great help!