Luis Camacho

Helping Mid & Late-Stage SaaS Companies Scale With Paid Ads.🚀

Phoenix, United States of America (-07:00 UTC)Spanish, Englishfrom Guadalajara, Mexico
PPC Strategies

Have worked on hundreds of accounts for companies of varied sizes. Experienced in multiple ad platforms but have spent the most on Google (Search, Display, YouTube), Facebook/Instagram, and LinkedIn. Love testing to quickly drive key learnings and then invest in additional campaigns to scale up what's generating exquisite results. Serious about driving results? Let's chat.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Part of being a paid advertising expert means that you must also have quality funnels and landing pages to be sending traffic to, otherwise, it's a waste. Hence, I've analyzed dozens of landing pages and funnels and ran countless experiments to improve the conversion rates at different parts of the funnel - whether that is top of funnel or bottom of the funnel. Ready to increase conversion rates?

Mindset Coaching

What if I told you that you have access to everything that's needed to succeed? Would you believe me? Let's chat and I can coach you on how to think in order to grow successfully. There are so many opportunities, opinions, and options. Sometimes all that's needed is to step back and think things thoroughly with someone that "gets it" and can enlighten you with a different point of view.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I have managed Google Ads with monthly budgets of over $70K and scaled it for many successful SaaS clients. Search is one of your most important customer acquisition channels as it means a high level of intent and I can help you scale it efficiently with a positive ROI.

over 6 years of experience

Running successful Facebook ads for SaaS seems tricky, but why do the big companies make it seem like such an easy feat? The thing is they know what they're doing (it's not just a matter ad spend size). I've worked with many SaaS companies and have seen success on Facebook time and time again. Facebook is a place for B2B, you're marketing to people, always, not companies.

over 5 years of experience

LinkedIn is great when trying to reach very specific roles. Typically this is the route I go when a client is in a very niche category or has a longer sales cycle. Helps target very granular, professional audiences.

over 6 years of experience

With YouTube we've helped SaaS companies use highly granular targeting options to ensure our client’s specific message was delivered to a relevant audience within budget. For this, it's important to have a video that explains well what your SaaS company provides as a solution.

Founder & CEO
Fantôm Agency
Arizona, United States of America
- present

• Develop high-growth strategies for SaaS companies • Substantiate ROI & sustainable growth • Frame high converting sales funnels • Enabling SaaS companies to become market leaders while increasing MRR/ARR • Increasing SaaS subscription volume

Digital Agencies
Paid Media Specialist
Phoenix, United States of America

• Optimize campaign performance against established KPIs • Track, measure and report online marketing performance • Evaluate and recommend new online marketing opportunities • Collaborate with clients and internal teams on a regular basis • Manage budgets and bids for specific clients on multiple platforms including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads • Provide constructive feedback regarding landing page performance / conversion rate optimization • Work with clients and internal stakeholders to implement new campaigns and strategies • Assist the Paid Media Manager and Director of Marketing with new builds, sales opportunities and ongoing client management • Perform traffic analysis in Google Analytics related to paid digital traffic and other sources / mediums

Digital Agencies
Paid Search & Paid Social Media Specialist
Serendipit Consulting
Phoenix, United States of America

• Research, build, manage, and optimize PPC/AdWords campaigns for clients • Use Google Data Studio to create visually appealing reports for external and internal use • Use Google Tag Manager to inject tags into client websites to efficiently track performance and debug • Create weekly & monthly performance reports • Analyzing data from applicable platforms to discover trends & areas for improvement • Analyzing keyword bids, day parting, device, & location targeting in AdWords to make recommendations • Developing ad copy for Text Ad campaigns, as well as Ad Extensions for AdWords • Adding negative keywords to reduce irrelevant traffic • Staying current on best practices and updates to Paid Search Advertising • Testing & optimizing PPC campaigns on AdWords & Facebook platforms • Landing page optimization

Digital Agencies
Founder & CEO
Activ Apparel
Phoenix, United States of America

• Initiative and Creativity • Negotiate prices with Global manufacturers and suppliers • Sales Experience • Customer Service • Social Media Marketing • Adobe Photoshop Experience • Experience with Facebook Pages • Facebook/Twitter Ads and Ad Campaigns • Instagram Marketing Tactics and Strategy • Google Analytics • Google AdWords • Mailchimp Experience • PR • Magazine Interviews/Publications (Online) • Order Fulfillment • Product Procurement • Influencer Reach Out and Marketing

SaaS AdLab Podcast
Fantôm Agency | SaaS AdLab
Phoenix, United States of America
Oct 2018 - present

I'm currently building the most elite digital marketing agency for SaaS companies alongside the strongest community, SaaS AdLab, for SaaS entrepreneurs.

Associate's Degree In Business And Commerce
Mesa Community College

Also a member of the Diversity Program.

Bachelor of Science In Marketing
Arizona State University

Also a member of the American Marketing Association at Arizona State University (AMAASU)

Google Analytics Certificate

Google Analytics certified.

Google Ads Certificate

Google Ads certified.

Reviews (38)
Walter Scalzone
1 session
16 Sep 2020

Impressed about Luis' knowledge about Google ads. Will definitely follow up!

Marco Munoz
2 sessions
14 Sep 2020

Another value filled meeting with Luis. He and I discussed some questions that I had prepared for him before my call, which helped answer in detail and I left that meeting with lots of valuable advice.

Edwin Plotts
1 session
8 Sep 2020

It was a pleasure speaking with Luis, and he graciously went beyond our allotted time to think through some nuances of how to scale our Facebook Ads.

Marco Munoz
2 sessions
3 Sep 2020

Luis is a great mentor, he had very good advice for me and he is very friendly and was very patient with the questions that I had for him. As a completely new Marketer he was ready to share the tools and insights that have helped him achieve the success he has found with the agency that he is operating. I will be scheduling more meetings with Luis.

Pyry Takala
2 sessions
14 Aug 2020

Great advice

Andrew Capland
1 session
7 Aug 2020

Really appreciated my time with Luis. It's been a while since I've run campaigns and I was feeling pretty rusty. Luis was extremely thorough and patient during our call. He gave me a ton of advice, feedback, and suggestions that I implemented immediately after our call. Super helpful!

Pyry Takala
2 sessions
5 Aug 2020

Fantastic help with getting up to speed with paid advertising

Milena Klotz
1 session
14 Jul 2020

My call with Luis was super helpful. He took the time to go over my Google ads account with me and point out things I can improve. Luis answered all my questions patently and I gave me the feeling that I can ask anything (no question is "too basic"), He gave me tons of useful advice and ideas how I can improve my conversion rate. Definitely recommend a session with Luis to everyone who needs some help improving their PPC!

Ashok Kola
1 session
8 Jul 2020

I should thank growth mentor team for providing such a great mentor for free. If you are just getting started with MVP in your hand Luis is the one you must be talking to. GENIUS. You name it He got it.

Robel Yemane
1 session
1 Jul 2020

Luis was very friendly, and although I had a lot more questions for the session. We got into a certain topic of Facebook advertising and dug deep. Really knowledgable of his domain, and within minutes I have taken some valuable next steps, which I have already started implementing. Thank you for your time Luis, I hope we can catch up, once I get the platform in a more stable position.

Rahul Goel
1 session
1 Jul 2020

Great conversation with Luis! Very calm, patient, and friendly. Provided some critical bits of guidance about PPC strategies, will be sure to implement immediately!

Chang Chen
1 session
19 Jun 2020

Luis is really knowledgable and I walked away with tons of learnings and actionable suggestions.

Laurence Benamran
1 session
17 Jun 2020

Thank you Luis for your time ! You gave me advices very relevant and tangible about ads campaign : I put them into practice just after our session. Can't wait to talk about the results.

Liliana Ortiz
1 session
7 Jun 2020

My session with Luis was fantastic. He shared very useful insights about how to successfully transition to consultancy and provided me actionable advice.

Victor Leal
1 session
6 Jun 2020

Luis is not only an incredibly talented growth hacker but also a great guy to work with! I was truly impressed but his PPC knowledge and his seemingly endless arsenal of strategies to optimize Facebook ads. Another thing that called my attention was the fact that Luis is a true giver ,always willing to contribute and going the extra mile to educate and help his clients. 👏

Jesus Bermudez
1 session
21 May 2020

Luis gave great advice for me based on his experience. He cleared up a few doubts that I had and suggested a few tools and strategies. Thanks!

Jan Kuzel
1 session
17 May 2020

Luis helped me get started with Facebook Ads and told me all sorts of good tips and tricks that work specifically for B2B SaaS. I was bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities that Facebook Ads offer, but he really managed to give me a solid direction and told me what strategy I should start with. Perfect practical mentoring.

Daniil Kopilevych
1 session
14 May 2020

Luis is a great guy with lots of PPC experience. We had a very productive session and I hope to book another session with him once I implement all of the tactics he suggested. Highly recommend Luis if you're in SaaS.

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
10 May 2020

Luis gave me great advice on podcasting and marketing. If you are looking to grow your podcast, monetize it or just get more viewers, he's definitely person to reach out to. Thanks Luis

Mark Cann
1 session
5 May 2020

Luis is an awesome mentor and up the top when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. I had a few settings I needed to tweak and we jammed on some copy angles too which helped when launching the campaign. Would HIGHLY recommend for Facebook ads and paid media strategies.

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
19 Apr 2020

Great session with Luis. He helped me answer some tactical questions about LinkedIn ads as well as share some key tips to help me keep my CPC as low as possible. Awesome call, thanks Luis.

Hector Hughes
1 session
4 Feb 2020

Fantastic chat with Luis! Super smart guy. Great holistic marketing experience. Highly recommend a chat!

Nuno Pereira
1 session
30 Jan 2020

Great chat with Luis, really enjoyed our conversation. Left the call with a clear idea of how to kick start Facebook campaigns within the particular context of my new role. Couldn't have asked for more.

Faith Storey
2 sessions
29 Jan 2020

Talked with Luis about managing a larger ($50K+) google ads campaign. He was so helpful! He talked about what process he does at his agency and provided useful information post-session as well. I will definitely reach out to him again for another meeting once I start implementing some of the frameworks he mentioned.

Veronika Cervenakova
1 session
16 Jan 2020

Luis was super awesome! We went through multiple topics, varying from how he launched 2 products oh Product Hunt and ended in the first 5 to talking about PPC best strategies practices. He gave me some good starting points in restructuring the Google Ads account and some good tips for LinkedIn. I definitely recommend him for PPC strategies and tips and actionable steps to take.

Wes Bush
1 session
15 Jan 2020

Luis was a star! He guided me through how to set up my Facebook ads. What I liked about working with Luis was that he actually showed me how to set everything up and, in the process, stopped me from making several rookie mistakes. If you book a session with Luis, you won't be disappointed.

Noelle Lysdahl
1 session
15 Jan 2020

Thank you Luis for your help reviewing my ads! Great listener to help me make sense of many moving parts.

Sarvy van Maris
1 session
10 Jan 2020

thanks Luis. great helpfull tips to move my agency forward.

1 session
29 Nov 2019

Really great chat. He is very knowledgable about Facebook ads and we looked at my numbers together.

Anthony Orisses
1 session
25 Nov 2019

Luis was a pleasure to talk to and opened my eyes to many different routes of advertising that I had not previously considered. Very knowledgable and friendly. A tremendous resource for your advertising needs!

Brian Guidry
1 session
20 Nov 2019

Great chat, great tips! Thank you Luis!

Bradley Jones
1 session
16 Nov 2019

Thanks a bunch, Luis! Really appreciate the knowledge and the direction you provided with my Google campaigns. I received lots of actionable insights for strategy and how to fix my Youtube and Display campaigns to help me feed people to my well performing search campaigns. Will book again!

Pravin Daryani
1 session
8 Nov 2019

My session with Luis was an incredible one. His advice is actionable and upgraded the way I do core setup for my google search campaigns. His experience and skills in paid media are very apparent. I really appreciated this session, and I know I will be booking more. 10/10!

blake janover
1 session
7 Nov 2019

Luis is smart, attentive and deeply experienced in SMM. He's one of the few that has mastered both LinkedIn and FB ads and really understanding B2B growth engineering with a data-driven approach. I suggest anyone looking for SMM feedback to connect with Luis.

Trevor Fox
1 session
18 Oct 2019

Luis shared actionable tips from his own experience about launching on Product Hunt. He also broadened out my thinking about the application of Product Hunt. He clearly has a sharp intuition for gaining initial traction for startups/apps.

Carlos Courtney
2 sessions
15 Oct 2019

Luis is the man! He looked at what I was doing from a high strategic level as well as the Nuts and Bolts of conversion tracking. He was super responsive prior to our call and came super prepared and profession to our video call, which we were able to screen share and see what I was working on in real-time.

Grupo Quincena SAS
2 sessions
11 Oct 2019

Great session with Luis! He was very helpful and give me great tips to implement in Linkedin and Youtube PPC campaigns from his experience with SaaS! Thanks for your great advice!

Emin Aliyev
1 session
4 Oct 2019

Luis helped me a lot, he is super professional with deep knowledge. Thank you for your help.