Lindsey Allard

Co-Founder & Product Person

New York, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom New York, United States of America
$60 / hour

I am currently bootstrapping my software company, PlaybookUX. We have developed our MVP, launched a beta and launched to the general public. When you're bootstrapping, every dollar counts, I am happy to chat with anyone who is looking to bootstrap their startup!

Product Management

I have been running product teams at startups for 6 years. I love chatting about prioritizing roadmaps, feature brainstorming, agile, and all things product.

Design / UX

Since I founded a founded PlaybookUX, a software that helps companies improve their UX, I spend all day thinking about UX, conducting UX research, designing features and conducting UX interviews.

Mentor Toolkit
over 2 years of experience

I created my companies wordpress website and manage all of the updates and changes. I can recommend many plugins to help accomplish your goals. I am also very experienced with the Divi theme.

over 2 years of experience

For my company PlaybookUX we use Mailchimp for setting up email drip campaigns and adding our blog subscribers to our weekly email newsletter. I am also starting to use Mailchimp to help run facebook ads.

over 6 years of experience

Trello is great for running agile teams and prioritizing features and requests. It can also be used for UX research and conducting card sorting. I have been using Trello to manage product teams for 5 years and can help you get set up and started quickly

over 7 years of experience

I've used basecamp to project manage many projects for the last 6 years. I specialize in structuring your basecamp project when working with large and small teams.

Co-Founder & CEO
New York, United States of America
- present

PlaybookUX is democratizing user feedback by helping businesses gain access to actionable insights. Our point of differentiation is that we automate the user testing process with an A.I.-based end-to-end software. We have recruited a pool of testers who are verified through LinkedIn so companies can speak to their target users. We allow you to hone in on 10 different demographic data points including job title, which is pivotal for B2B companies. Our software conducts video-based interviews and uses A.I. to transcribe, summarize and analyze the results by extracting user preferences and emotions. Understanding your users leads to higher customer retention, higher conversion rates and effective decision making.

Bachelor of Arts
Dartmouth College

Psychology and Brain Sciences Major

Master of Business Administration
The George Washington University

MBA in Technology Management

Reviews (5)
Christopher Rawlings
1 session
30 Apr 2020

Lindsey is super helpful when it comes to user experience. She has great knowledge and explains things in ways that are easy to understand. If you need help in improving your user experience then I would highly recommend speaking to Lindsey!

Matt Dodgson
1 session
28 Jan 2020

Lindsay was great and helped me gain some clarity. Good to talk through her own experiences to add more context too.

Tom Figiel
1 session
13 Nov 2019

Lindsey was very thorough in her assessment of our design process issues and how we can work more efficiently as a remote design team. She offered to follow up once we were at a later stage to check in on our progress and was keen to see us succeed.

David Hoos
1 session
30 Oct 2019

Lindsey was a wealth of info and would be a great resource for anyone. Great mentor session!

Konstantinos Gkovedaros
1 session
16 Aug 2019

Happy to have talked with Lindsey, took some great insight on this brainstorming session and i highly recommend getting in touch with her for some pointed product advice.