Liam Boogar-Azoulay

Head of Brand Marketing

Paris, France (+01:00 UTC)French, Englishfrom San Francisco, United States of America
Public Relations

I have been on the receiving end of PR (journalist) for years and I have also built long-term relationships with some of the top business journalists in the United States and abroad. I've coordinated international PR campaigns and fundraising announcements and invited journalists from around the world to come to events I've organized.

Technology and Tools

As Head of Marketing at MadKudu, I am regularly exposed to our integration partners as well as customers who leverage the most advanced growth tools on the market. I haven't used everything, but I can always share what the smartest people I know are experimenting with today.

Content Marketing

Throughout my career I have used content to tell stories, generate leads, and convert prospects to customers. I believe in building great content first and then optimizing it for SEO, leveraging it for paid acquisition, and extending it to as many channels as possible.

Mentor Toolkit
over 7 years of experience

Have built Zaps to automate repetitive tasks and also used it to test marketing automation workflows prior to building something more robust. MadKudu has built a Zapier integration (white label as well as direct), so happy to share my experience of the ecosystem as a whole.

over 6 years of experience

Have used it for personal use and also professional use for coordinating social media across multiple departments. Happy to weigh in on social media tools as a whole and the tradeoffs of each.

over 8 years of experience

I'm a power user. I don't love Asana, but I hate it the least. Played with custom fields, timelines & Kanbans. I've met more advanced users, but always happy to share how I'm using it and where I'm seeing others see success with it.

over 4 years of experience

Spending a lot of time using Intercom, especially automated chatbots for qualifying leads. Have deployed Intercom integrations, worked directly with their team, and been the champion for Intercom inside MadKudu. AMA.

over 4 years of experience

I joined Algolia as we were onboarding to Looker. Built out views & dashboards used as the definitive source of truth for marketing KPIs. Big fan of the tool and happy to share my experience.

over 9 years of experience

Avid Mailchimp user for business & personal use, namely for regular newsletters. I won't blow your mind with transactional emails or drip campaigns, but I'm happy to share what works best for me and what I see smarter people doing.

Head of Marketing
Paris, France
- present

MadKudu is a predictive lead scoring solution for SaaS companies like Slack, Segment, Drift & Shopify.

Brand Director
Paris, France

I work inside the marketing team at the intersection of marketing, communications, design & product. I work on product releases, events, content, communications, product marketing & more. Notable projects include: 🎨 Worked with product & design team on a ground-up redesign of our brand, website, product messaging & blog. 🗞 Led PR for our Series B fundraising announcement, generating 30+ articles from tier-one and -two media across 5 languages. 📹 Co-led the creation of Algolia's first animated video "Algolia - Search Made Right," Search Review, Algolia Masterclass & other projects at the intersection of our creative & communications teams. 🎯 Sourced, hired & managed a variety of team members for Developer Relations, Events, Content, Communications, Product Marketing. ✏️ Grew organic traffic to our blog 50% quarterly through a collaborative content strategy that aimed to get 50% of Algolia employees contributing content & expertise to our marketing efforts.

Founder, Editor
Rude Baguette
Paris, France

I launched Rude Baguette - France's Startup Blog - and turned it into a 15-person company organizing 10 conferences per year bringing together 25,000 participants from 50+ countries. I raised $500,000 from founders & angel investors before shutting down in 2016.

Mathematics & Classical Studies
University of California, San Diego

I attended UCSD as a double major in Mathematics and Classical Studies (Latin & Ancient Greek), reflecting my dual passion for deep mathematics and storytelling. I also studied computer science in high school & college.

Reviews (3)
Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Jul 2019

Went over our PR strategy and got some great feedback from Liam. Highly recommended and a super nice guy who legit enjoys helping!

Judit Pal
1 session
10 Jul 2019

Speaking with him was my most useful 30 minutes on that week.

Michael Lorenzos
1 session
14 Mar 2019

An excellent session with Liam - we zoomed in and out from broad marketing concepts to actionable tactics and then back. We talked about how B2B marketing is about enabling sales team to begin conversations from a place where they can win, and how to actually achieve that. 5 stars in everything.