Lex Roman

Growth Designer

Los Angeles, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Los Angeles, United States of America
Product Management

I've coached and led cross-functional teams. I can advise on: - Setting priorities - Building shared understanding of goals - Defining high risk areas to validate - Iteration planning - Cross-functional collaboration with a focus on growth - Supporting people who are newly developing a growth practice

Technology and Tools

I've defined the instrumentation strategies for over 30 companies and have been leading experimentation programs for the past five years. - Setting key metrics - Choosing and setting up analytics - Instrumenting your product - Data literacy - Experimentation infrastructure - Experimentation process - Validation techniques beyond AB testing

Design / UX

Designing for growth - Onboarding - Unlocking valuable parts of your product - Subscription/pricing design - Landing pages - Validating design decisions - UX research techniques for growth

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I'm proficient in AB testing tools - mainly Optimizely and Apptimize. I'm knowledgable about - Setting up experiments - Setting up key metrics - Testing environments and practices - Custom behavioral targeting - Sample size calculation - Calling a winner - Sharing results

over 6 years of experience

My expertise is primarily in behavioral analytics like Mixpanel and Amplitude. Amplitude is my tool of choice for its ease of set up and its intuitive interface. Regardless of your tool, I can discuss - Goal setting - How to set up your instrumentation - Defining events/properties - Creating and sharing reports - Building shared understanding around data

Reviews (1)
Russ Adz
1 session
16 May 2019

Excellent first meeting with Lex. She gave me a great idea with where to start with improving UI/UX and pointed me in the way of some good resources.