Kevin Indig

Director of SEO @Shopify

Chicago, United States (-06:00 UTC)English, Germanfrom trier, Germany
$200 / hour
Building a team

I build large teams at G2 (30+ people) and Shopify (20+ people), managed, hired, fired, and restructured organizations. I can assist with employee development, building a healthy team culture, and driving a team to more sustainable output.


I have over ten years of experience in technical, large-scale, and on-page SEO. I would count link building more as Content Marketing, but that, of course, can also be considered SEO. I was able to gain fundamental leadership experience in leading teams of over 30 people in my career, work with the C-suite, and on several international SEO strategies. Part of that is structuring teams, evangelizing SEO throughout the organization, and aligning with important stakeholders.

Content marketing

I've been in content marketing for as long as I've been in SEO, which is about 10 years, and helped all sorts of companies in B2B and B2C with strategy and implementation. The most notable ones are Atlassian's microsites: or and four others.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I've been using SEO for many years for all things keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis. One of my favorite Ahrefs features is Content Gap, which allows me to find keywords competitors rank for but my site doesn't.

Director of SEO
- present

Managing SEO in product and for Shopify sites

Reviews (14)
Ryan Prior
1 session
15 Jul 2021

Having the opportunity to share ideas & strategies with Kevin was super valuable. He shared some great tips, and I left the meeting feeling more confident about some SEO decisions! Thanks Kevin!

Steve Toth
1 session
1 Jul 2021

Kevin was awesome. He answered all of my questions thoughtfully and I walked away with a ton of insight. He's also very laid back and approachable. I definitely recommend booking time with Kevin, it was well worth it!

Mikhail Larionov
1 session
30 Jun 2021

This was an awesome jam! We started with our current top-level plan around distribution strategy for our Shopify app and Kevin shared his thoughts on that, helped to evolve some of the ideas, helped to prio/deprio some and then added a couple great suggestions of his own. Feel I have much more work to do now, but at least I know better what to do :) Thanks Kevin!

Edwin Plotts
1 session
21 Jun 2021

Loved my session with Kevin. We walked through a variety of tactical considerations and actually uncovered an opportunity I hadn't previously considered!

Josh Blackburn
1 session
1 Apr 2021

It was a great call! Kevin is super knowledgeable, a no-brainer to jump on a call with him. I picked up some great new tips and have a plan forward.

Micah McGuire
1 session
31 Mar 2021

Kevin helped get our marketing sprint strategy completely unstuck. We were up against some stiff SEO competition with our original keyword plan, which was making the content planning process tough. Kevin walked me through several possible strategies that we hadn't even considered. A week later, our new strategy has been approved and I'm developing our content briefs to start sending out to writers. Definitely recommend if you need a fresh perspective on SEO!

David Krevitt
2 sessions
24 Mar 2021

Thanks again Kevin

Michelle Vodden
5 sessions
25 Jan 2021

Kevin is a great mentor, he is always present and approachable. He answers all my dumb questions and I definitley feel more confident as a result of his advice. Thank you Kevin!

Stéphane Recouvreur
1 session
23 Jan 2021

Kevin is simply the best in the SEO business. A LOT of knowledge and experience you can tap into.

Michelle Vodden
5 sessions
16 Dec 2020

Kevin is really genuine and so helpful. He takes you through step by step to help you solve problems, I always come away from our sessions excited and motivated

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
8 Dec 2020

Historically, SEO has always been my favorite acquisition channel. It's at the backbone of what drives growth here at GrowthMentor. 60% of user acquisition's directly attributed to organic search. So when the time came to launch our new site and updated IA, I was naturally slightly nervous about messing things up. Enter Kevin. Not going to get into the details of what was discussed, but what I will say is that the takeaways were highly actionable and helped me create a gameplan of what I will be working on in the next few months. Worth noting how super friendly and down to earth he is.

🚀 Jake Stainer
1 session
30 May 2020

World class advice from a world class marketer - thanks so much!

Simo Elalj
1 session
23 Apr 2020

It was great chatting with Kevin. He is very knowledgeable in SEO and in growth in general. Thanks for your time!

Niels Zee
3 sessions
6 Apr 2020

Super kind, cool guy to learn from and have a laugh with. Gives you TONS of great actionable advice to implement now on SEO. 10/10 would recommend!