Kat Love

Founder of A Productized Website Design Service and Micro Copywriting SaaS

Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)Englishfrom Oakland, United States of America
$90 / hour
Venting Frustration

Getting your emotions out is probably one of the most important and one of the most undervalued needs of entrepreneurs. Come vent to me and I'll be your active listener: one who's also been there. Take the emotional weight off your shoulders so you can get back to business.

Content Marketing

Get help with content ideas throughout all points of your marketing funnels. Top, middle, and bottom of funnel content all serve different and important purposes. Let's dive into where you're getting stuck and brainstorm on ideas to help you start creating content that gets you results.

Design / UX

Visual branding builds trust and draws them in. Their experience on your site influences their behavior. Combined with well-considered website strategy, design and UX are key to turning visitors into customers. Design should be both beautiful and purpose-driven, to drive action. Let's discuss how.

Social Media

Social media can play a key role in growing brand awareness, nurturing relationships, increasing traffic to your website, and directly promoting your products and services. Let's discuss your unique goals and how to use social media to reach them.

Mentor Toolkit
Meet Edgar
over 3 years of experience

Meet Edgar was the first to have the recycled posts feature. As a blogger with over a hundred posts that I wanted to distribute regularly via social, it saved me so much time from creating HUGE spreadsheets of posts and uploading them to the Hootsuite bulk scheduler (what an awful workflow that was!). I've used Meet Edgar and now also Recurpost for recurring social content.

over 7 years of experience

I love and use Trello for project management for my team. Task lists and client progress on onboarding are two frequent boards that I visit daily for myself and my team members too. A solid and easy to use tool.

over 2 years of experience

I pretty much have a love affair with Zapier. From automatically adding my new clients to my email list or sending a free gift to everyone that signs up for a Crowdcast call, I love love my Zaps. A can't-live-without-it tool in my toolbox.

over 7 years of experience

Mailchimp has been the core email marketing platform that I use in my business. I now use it in a very simple way but have done more complex tasks like integrating consent for GDPR, building lists through Zapier automations, and MailChimp email automation sequences. Plus I've done a lot of website side stuff with Mailchimp too.

Piraeus, Greece
- present

A tool to help therapist create copy for their websites. For a low cost, therapists get access to copy generators. By answering questions about themselves and who they help, they can generate their website's copy for much lower price than they would working with a copywriter.

Freelance Designer
Kat Love
Piraeus, Greece

Designed custom websites for therapists in private practice as a freelancer/one-person shop. Helped therapists with copy, design, development.

Piraeus, Greece
- present

Empathysites is an all-inclusive website solution for therapists in private practice including customized design and ongoing support. Therapists are changing the world and we believe in supporting their websites so they can support their clients.

Web Hosting
Bachelor of Science, Philosophy
Mills College

Double major philosophy and political, legal, and economic analysis. Scholar athlete for all three semesters in recognition of academic excellence during sports. Cyclone of the Week in recognition of athletic excellence in terms of performance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Swim team record holder for record times in 5 events.

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