Kalo Yankulov

Co-founder and Marketing Automation Expert at Encharge.io

Sofia, Bulgaria (+02:00 UTC)Bulgarian, Englishfrom Sofia, Bulgaria
Marketing Automation

I'm the founder of a marketing automation tool name Encharge.io Apart from building a tool in the field, we do a lot of done-for-you services with SaaS and product companies, helping them implement sophisticated marketing automation flows that actually move the needle. I also write a blog on marketing automation with more than 4,000 subscribers — https://encharge.io/blog

Email Marketing

It's best to check out some of my free resources on the topic: - https://encharge.io/automated-emails/ - https://encharge.io/triggered-emails/ - https://encharge.io/email-sequence-templates/ - https://encharge.io/welcome-emails/

Technology and Tools

Need help with choosing a marketing automation or an email marketing tool? Let's jump on a call. I promise I won't pitch you Encharge if it's not the right fit for you :)

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

I have used Autopilot with some of my previous SaaS customers like Outreachplus.com If you need help setting up flows or connecting integrations withing the tool, I'd be happy to help.

over 7 years of experience

I managed and run email marketing campaigns for an account with 10,000+ email subscribers. With average activity rate of over 28%, 30%+ open rate and 7%+ click rate.

Reviews (2)
Daniil Kopilevych
1 session
1 Nov 2018

It was great to go over my content marketing questions with Kaloyan. He is a great listener and helped me confirm some of my previous assumptions, as well as propose new ways to up my acquisition game. Highly recommend Kaloyan!

1 session
27 Oct 2018

I asked Kaloyan for a help with my pitch, and he has helped me build it up from zero. it was a real pleasure to work with him! Kaloyan is really friendly, attentive to your problems, and eager to help.