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Product Market Fit

Product market fit is probably one of the single most important metrics we look at when deciding which companies get funding and which ones don't. Whether you feel you've attained product market fit or need help getting there I can help. Product market fit is about properly interviewing customer and assessing needs so that your product / software becomes a NEED to have and not a NICE to have.

Venting Frustration

Entrepreneurship is incredibly difficult and even more lonely. Whether it's a shoulder to lean on, a strategic partner to bounce ideas off of or a quasi - COO / co-founder role, I've done it all for clients before. Sometimes even family and close friends can't help you navigate this journey. I love to serve this role for clients.

Advice on Funding

I helped startups raise over $10mm in early stage funding in 2017 alone. This is what I specialize in. I am also the author of First Money In, a book which helps entrepreneurs navigate their first fundraise. Whether you need help with your fundraise pricing / budget, initial fundraise advice / strategy, pitch deck creation or business plan enhancements I can help you on these.

Mentor Toolkit
over 7 years of experience

Very familiar with Hubspot from both a marketing standpoint and CRM standpoint. Used to use as a client and also helped to manage client setups of Hubspot. I am very comfortable with the CRM portion and glad to help get a better understanding for clients.

MGI Capital
New York, United States of America
- present

MGI Capital is a consulting firm that specializes in and focuses on early stage entrepreneurs. We help entrepreneurs secure early stage funding through consulting, document preparation and fundraise coaching.


BlurtBox was a hospitality technology startup. BlurtBox specialized in the creation and marketing of software products aimed at hospitality companies gathering a better understanding of their clients.

Reviews (2)
Tyrel Johnson
1 session
18 Oct 2019

My session with Julien was far beyond what I hoped to get out of the call. He was generous with his time, attention and very-relevant advice. If I could only make one recommendation for which mentor to choose for a call, it would be Julien, hands down. What I learned from him is going to have a large impact on business decisions being made going forward. 10/10

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
14 May 2019

Julien...well what can I not say. Julien is one in a million (literally). His uncanny ability to diagnose and prescribe accurately is absolutely mind blowing. This has been without a doubt one of the most explosive, energizing, adaptive, and effective calls I've had thus far on Growthmentor. If you are looking for Wisdom...Julien has it! He is a connoisseur Growth Mentor. If you want to grow, Julien is the man you want to talk to...