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B2B Sales Hustler

São Paulo, Brazil (-03:00 UTC)Spanish, Portuguese, Englishfrom São Paulo, Brazil
Email Marketing

Email marketing content and delivery strategy can determine your success on all your marketing and sales initiatives. People still use e-mail widely, so strategizing a campaign, creating a customer journey that is linked to your marketing and sales funnel and delivering that personalized and appealing e-mail to your prospects and customers can be essential in terms of brand awareness and lead generation.

Customer Success

Each touchpoint matters throughout the customer journey. The old saying is true, “you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression”. The first 90 days of a customer relationship can determine the outcome whether good or bad. A big focus of the first 90 days is implementation, product training, and initial relationship cadence. However important those first days are, the journey to customer success is constant and never really ends.

Outbound Marketing

Despite what many believe, outbound marketing is still a viable option for moving leads through your sales funnel. There has been a recent push to focus more on inbound marketing, and inbound is certainly effective. However you can’t rely on just one. So in order to convert more leads into customers, you need to leverage a combination of both. The question shouldn’t be “inbound vs. outbound,” but rather how can you combine the two to drive growth?

Technology and Tools

I do believe in the power of technology. Finding the right technology or tools for your business is not always an easy task. There's no right or wrong, it all depends on your short/medium and long term strategy and what's more important for your business now. We have tons of new tech solutions promising the world, let's evaluate, test and strategize so we can choose what's best for your business growth.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Great solution for tracking and marketing automation. If you need to boost your lead qualification process, hubspot might be the right tool for you. Hubspot's suite includes marketing automation tools that are considered best in the market. If you manage a short sales cycle that digital campaigns, e-mail marketing, lead generation and conversion are the the most time consuming part of it, you should consider hubspot for sales management as well.

over 7 years of experience

Not so easy to use, but most complete and best customer engagement platform available today. It does require a lot of implementation effort before start using, but it's definitely a solution for you to consider in a long term or if you managing complex B2B sales or if business needs to comply with audit and tracking regulations, Salesforce Sales Cloud could be the best option.

over 6 years of experience

Great easy to use CRM tool for startups. It provides you a complete view on leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, pipeline and forecast. It also allows you to create personalized dashboards to better manage the health of your business by gaining valuable insights on important KPIs.

Head of Digital Sales Innovation
- present

My first entrepreneur mission couldn't be more exciting. I'm responsible for developing the next generation of payment industry for Latin America.

Fin Tech
Head of SMB & Business Development

Leading a team of 5 Account Executives and 8 Business Development Representatives covering Latin America. SMB Account Executive team manages both farming and hunting opportunities across Latin America focused on companies with less than 100 employees. With a $6.5M (ARR) quota per year, AEs are focused on new business, cross-sell and up-sell of the entire Zendesk Suite. Sales Development team is responsible for pipeline generation for SMB, Enterprise and Strategic segments. Working with inbound leads and outbounds prospection, my team is responsible for delivering a $21M (ARR) per year on qualified opportunities. I partner with 4 departments to delivery great results: - HR for recruiting, team performance review, hiring strategies definition, compensation plan and all topics related to people development and operations; - Marketing to build processes for lead generation and conversion, market mapping opportunities, adapt go-to-market strategies to address local needs, digital marketing initiatives and events; - Alliances and Channels to complement our gtm strategy in specific regions, help sales team scale up and provide technical support for implementation; - Sales Engineering for technical enablement and strategic support to our main prospects and customers. I'm also responsible for sales training and enablement, tracking global KPIs for productivity, revenue, business health and personal development, delivering accurate forecast and pipeline management through Salesforce.

Strategic Account Manager

Responsible for managing 20 global named accounts (12 customers and 8 prospects) cross industry. I'm responsible for managing a virtual account team comprehend by: - Inside Sales responsible for closing transactional opportunities with a $50k ARR threshold in a double compensation model; - Business Development for outbound prospecting according to my territory strategy plan and helping me evangelize Salesforce and on-demand model; - Sales Engineer for strategic projects in need of in-depth technical expertise leading PoC, customized demos, RFPs and any complex technical task; - Customer Success to accelerate customer adoption ensure satisfaction; My main responsibilities include: - Create a business plan with extended team to drive net new revenue and up-sell and cross-sell focusing on digital transformation and the usage of technology to re-invent and accelerate customer's business and processes; - Manage a trusted-advisor relationship with customers and prospects, creating ambassadors and strong connection with C-level executives; - Develop, strategize, negotiate and close business; - Provide accurate forecast weekly to my manager and quarterly to the executive leadership through QBR sessions; - Consistently new opportunities by recommending, presenting, demo-ing, evangelizing and leveraging marketing initiatives; - Create, analyze, discuss and negotiate legal and financial statements, contracts and ROI business plans. I also take the opportunity to go beyond my job by coaching and mentoring new hires and interns on Salesforce technical knowledge and sales expertise, working collaboratively with my peers to help on the success of the team and partner with leadership to provide insights and collaborate to fine-tune Salesforce's strategy in the region and improve processes. I have high level of energy and enthusiasm and I like spreading my passion for technology and its power to transform the world we live in.

MSc Computer Science
University of São Paulo

Master Degree on Computer Science focused on data engineering.

BSc (Hons) Computer Science
University of São Paulo

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Reviews (12)
Kalo Yankulov
1 session
22 Oct 2019

Juliana is a great sales professional that every tech entrepreneur should listen to. At Encharge.io we struggle with leads fizzling out after the initial call. Juliana provided actionable tips and suggestions from her personal experience on improving our sales process. Now we have a few tips that we can implement right away.

Abhishek Ekbote
2 sessions
15 Oct 2019

Juliana has great knowledge of Outbound Marketing. She gave us lot of suggestions on how to go forward with our product.

Mariska Pansegrauw
1 session
9 Sep 2019

Juliana helped me with my cold email copy. We're in a specialized industry and she helped me get to the core of the voice I should use as well as the message.

Matthew Henshall
1 session
6 Sep 2019

What an absolutely amazing session with Juliana! She listened carefully as I described our problem and ambition and expertly pointed us in the right direction. She went over and above by sharing some contacts to help us on our journey! Thank you Juliana!

Victor Bercaru
1 session
13 Aug 2019

Excellent session! Juliana is the type of person you want on your side when you plan on conquering a new market. From a short discussion, I got to learn new tactics like using WhatsApp in the sales process to what mistakes to avoid when hiring etc. A+++

sudarshan ashok kumar
1 session
25 Jul 2019

Juliana's insights were very valuable and her experience leading sales teams translates into solid advice for strategy and operations

Adam Loke
1 session
18 Jul 2019

I highly recommend Juliana, she got a lot of experience and listened to all I had to say about my specific situation and then came up with great ideas and suggestions. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Tarik Qahawish
1 session
8 Jul 2019

Juliana is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to B2B sales. I learned so much from her not only on how to setup the right sales team structure and compensation package but also great insight into the Latin American market. Thank you so much Juliana.

Dani Hart
1 session
17 Jun 2019

Having been in sales all of her career, it's clear that Juliana knows how to approach new markets and develop innovative strategy wherever she goes. From just one explorative conversation with her, I'm excited to continue our relationship and learn more from her methodology and experiences. Don't hesitate to jump on a call with Juliana!

Julien Roy
1 session
30 May 2019

Eye opening discussion. Top industry expertise. Confirmed what we suspected, and shared great actionable insights.

1 session
24 Apr 2019

Juliana is a caring person and can give good tips on how to improve your marketing skills

Lorena Palacios
1 session
18 Mar 2019

My first mentorship session experience with Juliana was great. She is a very enthusiastic, experienced and kind person, willing to help by sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Juliana understood from the very beginning what my current struggle is and she has provided me with great tips which can definitely be implemented to improve our business. Thanks Juliana!