Josh Sturgeon

Paid Acquisition and Growth

Boston, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)from Boston, United States of America
$99 / hour

Having consulted on SEO for some of the largest brands in the world including: Staples, Unilever, and Thermo Scientific, I can advise on both technical SEO and content strategy.

PPC Strategies

Having managed 8 figures of paid media across Facebook, Google, Native ads, Amazon and more, I can assist with full funnel strategy along with specific tactics on each channel.

Outbound Marketing

Experience with cold prospecting, influencer outreach and appointment setting for high value (read: really busy) targets. Scope of experience also includes data mining and enrichment for developing prospecting lists.

Growth Hacking

Designing workflow for high-tempo testing and understanding KPIs that matter. My specialty within the discipline of growth is on the acquisition side of the equation, but have experience with customer activation and retention as well.

Mentor Toolkit
over 10 years of experience

Extensive experience launching and scaling Facebook campaigns with a positive ROAS. Deep domain experience in eCommerce and lead generation for service based businesses. My agency is a high value partner of Facebook and has managed 8 figures across a number of verticals.

over 4 years of experience

I've used Hotjar extensively to gather qualitative research into user behavior. For our purposes, Hotjar fuels the creation of meaningful A/B and multi-variate tests.

over 4 years of experience

Plenty of experience with CF having consulted for coaches and info marketers. I'm up to date with the latest stack, including Actionetics MD. Have also integrated CF with different platforms like HubSpot/

Google Analytics
over 12 years of experience

Extensive experience with GA for ecommerce sites and SaaS. Can also guide the discussion around attribution modeling and create custom reports that provide insight to take action.

over 11 years of experience

Been implementing HubSpot since 2009. We run our own stack on HubSpot, including our website which is built on the COS. I'm competent across the stack: CRM, marketing automation and sales tools.

over 7 years of experience

For competitive research and link building outreach. Usually a starting point for any SEO client and then manipulating the exports via Excel or Tableau to create a more actionable plan.

Reviews (9)
kefa f
1 session
5 Aug 2020

I benefited a lot. Thanks

Jessy Conflon
1 session
20 Feb 2020

Really enjoyed the session with Josh! He shared loads great actionable tips, especially around out of the box lead gen ideas. I will definitely have another session with Josh!

Stéphane Recouvreur
1 session
16 Feb 2020

Josh took on the challenge to do a site review alone on camera (due to timezone issues), and it was tremendously insightful! He pointed out all the big issues I was facing, but also quickly found opportunities I wasn't considering. Would love to do more sessions.

Faith Storey
2 sessions
22 Jan 2020

Josh was AMAZING. Very patient. Asked the right questions. Great at both abstract concepts (like growth mindset) and specific questions (like managing SEM campaigns). Plan on calling him monthly with updates.

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
16 Jan 2020

Josh shared incredible insights into PPC strategies for B2B SaaS companies. He is very knowledgeable about paid advertising strategy and gave me a lot of ideas and tactics for me to try in my next campaigns. He's also super friendly and I enjoyed the call. Thanks Josh and hope to speak to again soon.

Ben Chiriboga
2 sessions
15 Jan 2020

Josh, BLEW. MY. MIND. A fresh pair of eyes from Josh can't be valued. Seriously. We drilled into some PPC strategies that I'm embarrassed to say were right in front of me...and I was missing. And I'm a Head of Growth. Anyway - grab some time with Josh. Cool dude. Good ideas.

Ophir Prusak
1 session
20 Nov 2019

Josh provided some great insights that help me get into the mind of performance marketers. We went over some content related ideas and he pointed out a few things I never thought of. My time talking with him was truly well spent.

Ellen Jantsch
1 session
31 Oct 2019

I reached out to Josh to help with outbound sales and to dive deeper on scaling agency growth. 100% worth it. I walked away with actionable strategies that have helped my business and team grow.

Shawn Johnson
1 session
30 Oct 2019

Josh was very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I had some questions related to practicing SEO and he guided me through and gave me some invaluable insights. I feel much more confident after his mentorship; I highly recommend using him. Thank you!