Jordi Capdevila

B2B Marketing Specialist - Currently VP of Marketing at ForceManager

Barcelona, Spain (+01:00 UTC)Catalan, Spanish, Englishfrom Barcelona, Spain
$29 / hour
Customer Success

In SaaS customer success means not just less churn but more referrals. Include Customer Success in your marketing strategy to help your business organically grow through this (sometimes untapped) channel.

Content Marketing

Uplift your content strategy to meet your company goals. From driving demand, helping sales and positioning your company as a thought leader. Let's discuss content since it is king!

Mindset Coaching

Sometimes mind can be overwhelming. I have been there and I have solved it in many ways. Either if you need coaching for yourself or to better structure or handle a team, I have been there, and I will help you solve it.

Marketing Automation

I help companies think of their marketing stack and how to optimise it or boost it. How the stack should talk to each other and work as a seamless integrated and unified platform to have a team of inbound + outbound aligned. While having the prospect and future client with the feeling of a streamlined company communications.

Outbound Marketing

Experienced in building successful outbound marketing teams that hit targets. From Prospecting and Market Research with a market fit, to script and playbook development, SDR management and coaching, cold e-mailing and template structure. Combine it with some Inbound and ABM strategy to get the most out of it.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Vetted heavy user of Trello to manage teams (remotely or in-house), projects or hack productivity. A huge fan of how productivity can be improved and that most of the time happens in Trello, but let's talk about it!

over 4 years of experience

Best for SMBs and start-ups alike. Know the tricks to get in their start up program, and plan how Hubspot will sustain your growth. If your implementation needs some fixing, let me asses how this can be done

over 6 years of experience

The marketing glue. Do the inimaginable when connecting over 1000 applications together. A productivity booster and a team alignment tool that will pass information through your systems.

over 7 years of experience

Automate all your communication with the best Marketing Automation software seamlessly connected to Salesforce. My recommendation when working with SFDC

over 9 years of experience

Salesforce experienced user. Align marketing and sales within its CRM Platform and your whole team on the same page when talking or targeting prospects.

VP of Marketing
- present

As a VP of Marketing I oversee all marketing communications to any stakeholder. From prospects to clients, and product communications. I own the full AARRR Funnel and report it to the board. Qualified Opportunities are my thing

Co-Founder and CMO
Barcelona, Spain

Mediabank was the marketplace that gathers finalised audiovisual content, aiming to connect producers and tv planners, and with the vision of organising the world's video productions under one roof.

Marketing Manager
Voicebox Creative
San Francisco, United States of America

Assisting Executive team in designing and implementing the Marketing & Digital Strategy. Responsibilities among other functions: • Establish a Marketing Strategy for New Business Development • Exercise initiative, innovation and teamwork in planning communications promotions to reach new clients through Online Communications (Paid and Organic). • B2B Marketing Automation, CRM, Lead Management, Sales Team Assistance, Exhibits and Conference Planning.

Digital Agencies
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Reviews (12)
Tom Figiel
2 sessions
13 Jun 2020

Jordi was careful to understand our situation and reviewed our automations prior to the call. This allowed for a more constructive and quick discussion. He was able to provide some quick advice allowing us to continue to improve.

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
16 Apr 2020

Jordi was... *drum roll* fantastic ! It was our first time talking to each other, so we spent some time getting to know one another. But once we dove into the nitty-gritty of problems, he gave me tons of great info regarding Trello workflows, team management and some other tips and tricks of business :-) Definitely great mentor!

Sergi Garcia
1 session
10 Apr 2020

Jordi's awesome. He shared great insights and examples around sales and marketing alignment and outbound strategies. Book with him without hesitating!

Joseph Konop
1 session
29 Mar 2020

In 30 minutes I walked a way with some clear KPI's that I should focus on and gave me some ideas that I wasn't thinking about. Would recommend. Thanks so much it was a great chat. Talk again soon.

Ryan Prior
1 session
14 Feb 2020

Jordi was great. We got through a lot in 30 minutes -- he shared his experience in using B2B influencers and offered some advice and action points that were relevant to me. Thanks Jordi!

Andra Coros
1 session
5 Feb 2020

Thanks a lot Jordi for this session. I have a great example on how customer discovery is used in other companies. And also very helpful resources (your questions).

Marta Olszewska
2 sessions
5 Dec 2019

Jordi listened attentively and adjusted his tips to address my biggest pain points. His advice was very concrete and actionable and it opened doors to new ideas about monetization and approach to business development. He was really encouraging and I felt inspired to keep developing my initiative further. Thank you Jordi!

Ayhan K. Isaacs
1 session
20 Nov 2019

I booked a 60 min session w/ Jordi. It was pure gold. We went over some frameworks, tactics, and strategies that can be actioned straight away. If you want to take your demand generation to the next level - talk to Jordi!

Pierrine Carlier
1 session
15 Oct 2019

Jordi was an attentive listener and shared good insights with me. I recommend him to anyone looking for a mentoring sessions about trade shows. Thanks again Jordi! :)

Matheus de Paula
2 sessions
11 Oct 2019

Jordi really helped me showing a new perspective of my CV. I certainly recommend him for great career advice.

Ben Chiriboga
1 session
8 Oct 2019

Jordi brought the magic. If you need outbound wizardy - talk to Jordi.

Geoffrey Bressan
3 sessions
19 Sep 2019

I had a great session with Jordi. We first went over outbound marketing strategy. Then he shared with me his experience, gave me useful metrics and tips and explained me how his marketing and sales teams are structured and working together. I definitely recommend Jordi!