Growth Marketing Expert (Lead Generation / Conversion Optimization / Revenue Growth)

Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China (+08:00 UTC)from Lyon, France
$97 / hour
Content Marketing

"Content is King. Promotion is Queen." Having a content marketing is crucial for business success. But, you don't only need to create high-quality content. You also need a distribution/promotion strategy to make your content discovered by your target audience. Not only, I will show you how to create outstanding content, I will also show you how to make your content conversion-focus in order to generate leads and make sales from it.

Customer Success

In French, we say "Customer is King". In Chinese, they say "Customer is God". You need to make your product/service customer-centric. Gathering data and feedback is vital but that's just the first step. Then, you need to analyze this data to optimize your products and services.

Growth Hacking

Growth is key. Having the right mindset is important but what you want isn't only a mindset. You also want the right metrics and the right tools to make that mindset become a reality. I will help you choose the metrics you should focus on to grow your business substantially. I will also share with you specific techniques and tools to make that growth sustainable and scalable.

Mentor Toolkit
over 4 years of experience

Automation becomes more and more important. Automating your tasks will help you gain time as well as money. Any task you do and that is repetitive can be automated. Let's automate your processes together.

over 5 years of experience

Email marketing is the digital marketing channel with the highest ROI. If you don't have an email marketing strategy in place yet, you're missing a lot of opportunities. If you already have an email marketing strategy but don't get a positive ROI with it, there's something you do wrong. I can help you get a positive ROI with your email marketing strategy.

over 6 years of experience

From my experience, I'd say that Wordpress is the most complete CMS out there. You can create fast, SEO-optimized websites, e-commerce shops, blogs, landing pages and much more. If you have or need a Wordpress website, I can help you grow it successfully and in a matter of days.

Growth Hacking Specialist
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Within 1 year working there, I helped the startup: - To be accepted to the pre-accelerator Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) - Won multiple awards (Most promising startup, best pitch competition, etc...) - Won seats to participate to tech conferences in Taiwan, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong-Kong and San Francisco - Got published in 40+ tech publications - Received first funding - Was accepted to the accelerator Emerge Education (First EdTech accelerator in Europe) - Number of users increased by more than 500%

Co-founder and CEO
Growth Hackers
Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China
- present

Growth Hackers brings fast and sustainable growth to startups and established businesses via growth hacking and inbound marketing tactics. --> We growth hack users' acquisition by A/B testing numerous channels to put the product/service in the hand of target users --> We analyze data and users' feedbacks --> We accompany businesses' product development and give them recommendations to make the product more user-centric. Then, we optimize the acquisition channels, we prioritize, we work on retention, we improve the revenue model and we scale.

Digital Agencies
BA (Hons) Marketing
Dublin Business School

Marketing Communications Business Development Business Strategy

Masters Degree in Marketing and International Business

- Brand Marketing - Business Strategy - International Marketing - Digital Marketing - Entrepreneurship

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