Joey Kotkins

Founder // Growth and Operations Leader

London, United Kingdom (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Seattle, United States
Growth marketing

I prefer to think of it as growth processes and systems that uncover incredible hacks. I love building organisations that can reliably find the next great marketing tactic, as opposed to wishing or hoping to stumble upon it.

Social media

Lots of experience in organic and paid social marketing strategies. Primarily FB and its ecosystem. If you've got an e-commerce shop and its all about optimisation then I'm not an expert, but if you're trying to figure out how to get things working I can help.

Mindset coaching

I have a degree in psychology and am a student of my own mindset. Over the years I've helped many people explore their own mindset improvements by sharing what has worked for me.

Venting frustration

Having founded 2.5 companies, and selling one, I've experienced all the stresses and the highs. Founding a company is probably not the healthiest thing we can do for our mind and bodies, but for many of us we can't help it. There are many strategies to make this all more manageable.

Advice on funding

Most of my experience is raising from Angels and seed-stage VCs, but I've also built a larger network of Series A investors. We raised $1.3M for Safara.

Content marketing

Inside Social measured the success of content distribution and we built our own inbound engine. I've advised many companies on their content marketing plans... usually telling them they're not ready for it.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

I've spent a lot of time using Facebook as a lead generation tool and for high-velocity experimentation. Optimisation is not a strength, but high-level funnel building is lots of fun for me.

over 4 years of experience

I use Asana for everything. It can get overwhelming so being smart about project structure and ongoing management is critical. The more you invest though the more powerful it becomes.

over 4 years of experience

I advised the founders of Pipedrive and got an intimate look at the purpose and practice of the software. I wrote some of the copy on their homepage :)

CEO and Co-founder
London, United Kingdom
- present

A hotel booking platform for high-frequency travelers.

Partner and Head of Growth
London, United Kingdom

A growth consultancy helping post-series A founders with all of the challenges around scaling. Customers included Pipedrive, WeTransfer, Curve and many others.

CMO and Co-founder
Inside Social
Seattle, United States

Inside Social helped the world's biggest brands and internet retailers measure and increase the impact of social media on the business metrics that matter most. Acquired by Simply Measured in 2015.

Bachelor of Arts
Duke University

Economics and Psychology

Reviews (7)
Moritz Lang
1 session
11 Feb 2021

Very helpful session about Organic Social Strategies. Joey was able to give me good pointers and advice, talking about his experiences and being very generous and kind.

Lucy Walker
1 session
26 Nov 2020

Super nice chat with Joey & we covered loads of ground in 30 mins. Looking forward to chatting again soon!

Ashley Porciuncula
1 session
11 Nov 2020

Joey was incredibly knowledgable and had loads of suggestions for our business at this early stage. I really felt like he understood where we're at, and the right way to approach this next phase of our funding journey.

1 session
28 Oct 2020

My call with Joey was great. He is an entrepreneur at his core and has great knowledge to offer on all things growth and marketing.

Rafael Guerreiro 🚀
1 session
21 Oct 2020

Joey's help was fantastic. Very focused on strategy and execution. Thanks a lot for your time Joey.

Andrine Allen
1 session
15 Oct 2020

Friendly and so generous with his time. Good knowledge about general business, however my business is very specific and knowledge around my area was understandably limited.

Andrew Kamphey
1 session
23 Sep 2020

Joey was a joy to talk with. He brought a new angle on the problem I'm having and helped me become more compassionate about the issue instead of point blame. Truly helped break through a real internal problem I had. I liked the talk and feel much more empowered to continue the overall mission I have.