🤩 Crazy about Online-Marketing & Tools! | 🚀 Senior Marketing Manager at Greator GmbH

Cologne, Germany (+01:00 UTC)English, Germanfrom Cologne, Germany
$50 / hour
Growth marketing

Talk to me if you need some creative input for growing your idea or product. I´ve worked with several company’s and start-ups that rely on quick growth strategies. Let´s brainstorm together.

Technology and tools

Are you looking for the right tool for your problem? Feel free to ask! I love tools and about to put my personal collection online, so that everyone can benefit it. I´ll help to in the tool-jungle so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Link building

Building Links since 2009! Are you looking for new ways to get links that will help your SEO and bring traffic to your website? Lets talk :) Link Building is an important factor when it comes to SEO, but it’s more important than ever to be creative and strategic to gain natural links that don’t violate Googles guidelines.


I´ve started in SEO back in 2009 and teached myself various skills. I´ve audited a lot of homepages over the years so I can quickly see most onpage problems and help how to fix them.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Tag Manager
over 4 years of experience

I am using the Google Tag Manager for almost every project by now. From simply setting up Google Analytics to custom tracking - I do most of the things in a well-structured way - in Google Tag Manager

over 5 years of experience

Managed several Facebook Ads Account for various clients and niches. Love to test and find the perfect audience on Facebook and using "advanced" tools like custom audiences / lookalike audiences to create a well performing campaign.

over 7 years of experience

Managed several Google Ad(words) Accounts over the last years. My focus was on search and display ads in combination with retargeting. I am able to quickly do a Ads audit and avoid a budget waste.

over 6 years of experience

I am using Asana since a few years now for most of my Clients projects. It’s important to stay organized and up to date about current tasks and goals and quickly see who is responsible.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 8 years of experience

I am using the Google Webmaster Tools for every project. It’s a great help to check your websites "health" as well as ranking data. Get it now, if you don´t use it yet! :)

Google Analytics
over 8 years of experience

Google Analytics is a great and free way to analyse your traffic. I am using it for all of my Clients. The easy connection to other Google Tools makes it easy to get better insights.

over 6 years of experience

Using Ahrefs since a few years now and for almost all clients projects. Its great to get a quick overview about important metrics. With their huge database it´s also possible to gain deeper insights.

Google Data Studio
over 3 years of experience

Started to work with Google Data Studio in early 2018. Created several reports for clients who wanted to see the important data only and love to put several data sources together.

Senior Online Marketing Manager
Greator GmbH
Cologne, Germany
- present

Doing Marketing ;-)

Senior Manager Marketing & Communications
Founders Foundation gGmbH
Bielefeld, Germany

We create a founder-centric ecosystem and educate the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Marketing Manager
Paderborn, Germany
- present

Doing SEO / PPC / Social Media / Tech Stuff for IMAscore and several clients.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (7)
Monty Hobson
1 session
25 Mar 2021

Jens is awesome! Very knowledgeable about marketing in general, and went deep in SEO for great insight and guidance. Would highly recommend to all!

Nicolas Sartor
1 session
3 Jul 2019

Jens is very accessible, a real marketing expert and a very good mentor. What makes a good mentor for me? Patience, being able to listen and "empathize" with a problem without overloading someone with too much of advice. Instead he gave me important tips that I could put directly into practice. The appointment was very informative and I will certainly consult him again in the future!

Mark Colgan 💰📈👍
1 session
16 May 2019

We had an excellent conversation about a number of different topics. Jens is very knowledgable around startup marketing and in particular SEO. In a short call Jens was able to validate my back link strategy and offer a number of ideas to improve it, saving hours and hours of time. I highly recommend Jens to others who need help with their Marketing and SEO

Daniil Kopilevych
1 session
24 Apr 2019

Jens is a very patient mentor and he's great at listening. I was able to re-confirm with him some of my previous findings as to our content strategy, and Jens also suggested some great tips on CRO and link building. Have no problem recommending him if you have questions on content marketing, SEO, and link building.

Anna Pogrebniak
1 session
11 Mar 2019

Jens has given me great advice on how to start a new role in a new company, what tools to use and how my first month might look like. Really loved our discussion, as Jens is a very knowledgeable marketer and a friendly person to talk to. Thanks a lot for your help!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
29 Jan 2019

Super expert at SEO. Talked about proper way to deal with 301 redirects for site update and got a lot of clarity with my SEO strategy talking to Jens.

Baptiste Debever
1 session
15 Jan 2019

Amazing mentor. I picked Jens' brain for some SEO strategy, and he gave me some great tips for our blog and upcoming website overhaul. Can't recommend him more!