Jason Barbato

Growth, Inbound, Product Marketer. Agency Partner. Former Best-In-Class Enterprise Growth Hacker at IBM.

Rochester, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Rochester, United States of America
Customer Success

Delivering positive outcomes and tangible improvements for over a decade for organizations such as IBM, Sodexo, EarthLink, QuestionPro, Chartbeat, and more. Highly custom and consultative marketing solutions in all areas (content, SEO, social, analysis, paid media, email, program strategy, OCMO) based on a data-driven, inbound marketing approach.

Growth Hacking

Built and scaled $40M, best-in-class growth hacking program at IBM. Head of Growth at early-stage startup. Freelance growth and marketing consultant for 6+ years.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
over 10 years of experience

Extremely data-driven approach leads to daily exposure to Google Analytics for health checks, analysis, prediction, reporting. Received advanced certification in 2013.

over 8 years of experience

Over seven years straight of managing search, display, and Gmail advertising in direct-touch in-house roles, in partnership with vendors, and hands-on as a consultant. Monthly campaign budgets as high as $1M and ongoing retainers in $10-25K per month range.

over 4 years of experience

Hands-on A/B and multivariate web optimization experimentation at IBM using Optimizely that was highly data-driven and iterative with individual outcomes ranging from $270K to $6M in new ARR and global scale to 140 countries.

over 6 years of experience

Inbound certified. Agency, consulting, in-house experiences using HubSpot for all aspects of marketing infrastructure, automation, publishing, CRM, analysis, email, blog, and more.

VP of Growth, Partner
Orange Pegs
Irvine, United States of America
- present

Growth and growth hacking and inbound marketing leadership, consulting, mentoring, coaching, strategy, and client and internal project execution.

Digital Agencies
CEO / Head of Growth
Jelly Inc.
- present

Co-founder for early stage startup (B2B/B2C mobile app). Anticipated launch 2020.

Global Growth Lead
New York, United States of America

Progressed the growth hacking discipline at IBM from startup to scale through singlehanded, hands-on strategy, execution, and evangelism. Milestones include the development of a transformative growth hacking technology stack, hiring and management of an advanced growth hacking team, direct execution of experiments that generated nearly $40M in ARR for IBM, and the introduction, iteration, and expansion of a revolutionary, best-in-class growth enablement and adoption program that scaled over 15X inside the company in 2019 with more than 200 active IBM growth hackers.

Marketing and Growth Consultant
- present

End-to-end digital marketing and growth strategy, execution, and support for a variety of online brands and businesses.

Digital Agencies
Web Hosting
Real Estate
Reviews (11)
Sophie D'Souza
1 session
30 Jun 2020

Super helpful session with Jason! He worked in a relatable industry and provided tons of helpful feedback and insight. His genuine care to help and provide value was evident - and he did just that! Highly recommend Jason as a mentor.

Pranav Dalal
1 session
9 Jun 2020

Great feedback

Ashok Kola
1 session
8 Jun 2020

Must recommended person to talk if you are just starting out a Tech company. Value adding gauranteed.

Martin Gorrie
1 session
4 Jun 2020

Just finished a great session with Jason. He was very tailored in applying his extensive experience/background to what I was looking for help on - hiring a remote marketing team. I could have easily chatted another hour! Super helpful, and an enjoyable experience with some clear takeaways. Thanks Jason.

Alex MacMillan
1 session
20 May 2020

Great session with Jason. Really helped frame how to approach my next marketing challenge, from collecting valuable information to questions to ask and the mindset to make an impact. Look forward to catching up again. Cheers.

Konrad Cichawa
1 session
10 May 2020

Jason was a rockstar. Asked lots of insightful questions, listened, and ultimately delivered 3 very actionable tips, that I am in the process of implementing. From start to beginning, great energy, I knew I was talking to a veteran in Growth Hacking space.

Ryan Conner
1 session
30 Apr 2020

Jason presented a variety of very creative solutions that our team would have never thought of. He even shared personal stories that related to our business and his insights as a potential customer proved incredibly valuable. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to make a $1.00 out of 0.15 for growth hacking! I look forward to staying in touch with Jason as we continue to grow.

1 session
24 Jan 2020

If you're seeking value bombs, you need to speak with Jason. After just having one brief intro call with him, I'm already looking forward to the next. He brings a progressive and well-rounded flavor of expertise to the table. Most importantly, he listens. His desire to fully understand my business and marketplace before making specific recommendations is very reassuring.

Jan Kuzel
1 session
21 Jan 2020

Jason helped me review our (B2B SaaS) funnel numbers and understand where we should really invest our energy to make a difference for our growth.

1 session
3 Oct 2019

Jason was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I am super happy with our call and hopefully look forward to chatting again!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Sep 2019

Had a call with Jason to get a second perspective on my content marketing initiatives here at GrowthMentor and boy, did he deliver! Jason's incredibly T-shaped so he understands how content marketing plays into the overall growth strategy. Highly recommended, make sure to take notes!