Jason Amunwa

Product management, growth, & data analysis expert

San Diego, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
$65 / hour
Email Marketing

I got my start in email marketing 14 years ago, running campaigns for Royal Caribbean to a rich database of over 3 million subscribers. Since then, I've created, executed and managed all kinds of email campaigns ranging from huge product announcements to automated lead nurturing sequences. Let's talk email! :)

Venting Frustration

Don't let the puff-piece 600-word growth hacking articles on Medium, or casual acquaintances pontificating about their 18X rocketship on Forbes.com fool you: taking an idea and successfully bringing it to market is *hard*, and takes a long time - and it's when you're in the trenches feeling all alone, that you need to vent the most. Come in, sit down, and lemme hear what's on your mind.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I come alive at the intersection of data and design, which is exactly the hybrid discipline which makes CRO so impactful for new companies and products that are gaining traction and starting to hit their stride.

Growth Hacking

You don't build, monetize and scale 10 software products in 8 years, without gaining a few good insider tips on how to effectively grow a software business. Let me share some of mine with you?

Design / UX

I am formerly the Director of Products and Marketing at Telepathy, an award-winning UX design studio that created user experiences for some of Silicon Valley's best-known names, including Tim Ferriss, Lean Startup, and Quip, (having spent 2 years as a self-taught frontend designer and web developer prior to that). I've also written extensively about the impact good UX can have on the growth trajectory of a business.

Product Management

8 years of product management experience across the entire product lifecycle, from concept to sunset // Built, launched & scaled 10 software products across SaaS, IOS/Android, and WordPress, serving over 200,000 users // Facilitated 3 acquisitions // Familiar with leading distributed design & development teams within Agile & Jobs To Be Done frameworks

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Quite simply, Zapier is the duct tape of the internet, and I've used it to prototype and build a variety of systems, ranging from an automated customer feedback analysis engine, to an RPG that earns you points for doing household chores. Whether you're a Product Manager, Growth Hacker, or busy Founder, I can help you find opportunities to automate away your most repetitive tasks, and win back your precious time.

over 9 years of experience

I've lived, loved, and labored in Trello for close to a decade now, and regard it as one of my precious "Everything" tools. It's always been immensely powerful, but the addition of automations, and integrations has made it capable of unbelievable things - for example, I turned it into an RPG, where players can earn experience points and bonuses for doing household chores ;) Let's talk about your workflows, and figure out how to automate away the drudgery of your day-to-day!

Google Analytics
over 14 years of experience

I've been using Google Analytics to unearth traffic and conversion rate growth opportunities for marketing websites and SaaS businesses for over a decade.

over 8 years of experience

I've used Mixpanel to monitor and analyze user behavior in several of the SaaS products I've worked on, as well as to dig deep for actionable insights on how to grow them.

over 9 years of experience

I've been running email marketing campaigns since 2005, reaching a total audience of over 40 million subscribers. For most of that time, I've used Mailchimp to deploy campaigns, analyze and segment customer lists, and drive growth and revenue for clients and products.

over 4 years of experience

Used to setup & monitor marketing & sales funnels, solicit user feedback via automated website surveys, and run heatmapping reports to inform growth, CRO & UX optimization efforts.

over 4 years of experience

Used to create landing & squeeze pages, run A/B tests to increase subscriber and purchase conversion rates, as well as build email marketing subscriber lists.

over 2 years of experience

Managed and contributed to a backlog of ~2000 user stories and epics with product team, including daily review meetings with distributed engineering team.

Software Product Manager
Sarasota, United States of America

[Voalte was acquired by Hillrom in May 2019] Lead product, engineering, and marketing teams distributed across 10 timezones through the creation and launch of Voalte Insight, a communications analytics tool for hospitals. Designed & ran user research workshops at VUE2018, an annual user conference for 200 healthcare executives. Built a scalable user feedback analysis system that captures and automatically categorizes thousands of user comments and feature requests per month. Drove market and user research into product features to raise usage among doctors, a critical audience for business expansion.

SaaS Growth Consultant
San Diego, United States of America
- present

I help SaaS business founders and teams figure out where to focus in order to grow their revenue, by providing straightforward, actionable and practical growth hypotheses based on in-depth user research, data analysis, and a hefty dose of experience. I specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), UX, analytics, marketing, and user research - a handy toolset for finding those low-hanging opportunities that can drive sustainable growth for your business. Oh, and I can do it for you in just 7 days - learn how at GrowthLook.com

Director of Products & Marketing
San Diego, United States of America

[Telepathy was acquired by ServiceNow in Oct 2017] I started at Telepathy as a Product Manager, and worked my way up to Director of Products & Marketing. During that time, we created several products from early concept validation and customer development, right through to monetization, scaling and exit. Past products I worked on include Hello Bar (acquired by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah at Crazy Egg), SlideDeck 2, Flare & Filament. Filament was a particularly memorable ride. We taught ourselves how to build, launch and monetize this web content analytics platform in under a year, with only 3 people, blindfolded (just kidding–sometimes it was 4 people). Filament was acquired by the awesome folks at ShareThis, right before I left - quite the note to end on! Altogether, our products have been used by almost a million people, and viewed billions of times to date.

Digital Agencies
BS Business Administration & Management
Boston University

I literally learned how to mind my own business ;)

SQL for Data Analysis

This great little course taught me how to structure SQL queries for pulling data from your software product's databases, and answering useful questions about your business. Certificate: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-BAZ59I2F/

Reviews (12)
Jim Pawell
1 session
9 Sep 2020

Jason took the time to first learn where our biggest challenges were, and then in only 30 minutes gave us valuable advice for each. We plan to take advantage of his UX audit, which should prove super helpful.

Jimmy Pewtress
1 session
10 Aug 2020

Had a good chat with Jason around how different B2C growth strategies can have a different effect depending on the customer size e.g. one man bands vs SME vs large enterprise, and which ones are more suited to getting quicker results vs more slow burn work and how combining the two can maintain the growth curve. Definitely recommended.

Marty Cornish
1 session
9 Aug 2020

Jason is awesome. Sharp and experienced on a bunch of different subjects. Some great ideas and tactical direction.

Sammy James
1 session
13 Jul 2020

Jason was great. He zoomed in on practical ideas for generating qualified traffic to our website. He helped guide my focus on our best customers problems and using language that speaks to the problems they have. Suggested we build more integrations with various complimentary applications to get showcased on their integration pages to help stack our exposure little by little. Gave me a great idea to leverage our knowledge by showcasing various Zapier use cases on our website or blog. I need to review the meeting again for several more great insights and ideas. Well worth the time. Thanks Jason - nice to meet a fellow San Diegian!

Max Corbeau
1 session
30 Jun 2020

Jason is great. Very relevant and structured feedback about product/market fit and go-to-market strategy, will hire him again for sure!

Shiva Mangal
1 session
27 May 2020

Jason is awesome. He was very patient in listening to all the questions answered them to the best of his knowledge. He also helped me in planning an outbound marketing strategy. Overall it was a high impact interaction - Totally worth it!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
16 May 2020

Jason has boatloads of experience across so many different things which makes him like an "all in one" type mentor that you can go to for top-shelf advice on just about anything.

Dan Ragan
2 sessions
18 Apr 2020

Can't thank Jason enough for his follow-through mentoring on a recent project, couldn't have done it without his advice!

Kristel Tuul
1 session
13 Apr 2020

Jason is a really good listener and sparring partner. He helped me get answers to crucial growth mindset questions along with providing additional resources to focus on. Such a valuable 1 hour. I highly recommend him as a mentor.

Dan Ragan
2 sessions
8 Apr 2020

Jason was extremely generous with his time + provided incredibly valuable insight for a project I'm working on. His knowledge of conversion rate optimization is first-rate and am looking forward to consulting him on future projects.

Nicolas Deville
1 session
30 Jan 2020

Jason was great - even accommodating my scheduling mistake in a very friendly way! Discussing frustrations felt good, and we had an excellent exchange to progress my thinking around product-market fit, with actionable ideas that I will be testing. Very good mentoring session overall!

Tom Figiel
2 sessions
22 Jan 2020

Jason was more than helpful in not only providing relevant solutions to our team culture improvement but also followed up with a lengthy list of resources via email following the call.