CEO of GoSquared – focused on product and growth

London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)Englishfrom London, United Kingdom
Product management

Management of the GoSquared platform for 10+ years. Experience both managing product first-hand (ingesting feature requests, using data to inform decisions, understanding competitive landscape, and using instinct) to define product roadmap, and leading product management as a discipline within the team.

Content marketing

Led the content marketing efforts for GoSquared for over 10 years – writing 100+ blog posts on product design, growth, business, and more. Also extensive experience in lead generation, and overall content marketing strategy.

Design / UX

Over 10 years of first-hand experience designing and implementing SaaS products, marketing sites, user onboarding flows, and more. Primarily in B2B. Extensive knowledge of Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Marvel, and more.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

Use Trello extensively for project management at GoSquared to run our feature requests, our product roadmap, team weekly planning, and more. Also use on a personal basis for keeping my life in order.

over 10 years of experience

Have been using Wordpress for many years to run personal blogs and the core GoSquared Blog and Engineering Blog. Also knowledge of Wordpress ecosystem with our work at GoSquared on theme development, and our integration work to bring the GoSquared Wordpress plugin to life.

over 6 years of experience

Used Close.io at GoSquared for many years to manage email communication and sales pipeline for our sales deals. Using many features including reporting, and email templating and sequences.

over 10 years of experience

Use MailChimp on a weekly basis to send a weekly newsletter to 20,000 subscribers. Extensive knowledge of the MailChimp platform over many years to design and build emails, and on their API as integration partner for GoSquared.

over 6 years of experience

Using with 10s of thousands of contacts to run multiple drill campaigns based on user behaviour. Using Drip for onboarding sequences, lead capture on our blog, and retention emails.

London, United Kingdom
- present

Leading the team at GoSquared and setting vision, purpose, and strategy for everything we do to build the company.

Reviews (5)
Benjamin Webster
1 session
18 May 2021

Really great call with James last night. We organically found our way to shared ground and he shared some fantastic insights that are really valuable to my current user research strategies. Thanks James!

Laurence Benamran
1 session
5 Jun 2020

Very good and useful talk with James ! I'll definitively book other sessions :) !

Ali Alshehri
1 session
27 Apr 2020

Great talking to someone who has been in my situation before,,, I got a great insights. Best,

David Nguyen
1 session
17 Feb 2020

James is superb. His advices are very relevant and valuable. I definitely recommend him to other founders.

Tomasz Braja
1 session
31 Jan 2020

Great session! James is a great guy and we had a truly amazing founder2founder discussion.