Hugo Hamel

Growth Marketer specialized in Personalization Marketing

Montreal, Canada (-05:00 UTC)English, Frenchfrom Quebec, Canada
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Design / UX

I have helped several businesses to improve their UX and UI to decrease the friction in their product/market fit while tracking and improving their KPI metrics. When increasing conversion, for your website, landing page, funnels, signup flow, or else, the creation of hypotheses are based on heuristics, benchmarking & both quantitative and qualitative data. There is an endless number of experiments we can do to understand better your users, serve them better & increase your conversions.

Technology and Tools

I always let the data speak to answer marketing decisions. So, whether you're a B2B or a B2C business, I can help you solve your business challenges and goals through the right marketing and sales stacks. As a personalization marketing specialist my goal is to craft personalized experiences for your various audiences and implement analytics tracking to help you create an ecosystem where each paid advertising platform talks and shares data with each other.

Growth Hacking

Growth involves setting up a series of experiments based on hypotheses that are being A/B tested. Often companies do it without thinking about their audience. I can help you craft personalized experiences to promote your business, adapt your landing page for your buyer persona and see how to increase your users to customers conversion. I have worked with many businesses both in mentorship roles, to help them grow internally, and in full hands-on services.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Since I used to be a web developer, I have a technical background that helped me building many WordPress websites. I can help you out with it, and advise you if you have any questions.

over 3 years of experience

Hotjar is the perfect tool to have installed on your website to gather insights on your visitors. It will help you improve your UX and know how you can improve your conversions.

over 1 year of experience

Zapier is one of my best tool to have in your toolbox since it enables you to create integrated processes, connecting all your tools together. From automatically adding my new clients to my email list or sending a free gift to everyone that signs up Zapier can help you easily tie data and customer journeys together.

Google Tag Manager
over 5 years of experience

Google Tag Manager the perfect tool to allow you to make modifications to scripts without bothering any developer. I can help you with the tool itself as well as Data Layer to push custom data to Google Analytics.

over 1 year of experience

A good way to use it is to engage with prospects from a sales perspective, using automated bots to do most of the work. It's also used for customer success once a user is onboarded. I've configured and managed Intercom for chat messaging, inbound sales, and emails communications.

over 5 years of experience

I've been certified since I started using Google Ads. I've managed from 3 to 6 figures monthly marketing campaigns to target the right keywords used extentions to improve the visibility of the ads and drive better traffic and sales.

over 2 years of experience

I've used Facebook Ads from 3 to 6 figures monthly marketing campaigns and build funnels and growth strategies to better target the audience and drive better traffic and sales.

over 2 years of experience

I managed and run email marketing campaigns, created custom HTML/CSS email templates as well as using their visual builder and used RSS feed to create automated emails.

Google Webmaster Tools
over 5 years of experience

In addition to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools is not too complex to understand, but still worth setting it up to get extra data on your website.

Google Analytics
over 5 years of experience

Understanding Google Analytics is core to your start of the business and running it by default is good have a quick overview, but it becomes more powerful when you start to track events, goals, funnels and metrics.

Growth Hacker
Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a Canadian digital and print media company offering businesses comprehensive media solutions to meet their key marketing objectives and providing consumers with platforms to access reliable local business information. By helping local businesses foster stronger relationships with their consumers through its various media, Yellow Pages encourages the growth of thriving local economies

Chief Personalization Marketing Officer (CMO/CEO)
- present

At Enrich³, we're the only growth marketing agency specialized in personalization marketing. If you're not familiar with personalization, you might see it as only a nice to have marketing elements. The truth is, it's a domino effect that start with delivering personalized and contextual experiences, and ends with a higher conversion rate that directly impact your revenue.

Digital Agencies
B.A., Digital Marketing
Université Laval

Custom bachelor allowing the development of skills from various programs: • Marketing • Communication • Consumer science • Graphic design

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Sweety Shimal
1 session
6 May 2019

Has a concise understanding of the field and ensures that the mentee grasps everything. Is patient with questions and believes in keeping the sessions interactive.