Helen Peatfield

Conversion Copywriter

Suratthani, Thailand (+07:00 UTC)from Kent, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Not sure if your site, landing pages, or emails are really sellin' it? I'm a bottom-feeder. Nope, not like the funny little suckerfish in your fish tank. More like a copy chef, feeding your visitors irresistible bottom-of-funnel content. Or what I like to call, The Business End of your content strategy: The Booty Shaker. The Money Maker. This is my bread and butter. But on GrowthMentor, I'll give you real insights & action points without having to hire me for the whole ($$$$) shebang.

Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion copywriting is 80% research and analysis and only 20% words-on-screens. I'll help you dig into the key conversion and drop off points in your funnel, on your website, even on a 'simple' landing page. CRO sounds terribly complicated, but I'm here to help you find the high-priorities and dig into the data so you get maximum uplift for your efforts.

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

I had a stint where I managed multiple accounts for multiple clients. If you're not sure which SMM tool is right for you, or if Buffer is giving you a hard time, let me know and we'll figure it out together.

over 3 years of experience

Please, please let me analyse your heatmaps and user recordings. I know how many people set it up and don't know what do do next. This is one of the most powerful tools for any conversion optimisation challenge. But it doesn't help one jot if you don't know how to interpret the data. Don't worry, you are in the majority if this is you. And I'd love to help you get the most out of HotJar so you start optimising for growth.

over 3 years of experience

Trello boards, project management and organisation tools are my love language. If you're stuck choo9sing the right tool for your project management, give me a shout. I've tried all the tools you've heard of and more. I can help you find the right one for your use case.

Google Analytics
over 6 years of experience

Not sure where to look amidst all those impressive charts and dashboards? I can help you figure out where your visitors are coming from, where they disappear to and what's happening in their minds when they search for you organically.

over 3 years of experience

Need help figuring out how and when to use ManyChat in your sales process? I've set it up for friends and written chat copy for clients. I can help you get started with setup or figuring out a chatbot strategy.

over 5 years of experience

Not sure how to get started with Moz? I wasn't either when I first tried it. If you need help getting to grips with SEO, this is a great tool to get you off the blocks. Let me know if you need a hand.

over 3 years of experience

Struggling with Hubspot? I use this as my own CRM. If you need a hand getting the most out of the basic version, let me know. I might be able to get you unstuck.

over 5 years of experience

I've dabbled with MailChimp for my own business and for a charity I worked with. If you need a hand with the basics, I can give you a steer. After all, it's no good having great email copy if nobody gets to see it. If you're stuck, let me know how I can help.

Reviews (19)
1 session
4 Mar 2021

Helen was fantastic and really great at sharing her tips on zooming in on audience needs and engaging with them. Will be booking more sessions with Helen :)

Sophia Benhaddou
1 session
2 Mar 2021

I'm amazed by the scope we covered during our session. Helen provided me both with actionable insights to implement today on my home page, as well as food for thoughts to write better copy in the mid-term. She understood immediately the challenges I was facing in my industry and showed me ways to differentiate my messaging. She showed up prepared and made sure that the session is recorded so that I can watch it again later. Her enthusiasm and encouraging feedback added this little extra that makes a true mentor.

Isabel Ruiz
1 session
22 Jan 2021

Helen was such an amazing sounding board. I got so many insights now it is on me to implement them! I was really happy that I joined GrowthMentor and that Helen is part of this community. Thank you!

Oskar Söderlund
1 session
21 Jan 2021

Just saved me... probably 100 hours of research. Thanks Helen!!! Very fun chatting with you :-)

Peter Antonov
1 session
8 Jan 2021

I was waiting until 2 AM for this call and it was so worth it! I'll do it again in an instant even at 3 AM lol! More specifically, Helen gave me over 10 (if not more!) actionable specific suggestions which I'm extremely excited to put into action. And she's just an all-around amazing person! Such a pleasant personality with a rare and unique perspective! If you consider the paid consultation or services, you WILL have an ROI!

1 session
13 Nov 2020

Helen was incredibly helpful! She reviewed the copy I wrote for an upcoming product launch and gave me actionable feedback. She's really sharp and was able to identify potential objections that I hadn't addressed. I'm going to implement some of the tweaks she suggested right away. Such a positive experience. Thanks!

Supriya Agarwal
1 session
6 Nov 2020

Helen was great and immediately helped me with a new perspective which I am going to implement soon! Thanks Helen, it was great chatting with you and I look forward to more conversations :-) Cheers!

Bharath Madhiraju
1 session
26 Oct 2020

Good session. Will be implementing a few of the suggestions on my site.

Andrew Figari
2 sessions
23 Oct 2020

Helen was wonderful. Very productive time with her. She took the reigns and really cared about helping. She asked questions, tried to understand as best possible the context from my perspective. I felt completely comfortable talking to her and left the meeting with a bunch of useful takeaways. She told me I could reach out to her again in the future and do not doubt that I will. 100% recommend!

Stéphane Recouvreur
1 session
16 Oct 2020

Helen has been fantastic, sharing great insights about my company's homepage. Very knowledgeable about copywriting, CRO and what goes through your user's mind when looking at your website. I ended the session with a page full of notes and plenty of actionable.

Nadiia Shevelieva
1 session
5 Oct 2020

Thanks for advice on the website copy improvements!

Simo Elalj
1 session
2 Oct 2020

Helen have an ease with focuing on the essential when it comes to copywriting. Thanks!

scott flear
1 session
1 Oct 2020

Blown away at the value I got from this call. I've literally paid £1000s to attend courses and coaching before but none delivered the amount of value I had compared to this call. Which is FREE (exc cost of membership here of course) Very excited to get working on my list of to-dos from the call and seeing what happens. A must-have call for everyone. Thanks Helen!

Lotta Klimmasch
2 sessions
24 Sep 2020

I've had two calls with Helen going through our website copy. Her feedback and suggestions have been very valuable, and helped us seen things differently from an outside perspective. It's been great to get her expert opinion on our content! I can definitely recommend Helen, she is very professional and provides valuable insights :)

Nathalie Nayman
1 session
12 Sep 2020

Helen is an absolute rockstar! In addition to giving some great copywriting and strategy tips - even when subject is very niche - she is the warmest and the most approachable person I have ever met!

Walter Scalzone
1 session
10 Sep 2020

Friendy and prepared! Helen advised to create different sales page for the different audiences I am advertising too, giving insights about the different copy. We agreed on a clear path to follow, will definitely followed up! :)

Rob Turlinckx
1 session
8 Sep 2020

Helen took the time to review the homepage prior to our call. She was well prepared and asked to right questions to reveal some great insights. Helen's fresh perspective on the copy was extremely valuable and gave me lots of ideas to implement and test.

Andrew Kamphey
1 session
1 Sep 2020

Helen was incredibly prepared. From the first minute we were going straight through the copy. Her frameworks and understanding of copy helped get me unstuck. Appreciated the focus and attention she had on the customer and what they said. It was a refreshing way to discuss the copy problem. Instead of a writing problem, it was a human problem, which we can all relate to. It wa a joy to talk with her.

Phani Kumar Yadavilli
1 session
7 Aug 2020

The mentor has been very knowledgeable. She was patiently listening to me and gave lot of insights about what could be right or what coul be better. Thoroughly enjoyed and glad to interact.