Harri Thomas


Portland, OR, United States of America (-08:00 UTC)from Melbourne, Australia

Keeping things lean and mean was the name of the game for the first 2.5 years of Respondent's life. As non technical co-founders, my colleague and I found ways to: - string together off-the-shelf products to test hypotheses - find low cost resources to fill gaps while we focused on sales - prioritize and strip back all non-essentials I'd be happy to share the journey and provide some ideas about ways you can do more with less.

Growth Hacking

Data, data, data. It's all growth comes down to. Focusing on collecting information from customers and potential customers, and prioritizing BI tools early in your companies trajectory will help you avoid some of the early pitfalls we encountered at Respondent. Always love to chat about data!

Advice on Funding

Respondent has raised 3 rounds of capital to date. By waiting to raise on our own terms, and with a clear idea about what we wanted out of a raise, Respondent was able to turn down a term sheet from a premier NY based VC fund - in favor of much more founder favorable terms elsewhere. I'd be happy to share my funding philosophy, and things to look out for as you begin the journey to accelerate your companies growth.

Product Market Fit

My background is in market research and marketing strategy. This stood me in good stead to take an insights driven approach to finding product market fit for Respondent. I'm of the strong opinion there's no better way to find product market fit than to speak with customers and potential customers. To get the most out of these conversations, a solid research plan is needed. This is where I can help!

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

We used LinkedIn to kick start both sides of our marketplace - recruiting research participants to fill study opportunities, and to find early customers willing to give our product a shot.

- present

Respondent is a two sided marketplace that connects researchers with research participants. Our customers include companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Airbnb and many more.

Insights Professional
New York, United States of America

• Founding employee of transatlantic consultancy • Helped grow the two person business in the U.S to $600k+ revenue in year one

Digital Agencies
Qualitative Researcher
Hall & Partners
New York, United States of America

Spear headed the strategic growth of Hall & Partners qualitative digital research offering in the U.S • Collaborated with developers in the UK to help build H&P's proprietary digital platform into a best in class research tool • Worked as a qualitative researcher across the travel, FMCG, technology and financial industries

Digital Agencies
Bachelor of Commerce
University of Melbourne

Majored in Marketing & Finance

Bachelor of Business (Honors)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Majored in Marketing

Reviews (6)
Matt Dodgson
1 session
25 Jan 2020

Harri gave me some sound advice. He quickly understood our business and was able to ask some great questions to get to the heart of the issue, which helped uncover some great solutions.

Greg Weinstein
1 session
25 Jan 2020

If you want straight, practical, and spot-on guidance from someone who's been there and done that.. then Harri is definitely your guy. Talking with him is like getting 10 years of startup wisdom in a concentrated 30-minute dose. Come ready to take notes because you're going to want to capture everything he tells you.

Andrew Amedu
1 session
12 Jan 2020

Harri was very kind. During our call, he gave me several ideas on how to solve the challenges I had with my business and went further to send me a lengthy email with detailed advice. Looking forward to speaking with him again!

1 session
8 Jan 2020

Harri did a great job of questioning my assumptions so I can get maximum value from the software products I create.

Masood Raza
1 session
5 Nov 2019

My session with Harri was excellent. He took the time to learn about my business model and market before giving any advice. He offered recommendations based on his experience but also an objective analysis of where he thinks we should adjust our thinking. The biggest takeaway, was that he helped me reign in our roadmap and realign our milestones based on the metrics that should matter, like getting active users and our first dollar of revenue in the door. Our call was only 30 min, but was packed with so many insights. If I were to read or scour Youtube for the same advice it may have taken hours. 5/5 experience overall. Highly recommended.

Kristjan Kristjansson
1 session
10 Oct 2019

Harri is friendly, professional, knowledgable with real insights into how he grew his own business, that might also apply to yours. Highly recommend him, and look forward to continue our dialogues moving forward.