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Halifax, Canada (-04:00 UTC)Spanish, Englishfrom Bogota, Colombia
Venting Frustration

We all need to vent to someone. We need them not only to listen and understand us, but to know when and how they can push us to get over it to learn and be better. I won't know you personally but my intention will be to give you the advice I've gotten in many situations in life from family, friends, and my own mentors.

Content Marketing

In this day an age content it not recommended – it is necessary. Customers don't wait for you to educate them on your solution, they take the initiate and learn in their own terms even before becoming a lead. The most important thing to consider when doing content marketing is your potential customer – you need to truly understand them to be able to be relevant. I specialize in using quantitative and qualitative data to understand consumers, and can help you do the same.

Outbound Marketing

Digital Advertising is one of the most efficient and immediate ways of driving qualified traffic to your website – I specialize in running and optimizing campaigns and landing pages to help you get the most out of them. I look at things with two very different lenses. The first one is a strategic one – a high level view to understand where you are going and how you plan on getting there. The second one is tactical – zoom into the nitty gritty data to maximize your efforts.

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

With FB ads you can easily set up a basic campaign, but if you want best results you should be getting micro targeted – understand your audiences better and what message (value proposition) resonates better with them.

Google Analytics
5 years of experience

Your website is the gateway to your business being successful online. If you don't know how it is performing or how to improve it you might be doomed. I am in this tool on a daily basis improving and optimizing businesses.

Google Data Studio
4 years of experience

Too much data can be confusing and overwhelming – Which is why outputting the right data into a dashboard can save you some stress (and drive better business decisions)

Senior Data & Insights Strategist
Verb Interactive
- present

• Leading the integration process between data and strategy to connect brands to their consumer needs • Ensuring proper measurement to enable ongoing optimization and improvement. • Uncover actionable insights to understand audience’s interests and online behaviors based on quantitative and qualitative data. • Managing and supporting digital analyst team

Digital Agencies
Digital Strategist
Trampoline Branding
Halifax, Canada

As a digital strategist I use quantitative and qualitative data to uncover actionable insights to understand our audience’s interests and online behaviors. Leveraging that data, I develop integrated marketing strategies that connect digital, social, mobile, email, as well as traditional efforts. The process can be different with any project but commonly starts by understanding their business, developing customer personas, and doing a GAP analysis. With that we can identifying unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges that can be solved or improved upon.

Digital Agencies
Bachelor of Commerce
Saint Mary's University

Graduated with a double major in Marketing and Economics

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Reviews (3)
Pratik Renuse
1 session
16 Dec 2019

Enrique was very helpful and instantly could see where the biggest gaps were in what I presented. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and would definitely recommend him

sudarshan ashok kumar
1 session
12 Aug 2019

Enrique is very knowledgable in marketing especially with facebook ad campaigns optimizing them for success. My call with Enrique was filled with so many valuable insights and I felt like it was a couple hours of discussion but it was actually just one!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
24 Feb 2019

Super experienced at Facebook ads. Went through my campaign using screenshare and Enrique gave me loads of pointers on how I could optimize my campaigns.