Elad Shmilovich

VP Marketing @Splitty | Co-founder @Joonko (Techstars '16) | Startup Mentor @Techstars & WeWork Labs

Tel Aviv, Israel (+02:00 UTC)English, Hebrewfrom Tel Aviv, Israel
Product market fit

Validation is key to everything you build. As a startup mentor, I helped over 25 companies to define, strategize, execute, and achieve PMF. It can take 3 months, or 3 years, so you need to have stamina and persistence.

Venting frustration

Being an entrepreneur or a marketer is living in a roller coaster, that goes down most of the time. It's hard and it's exhausting. If you need to get it out of your system - let's talk.


Outbound marketing is an amazing tool, that goes beyond just "sales". It's an early-stage startup best friend. It's a validation tool. It's an awareness boost. It's a relationship builder. It's a must.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

Master Zapier isn't really a hard thing to achieve. The best tool to make things work without any dev resources. Being using it at any company I've been, either early-stage startup or 600-employee unicorn.

Reviews (3)
Joseph Pigato
1 session
5 Oct 2020

Phenomenally helpful. Incisively looked at what some of my current plans and ideas, and shared what he thought would be a much better use of my time and money. I think a lot of his ideas were spot on and it probably is going to not only save a lot of critical time and money but greatly improve results of upcoming marketing and launch plans. Extremely(!) glad to have talked to Elad today. One of those hour-long chats that are going to have a major impact on strategy and success.

Andrew Kamphey
1 session
1 Oct 2020

Elad was a wonderful person to talk with. His hardline approach was exactly what I needed in the moment. His advice and clear thinking led to great breakthrough thoughts.

Arshia K
1 session
31 Aug 2020

It was a pleasure talking to Elad. We have a lot of similar interests and he provided great insight into my projects! Looking forward to the next call!