Edwin Abl

Chief Marketing Officer

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+00:00 UTC)from London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
$80 / hour
Content Marketing

10+ years experience managing content teams, bootstrapping content marketing execution and gated content best practice. I have developed content from scratch to scaling content teams across Europe, Asia and U.S. regions.

Public Relations

10+ years experience international SaaS PR and brand development. PR agency management, analyst relations and influencer management. Able to provide advice on best practice, how to create a horizontal brand position and layering into content marketing.

Technology and Tools

Deep expertise in tools and products that fit to your technology stack - from collaboration, sales, marketing, outbound and automation. Designed, architected and delivered technology roadmaps.

Mindset Coaching

Back in 2014, I had a vision to help members of my team learn something new every day. I cared about changing their mindset, motivation and drive. At first, these were sent by email each morning at 6am - now updated each Sunday at 17.30 GMT. Designed for leaders who don't have the time to find the best sales and marketing advice, in addition to motivational, useful and actionable articles (based on my experience of managing sales, marketing and sales development teams).

Outbound Marketing

Over 10+ years experience in Outbound Sales and B2B Demand Generation. My specific expertise is building a marketing/sales strategy for scaling revenue generation. I'll provide valuable ideas around process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.

Mentor Toolkit
over 13 years of experience

Build your audience and grow your brand on social media Plan, collaborate, and publish thumb-stopping content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for your brand.

over 10 years of experience

Build an empowered, efficient sales team that drives revenue. Turn more contacts into customers. Customise your dashboards, integrate your existing tools and automate repetitive tasks to seamlessly manage your sales cycle.

over 5 years of experience

Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

over 17 years of experience

All your marketing needs in one place Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform.

over 8 years of experience

Take your work to the next level. Plan better projects, track what’s important to your team, and get everyone on the same page—so you can produce better work, faster.

Chief Marketing Officer
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

CMO at Modulr, part of Blenheim Chalcot, UK's leading venture builder and offices in London, San Francisco, New York and Mumbai. Moved across from another portfolio venture Hive Learning to build marketing function and processes. Modulr is the new integrated payment service for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. Modulr's API and platform delivers automated pay outs, simplified pay ins and the ability to launch new payment services across employment services, payroll, accounting platforms, lending, fintech, travel, and more. Our developer portal and sandbox is loved by developers - find out more at www.modulrfinance.com

Fin Tech
Reviews (14)
Reza Saeedi
1 session
24 Aug 2020

I had a great session with Ed, which we used to discuss PR strategies for our upcoming launch. Ed provided some good feedback on what we've already put in place, and shared some alternative approaches for us to consider.

Alicia Burke
1 session
15 Apr 2020

Great chat with Edwin - he gave me a useful framework and strategies to approach prioritising and managing PR initiatives specific to my current situation. It was also useful to get further validation to help comms with internal stakeholders. Thanks for taking the time!

Niels Zee
1 session
15 Apr 2020

Edwin gave me TONS of insights about the B2B space that I never heard before. He helped my getting the value proposition straight, gave advice on how to launch a webinar and tons of got to knows about PR, budgets and how people in the B2B space think. Thanks a lot!

Hector Sepulveda
1 session
11 Mar 2020

Edwin is an expert in outbound sales strategy. I was kind of lost on where to start my own strategy and he was able to guide me in less than 45 minutes into some of the key steps of my outbound lead generation and automated outbound email sequences. Great attitude, positive vibes!

Ayhan K. Isaacs
2 sessions
13 Feb 2020

Ed and I spoke about various marketing tactics for service-based businesses. Also how to get buy-in from leadership around new marketing programs/initiatives. He is just a great guy overall - very empathetic and goes the extra mile to ensure you are set up for success.

Ayhan K. Isaacs
2 sessions
21 Nov 2019

It was great speaking to Edwin. He was able to quickly understand my role and give some solid advice on some of the current challenges I am facing. He understands outbound structures and frameworks really well. Book a time with him if you want to modernize your demand gen playbook!

Liam Boogar-Azoulay
1 session
2 Aug 2019

Edwin was super helpful for me in my new role. His industry experience as well as his knowledge of the UK & US Market kicked off several internal conversations with executives.

Tarik Qahawish
1 session
7 Jul 2019

Edwin was super helpful. He helped me zoom into the problem quickly and offered valuable ideas on how to solve it. Thanks for your time and advice.

Julien Roy
1 session
21 May 2019

Thanks for your help.

Richard Sains
1 session
15 Mar 2019

Great session, understood the issues and offered some practical advice and suggestions which were helpful and also potential issues with areas of my approach.

Stefano Chiodino
1 session
4 Feb 2019

Ed has been so nice and clear. He provided me with precious high-level knowledge and would love to get in touch again if I was starting something else in the future!

Corey Hubbard
1 session
24 Jan 2019

Edwin was very easy to interview and talk to. He was attentive, insightful, and gave honest answers. I look forward to speaking with regarding growth hacks in the near future. I would recommend Edwin to everyone in my network. GoodStuff🎉

1 session
17 Jan 2019

Edwin was immediately able to put himself in my shoes and try to understand the challenges that I wanted to discuss with a fresh perspective that frankly hit the nail on its head. His advice was clear, concise and actionable - and I'm really looking forward to putting what we've discussed to the test! Thanks for the help Edwin :)

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
15 Jan 2019

Amazing mentor. He has the type of C-level marketing experience that comes in extremely useful when trying to come up with business development strategies for post traction monetization.