Dmitry Vedenyapin

Head of Engineering/CTO

Singapore, Singapore (+08:00 UTC)English, Russianfrom Moscow, Russian Federation
Mindset coaching

The mindset is a key: I have years of experience working with founders and CEO setting the right product and software engineering culture to ensure fast experimentation and lean processes, teams.


I have been bootstrapping most of my projects, saving money on software engineering, and tools. Did you know that there is a free alternative for almost anything?

Technology and tools

13+ years of experience building software solutions from startups to large enterprises. Core foundation you put today is the key to ensure you application is scalable and ready for exponential growth

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Multi-purpose language with a big community and lots of ready to use libraries. The best application is data science using Jupiter notebooks and quickly mocking the backends.

over 3 years of experience

One of my teams were using Wrike for product management and we set it up for reporting across multiple teams: OPS, tech, product. There are challenges and limitations, but it's possible to configure wrike in a right way.

over 18 years of experience

I've been using MySQL in my applications for the last 17 years. Will be able to help with writing SQL queries and setting up a cloud server. The key is to use it for the right data!

Asia School of Business with MIT SLOAN

Learnt about business, started blockchain community and bootstrapped two startups.

Volgograd Technical State University

PhD in Artificial Intelligence

Reviews (4)
Victor Metelskiy
1 session
7 Feb 2021

Dmitry was super helpful, and gave me some actionable tips regarding my app. He did not only gave me technical advice, but also helped to look at my problem from product point of view, and recommended me a super quick workaround to solve my problem, and a longer-term solid solution.

Lucy Walker
2 sessions
22 Jan 2021

My second session with Dmitry. Really appreciate his depth of experience and he has left me with some key things to confirm before I can progress. Thanks again!

Lucy Walker
2 sessions
15 Oct 2020

It was hugely reassuring to know our approach to tech is the same Dmitry would recommend. Thanks so much for your insights!

Michael Taylor
1 session
3 Aug 2020

Dmitry was extremely generous with his time and is doing some large scale technical work I could only dream of! Despite operating on a whole other level, he could still break it down to my level and give good advice on the tech stack I needed to work on growth engineering tasks.