David Henzel

Change Agent

Bodrum, Turkey (+03:00 UTC)English, Germanfrom Wiesbaden, Germany
$99 / hour

Generating organic traffic was always a key success component of all businesses that I have started. Getting backlinks is not black magic. It's all about creating win win win situations :)

Mindset coaching

Mindset is everything and your habits determine everything in your life. Whether you are successful or broke, healthy or sick, happy or unhappy... It all depends on the habits that you form. I have done executive and founder coaching for many years.

Advice on funding

In the last 20 years, I have bootstrapped and sold several businesses. The best advice I can give you is in relation to building remote teams, company culture, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and Marketing Strategy


My current business provides sales development as a service (Lead Researchers, Sales Development Reps (SDR) and LIve chat agents) We specialize in B2B outreach.

Mentor Toolkit
over 12 years of experience

We have been using Salesforce and Pipedrive and Salesflare in the business that I have operated. I'm not a Salesforce wizard by any means. I just picked this because I had to pick a software during the setup of the growthmentor account :)

Reviews (6)
1 session
13 Jul 2019

David was an absolutely stellar mentor. I came to him wanting to talk about SEO and content marketing. David quickly steered the conversation into partnerships as a traction channel. He also got me thinking again about the desired outcome and how to best align my marketing with that. Thank you for an inspiring session, David. 10/10, would recommend :-)

Henry Hernandez 👍
1 session
8 May 2019

David is excellent. I truly appreciate him taking the time to speak with me regarding my next big steps. He was able to point me in the right direction with a few topics. Thanks David. I'll be back!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
2 sessions
24 Apr 2019

David is a consummate gentleman. Super friendly and happy to help in any way he can. I wanted advice on hiring tips, job roles, and was curious to hear how he felt about remote teams. Awesome call.

Daniil Kopilevych
1 session
24 Apr 2019

Had a great time speaking with David! He was very kind not only to answer my questions but also connect me with other professionals in the space to collaborate with.

Sierra Stanton
1 session
28 Mar 2019

From the start, I knew speaking with David would be a fun time. He had just finished his company's 100 push up challenge, but was fired up and ready to chat. We spoke quite a bit about EOS and how he has implemented the framework with his team. I found his feedback on scaling a team and his tried and true stories both helpful and interesting. I'm eager to get his feedback moving forward when I implement the tactics we discussed.

Jason Quey
1 session
20 Mar 2019

David provided a lot of excellent feedback and greatly shaped my pricing structure.