Daphne Tideman

Head of Growth

London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)Dutch, Englishfrom Rotterdam, Netherlands
Conversion rate optimisation

I've been working on CRO next to other areas of growth for the last four years and when done correctly, it never disappoints with its impact. I'm happy to walk through everything from getting started with CRO to conducting good research (80% of CRO is research) to improving your win rate.

Remote work

I've worked remote the last year so whilst I don't have a huge amount of experience I've learnt a lot along the way so always happy to share ideas and brainstorm around challenges.

Growth marketing

I'm an all round growth marketer so I'm always happy to talk more general growth strategy and process with a strong bias towards making things practical and actionable.

Idea validation

It can be hard knowing whether your idea is the right one, especially as you are so close to your idea. I'm always happy to take a step back with you and look at what stage your idea is in and how to best validate it. There are a few common pitfalls to watch out for when validating your idea based on my experience so I'll help you avoid those too.

Product market fit

Finding Product Market Fit is hard. When I started at RockBoost and Heights they both didn't have product-market fit and I've also had multiple consulting clients without PMF (those are tough conversations!). I'm happy to help you figure out what your riskiest assumption is, how to go around finding PMF and also managing stakeholders perception of growth whilst finding PMF.

User research

I'm not a researcher, but I am constantly learning from our customers. I love MVP research setups from interviewing, to forum mining so that you are constantly learning from the end user. We even have an internal podcast with all our customer interviews to make sure everyone is constantly listening to the end user.

Building a team

I built and had a team of 15 growth hackers at RockBoost, right now I'm building the growth team at Heights. I've had a lot of learnings and made a lot of mistakes whilst hiring that I'm happy to share to save you learning it all the hard way.

Mindset coaching

Growth is at least 90% mindset. I love identifying small mindset changes that will help you or your team members further, e.g. seeing failures more as learnings, 80/20 rule, getting things live faster, testing smaller, etc. If you want to talk about imposter syndrome feel free to reach out, I've struggled with it (and still do at times), so know how hard it can be.

Venting frustration

Having worked with start ups to corporates I know how frustrating growth can be at time. Feel free to vent and get advice on dealing with stakeholder overload, lack of focus, silos between departments, etc.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics Experiments
over 3 years of experience

We use Google Optimise for our experiments and I believe it is a good platform to start with but has its limitations. We can always walk through everything from should you start testing, is it the right tool for you and the limitations to keep in mind.

over 6 years of experience

I've used Facebook for a multitude of clients as a consultant and for Heights where I work now. We've tripled the number of customers via Facebook through a few key changes which I can share and you can test for your business.

over 3 years of experience

I've used Semrush at both RockBoost and Heights. I definitely know how to read a site audit, keyword research, do competitor and backlink analysis but also feel like I'm still learning the more in-depth reports.

over 5 years of experience

Hotjar is honestly amazing and most businesses don't use it enough. We can talk through everything from setting it up to how to use the insights from it and how to combine it with other data sources to build stronger hypotheses.

Google Analytics
over 6 years of experience

I've used GA since 2015, we use it less at Heights (we switched to Heap) but I still know the platform well and use it on a weekly basis. I'm happy to talk about how to set it up for success as well as custom reports that are interesting to look at (depending on your industry).

Head of Growth
- present

- Run and manage the growth process - Define and work on the growth strategy together with the growth team - Hands on responsible for paid campaigns, e-mail and content strategy

Head of Growth Consultancy

- Responsible for our consultancy team, which consists of fourteen extremely driven individuals - Ensure all clients across the various teams are happy and growing fast - Manage a portfolio consisting of our larger corporate clients - Giving one or two-day workshops to companies

Finance and Investments (Master's degree)
Rotterdam School of Business

Elective: Creativity in Innovation

International Business Administration (Bachelor)
Rotterdam School of Business

Grade: 8.0 / 10.00 Semester abroad: University of Southern California

Growth Marketing Specialist

- Everything from Acquisition to Retention to Referral

Advanced Growth Strategy

- How to build micro and macro loops - How to implement a qualitative and quantitative growth model for your business

Reviews (4)
Francesca Cadhit
1 session
15 Jun 2021

Great help, provided useful resources to explore beyond the session, seemed genuinely interested in the issues I expressed!

Harry Edmeades
1 session
15 Jun 2021

A great 30-minute call with Daphne, very knowledgeable and insightful, and tonnes of advice for the next steps to take. She also shared some useful links and articles - highly recommended!

Viktoria Bacher
1 session
11 Jun 2021

I had an amazing session with Daphne. She gave me so many great actionable tips, ideas and sent me additional resources - I'm looking forward to implementing them all. @Daphne: Thank you so much again!

Ben G
1 session
10 Jun 2021

Daphne was very helpful in our user test session and shared some great insights. She was very patient and helped us beyond the scheduled time. I highly recommend her.