Daniil Kopilevych

Growth Marketer

Kiev, Ukraine (+02:00 UTC)Englishfrom Kiev, Ukraine
Customer Success

I'm working on a customer communication/success/support/service software, so happy to advise on the best strategies to help you: - improve your customer success game overall - increase retention, revenue, referral and reviews

Content Marketing

If you're a relatively small/young company, you need to focus on producing decision-stage content first to quickly acquire competitor's customers as they're the optimal source of leads for you at the start. I'll show why and how to do that.

Outbound Marketing

I performed hundreds of outbound campaigns to close dozens of $10K+ deals. I can help you: - choose the optimal target audience - get your target audience's data quickly - create the best message - advise on outreach software to use

Growth Hacking

I perceive growth hacking not as a separate discipline. Growth hacking is a state of mind which helps you do all your standard marketing activities more effectively keeping in mind limited resources and unlimited growth potential.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
4 years of experience

I'm using Google Analytics on a daily basis. Although, I'm not a heavy user and prefer to rely on our admin analytics, if you have any questions regarding GA, I'll try to help.

3 years of experience

I've used Intercom for some time previously and now working at a company that develops an Intercom alternative. Happy to help you with any questions regarding Intercom, its functionality etc.

3 years of experience

Quora is a fantastic platform for both free and paid customer acquisition tactics. I can advise you on the most optimal Quora strategies to acquire more users.

5 years of experience

Have been using Hubspot's free CRM at 4 different companies mostly for contact base storage&management, setting up sales processes and funnels. It's free product is great for basic stuff

Growth Marketing Manager
Kyiv, Ukraine
- present

Growing the best customer communication platform 🚀 Overall growth marketing strategy Content marketing strategy Partnerships Outbound sales

Marketing Manager
Relevant Software
Lviv, Ukraine

Created a Marketing Strategy from scratch Launched a Blog Hired and managed a team of copywriters Leading a Website redesign to reflect the company's new USP and service offerings Managing a project team of designers, front-end developers, and QAs Managing Clutch, Medium, and Social Media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.) Continually developing a content plan and preparing tasks for copywriters Actively distributing content on various platforms Preparing marketing materials Analysis and reporting to the CEO

Digital Agencies
Business development
EL Passion
Warsaw, Poland

Lead generation via Outreach campaigns and on networking events Creating a company’s presentation folders Account Management Copywriting, Content Marketing, Quora and Clutch marketing Project Management

Digital Agencies
Challenge Me
Challenge Me
Nov 2018 - present

Working on a startup mobile app to help people actually achieve their goals

Reviews (30)
Foti Panagiotakopoulos
2 sessions
21 Jan 2020

So I'm starting a new outbound prospecting campaign this week and was thinking, "hey, let me get a second opinion on my sequence from Daniil before I press start." Good thing I did because he spotted around a dozen things that I missed that could be optimized. Daniil prefers shorter more direct cold outreach emails, which is perfect, because I have the tendency to write too much. Feel like your outbound emails are too wordy? Have a chat with Daniil, he'll help sort you out ;)

Vlad Calus
1 session
14 Jan 2020

Daniil is a super awesome marketer and it was a pleasure talking with him.

Sheldon Chi
1 session
7 Jan 2020

This was my first session with Daniil. He gave me some pointers on what to do first.

Tomasz Braja
1 session
7 Jan 2020

My call with Daniil was very valuable - I got a lot of useful comments on my content.

1 session
27 Dec 2019

Daniil showed his depth of experience by giving me ground-level, actionable advice on tactics to help grow my B2B SaaS business.

Stephanie Houng
2 sessions
10 Dec 2019

You can tell. Daniil is on Growth Mentor because he genuinely wants to help startups with Growth Marketing. Daniil gave me wonderful advice on how to grow my startup and he even followed up with case studies, resources, and examples that I can follow. I didn't have a chance to leave a review for him since our first call, (and he never asked for a review), yet he's always continuing to give me advice whenever I message him on Skype. Truly a gem on this platform. I highly recommend scheduling a session with him.

Lindsey Allard
1 session
29 Nov 2019

My session with Daniil was the best session I've had with Growth Mentor so far! He gave us awesome actionable insights that we were able to implement quickly.

MJ Amartaivan
1 session
12 Nov 2019

Daniil is really a great and wise guy and helped me a lot with practical tips about onboarding and marketing in general. Looking forward to chatting with him again soon.

Jacob Elbaum
2 sessions
7 Nov 2019

Speaking with Daniil was an absolute pleasure! Great guy, lots of knowledge, and useful input. He stayed very focused on answering my questions and looking at the specific things I asked him about and needed help in. Moreover, you could tell that he has lots of industry expertise in growth hacking and conversion rate optimization as some of his suggestions just simply 'made sense'. Thank you Daniil! :) Hope to book you again very soon!

Kacper Staniul
1 session
15 Oct 2019

We had a very productive session on SaaS content strategy. Daniil provided me with some actionable advice and answered all my questions thoroughly. I'd recommend him to anyone having content-related questions!

Anna Pogrebniak
2 sessions
4 Oct 2019

Great session and great ideas!

Anmol Jain
1 session
30 Sep 2019

He is amazing. Although the problem I was hoping for was not solved but it was an amazing brainstorming session.

Anna Pogrebniak
2 sessions
5 Sep 2019

Daniil is a very knowledgeable marketer and has amazing ideas on how to find new approaches to your existing marketing activities. We've had a great discussion on how to growth hack our startup and brainstormed new channels and ways to attract customers.

Matthew Henshall
1 session
5 Sep 2019

Thank you for your insight and recommendations Daniil!

Saket Bhushan
1 session
28 Aug 2019

Daniil was super friendly, patient, heard me carefully, and answered all of them one by one. Happy to have picked his brains. Thanks mate!

Dima Gurucan
2 sessions
21 Aug 2019

Informative & resultative session, covered needed specifics, great & honest feedback on our product. It was definitely one of the best mentor sessions experienced. Amazing to have such expert available for mentoring.

Gabriel Bujold
1 session
7 Aug 2019

Daniil was really great and was able to share his fair opinion on my issues while suggesting actionable strategies to solve them.

Abhishek Ekbote
1 session
2 Aug 2019

Daniil is very accomodating. He understood that we were just starting up and offered solid advice on how to go about outbound marketing. The discussion was very constructive and he offered me very specific action items & tips on what not to do. I found it critically super important for us at this stage.

Adam Loke
1 session
17 Jul 2019

I highly recommend Daniil, after a good session about B2B SaaS marketing. He listened to all I had to say about my specific situation and then came up with great ideas and suggestions. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Kumar Ritesh
1 session
26 Jun 2019

Although the connection was weak from my side. Daniil was patient and made sure that my questions get answered. He is humble and knows what he is talking about. Overall, an awesome experience.

Raghav Arora
1 session
29 May 2019

Very friendly and helpful.

Meet Chopra
1 session
15 May 2019

He answered all my questions with an actionable tips. A very nice mentor for growth and marketing

Alex Teddi
1 session
25 Apr 2019

Interesting tools and ideas.

Jan Kuzel
1 session
22 Apr 2019

I had an awesome mentoring session with Daniil about B2B SaaS marketing. He patiently listened to all I had to say about my specific situation and then came up with many great suggestions. Now I feel like I have a much better direction in terms of the marketing priorities.

Tetiana Kutsa
1 session
28 Mar 2019

Daniil is a very supportive mentor. He does his best to understand the core of the problem and to help to find the best solution in each particular case. Glad to had a chance chatting with Daniil.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
2 sessions
2 Mar 2019

I asked Daniil to do a walk-through of a landing page I'm creating and give real-time feedback via screenshare. He pointed out a handful of things I totally missed! Great call!

Angelo Sorbello
1 session
21 Feb 2019

Daniil has been very helpful. He replied to my questions throughfully and gave me a lot of valuable insights. Thanks!

Jonatan Snyders
1 session
13 Feb 2019

Daniil is a very skilled marketer that prepared our talk very well, and even spent more time than planned trying to explain everything to me. He had laid out an action plan of next steps to take. I definitely recommend him!

Andy Jones
1 session
1 Feb 2019

What an incredible session with Daniil! He took the time to research our online presence before the call and had prepared an incredible list of suggestions. Even with me throwing curve balls during, he was able to come up with innovative ideas on the spot. Super helpful, super knowledgeable and just a nice guy!! Would absolutely recommend!

Matthew Dewstowe
1 session
1 Feb 2019

I can't recommend Daniil enough. Incredibly knowledgeable with lots of interesting and useful insights into how startups can growth hack. I'll be booking again in a few weeks to review what I've done with him.