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Marketing Automation

A commonly misunderstood process, marketing automation can help you generate and convert leads at scale but can be a complicated process with so many tools and factors involved. Worry not; I am happy to guide you through the process based on my experience in developing marketing automation systems for B2B (and some B2C) enterprises and startups.


Search Engine Optimisation has proven to be one of the most effective methods for my brands and my clients. But the game has changed, no longer can you spam keywords and hope Google will index and rank your website. You now need to take a data-driven, carefully thought out approach accounting for Google's hundreds of ranking factors.

PPC Strategies

Big fan of PPC as a customer acquisition method due to flexibility and data availability. Focused mainly on FB/IG, Google, Taboola with some third party platforms as well.

Growth Hacking

Although I deeply dislike the phrase, my career has been focused on helping businesses grow through employing the scientific method to rapidly, cheaply and effectively identify growth techniques and strategies.

Product Market Fit

Understanding effective product-market fit is one of the most difficult and misunderstood tasks for early-stage businesses. Having run my own businesses and mentored hundreds through various accelerator programmes, I can assist in helping business validate product-market fit and identify validation techniques.

Mindset Coaching

Having a growth mindset is one of the most important aspects of creating a growth culture within a business. It is also one of the most difficult to achieve due to its lack of quantifiable-ness. However, having a growth mindset can help you to maximise the effectiveness of all your growth campaigns.

Venting Frustration

Having worked in a variety of roles both within companies and startups as a junior employee, head of marketing and then as a consultant I have experienced a lot of difficulties and pains. As such I am more than happy to have a discussion about pains experienced in the world of startups. Perhaps together we can resolve your issues. Vent away!

Outbound Marketing

Having had a bunch of experience in outbound marketing, I now work with startups to help them to 1. identify their ideal customers (and find ways of iterating on this process) and then 2. find ways to predictably, repeatably and scalably acquire them, generally at scale.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
11 years of experience

A beautiful and often poorly used piece of kit there is so much data it can often be daunting to understand how to use effectively. I'll show you how to convert data > information > action.

3 years of experience

Having used AdRoll and some of their competitors for a few years for multiple clients I can explain what works and what doesn't. And when other platforms are more suitable.

6 years of experience

Have used Buffer fairly extensively in both B2B and B2C settings to post, manage and develop social media for various startups. Super customer friendly tool if used effectively.

6 years of experience

Ahrefs, my favourite SEO tool is awesome at helping businesses improve their search engine rankings. However, the difficulty is converting the results into actionable insights!

9 years of experience

ActiveCampaign is an awesome tool and the step up for businesses who want to accelerate and automate their emails. Although it's incredibly powerful, it can be daunting to use.

15 years of experience

Mailchimp is an excellent tool for customer engagement for early stage businesses, having sent over 1 million emails using the platform I would consider myself pretty good with it.

Founding Partner
We Scale Startups
- present

We’re a growth marketing agency that helps startups create ‘growth machines’ to generate predictable, repeatable and scalable growth.

Fin Tech
Chief Marketing Officer
Berlin, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

Helping to establish the basic brand of PsycApps and it's related entities. Identifying and scaling growth channels both from a B2C and B2B perspective.

Head of Growth & Marketing
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

- Achieved 0→30,000 downloads in 8 months with avg of 12,000 Monthly Active Users with a retention increase of over 40% - Developed, implemented and managed Branding, Customer Acquisition and Product Development strategies - Implemented data-led growth, marketing and product feedback cycles to maximise efficiency Recruited, managed and trained the growth team As the Head of Growth, I work directly with the CEO to acquire and retain users for our app. Having joined the company at an early stage my responsibilities are wide ranging and include: forming the marketing, creating the customer personas, performing market research and developing the brand. In addition to this, I use a variety of offline and online marketing techniques which are led by data. In only a few short months we have achieved extraordinary growth with over 1k downloads, external investment and building our team.

Growth Mentor
- present

Launchpad Start is a free 5-day hyper-acceleration program for early stage startups, with a focus on product, design, marketing, business & growth - helping startups validate their ideas and mitigate risk to build lasting sustainable businesses. The program provides one-to-one mentoring from fully vetted professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds and companies, who are volunteering their time to take ‘excitable hikers, and turn them into expert mountaineers’. I am the current Lead Growth Mentor for Google Launchpad Ukraine and Launchpad Lagos.

Head of Marketing
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- present

- Increased user base from 400 → 20,000 in 11 months, primarily through digital marketing - Designed and implemented customer acquisition and product Development strategies resulting in 200% company revenue increase - Liaised with VCs and Investors Employed to run marketing within a fast-growing VC and incubator backed SaaS startup. I am responsible for the marketing and customer acquisition to consistently develop strategies to increase sales and raise brand awareness such as implementing PR, SEO and Content Strategies. Using Growth Hacking and Data-Backed marketing methodologies to identify key channels rapidly and efficiently.

Freelance Contracts
- present

Kickstart London - Mentored early stage startup Ivy House - A highly selective personal & Professional development organisation focused on young people with high potential. Cambridge University - Visiting Lecturer on Startup Growth to Cambridge’s Judge Business School for post-graduate students Neuchâtel Partners - Formed digital launch strategy for the Bugscore platform Cheeky Gorgonzola - Developed three major relationships with medium-sized telecom accounts Haygarth / Toast - Assisted in marketing execution with L’oreal account on social media Nascence - Founder of innovation agency for corporates and startups focused on helping to embrace innovation Tech London Advocates - Assist with general promotion of London’s tech and startup community

Marketing Manager

SWIG is a rapidly growing London based hip flask startup. Having been employed by Dawid and David at SWIG, I work as a generalist with a focus on marketing. I'm really excited about the future of SWIG, it's a fast growing startup with huge potential to become a widget recognised international brand. I know I can add considerable value to SWIG whilst also learning from Dawid and David.

Business Development Executive

Exaget is a mobile-first company that launched its first service at the end of 2012 in Finland. The company’s mission is to intelligently mobilise the applications and services used by consumers and businesses today and create new mobile services that will be needed in the future. Exaget’s first solution is a technology that delivers customised and targeted audio advertisements and other content to listeners based on their profiles. Reporting directly to the CEO, my responsibilities as a BDE are broad but primarily focus on managing customer relationships, new customer acquisition and marketing.

Image to Painting

- Founded ecommerce business - supply of low cost oil paintings - Responsible for all areas of marketing & growth - Exit (sold) to US competitor Image to Painting is a service that develops high-quality oil paintings from a photograph. Our skilled painters convert the photographic of your partner, pet or favourite holiday snap to a quality oil on canvas painting quickly and at lower prices than you might expect.

Google Analytics Advanced

Analytics Academy helps you learn about Google's measurement tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Reviews (25)
Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
14 Oct 2020

Daniel gave me feedback about the platform, answered the questions, shared his personal experience. I felt, he was a little bit annoyed and wanted to finish the call faster, but maybe it's because of an early call. Anyway, he answered all the questions and helped to better evaluate the idea, so it was worth it

Ilya Nasedkin
1 session
12 Oct 2020

Friendly and detailed advice for all the points I have raised. Really enjoyed talking to Daniel. He gave me an advice and ideas on how to develop my role and skills further. Most likely will book more. Thanks!

Alberic Db
1 session
9 Oct 2020

Daniel was very helpful and gave me very good tips. I'll schedule a call with him again.

Sheldon Chi
1 session
8 Oct 2020

It was great talking to Daniel. He gave me a lot of valuable advice.

Conrad Wadowski
1 session
25 Aug 2020

Awesome to get Dan's feedback on a new product we're working on. Thanks Dan!

Steve Birnhak
1 session
11 Aug 2020

Daniel gets right to the point and doesn't pull punches, which is great. He gave me some useful advice on how to perform critical assumption planning via his ICE methodology.

Vincent Tresno
1 session
9 Aug 2020

Daniel is a skilled growth expert with deep knowledge in paid media and also the field of angel investment. It was a true pleasure to meet and speak to Daniel! V.

Milena Klotz
1 session
29 Jul 2020

It was a pleasure to connect with Daniel and discuss how I can improve my marketing efforts. He was very friendly and gave me lots of useful advice.

Armel Beaudry Kembe
2 sessions
27 Jun 2020

I had a great chat with Daniel!

Sibi Murugesan
1 session
23 Jun 2020

Daniel was efficient with our call (which I appreciated)! He gave some high level ideas on how we could grow which is exactly what we were looking for!

Armel Beaudry Kembe
2 sessions
17 Jun 2020

I had a good chat with Daniel. I wish we had more time to talk. I learn a few things in our discussion. I will schedule more sessions to chat with him again.

Evgeny Korolev
2 sessions
21 May 2020

Daniel gave me an important feedback about the website and helped with choosing marketing instruments.

Paul Grosso
2 sessions
5 May 2020

Very nice experience really helpful with explaining how to market my brand and content

Awad Makkawi
1 session
3 May 2020

Was great talking to Daniel to get an outside view on the paid campaigns (performance campaigns) that we've run and possible areas for optimization. We discussed audience targeting, copy, the offer and increasing number of touchpoints with the audience to engage further and clarifying the value proposition.

Supriya Agarwal
1 session
2 May 2020

Daniel was super helpful and patient while I tried to figure out how to use GrowthMentor app :-). He listened to the problem statement patiently and gave helpful tips and encouraged the use of Facebook Groups to get beta users for my startup. Thanks Daniel and sorry for the late review!

Nuno Pereira
1 session
8 Feb 2020

Great call with Daniel. We talked about UGC (user-generated content) and how to collect it, use it and scale it across social media channels in a B2C context. Got some great tips about how to structure these videos (how long they should be, what topics I should approach, etc.) and will definitely implement a lot of Daniel's suggestions.

Hector Hughes
1 session
27 Jan 2020

Great to chat with Daniel! Super useful, he's got fantastic knowledge of all things startup.

Sarvy van Maris
1 session
23 Jan 2020

Helpful ideas and great sounding board.

Andrew Amedu
1 session
12 Jan 2020

Our call was brief; Daniel is very succinct. However, his advice were spot on!

Suvasini Raghavan
1 session
31 Dec 2019

Daniel was kind enough to follow up on the status even after the call. Although my problem statement was pretty broad, Daniel did his best to help me with whatever he could. Thanks, Daniel.

Kalo Yankulov
1 session
27 Aug 2019

Daniel helped us with Google Ad Grants and Google Ads. Ha gave us insights on how to spend the Google Ad Grants budget in the wisest possible way. He was able to share with us how some of the companies he has worked for, have used Google Ad Grants in the past, which was very helpful. Knowing the theory is one thing but having reference experience is a completely different thing. Daniel has a lot of the later as far as Google Ads go.

2 sessions
14 Aug 2019

Daniel shared me helpful insights on how to create a returning audience in Failory and be able to create a community of users who weekly interact with the site and within them.

Oz Merchant
1 session
14 Aug 2019

Daniel was very responsive. We got down to business right away and he pointed out a few key areas that I needed to pay attention to get some quick ROI. Look forward to a follow up to dive deeper into it.

Sebastian Hovv
1 session
8 Aug 2019

Great guy, great call!

Justin Tafel
2 sessions
21 May 2019

Daniel was patient, insightful, and was very helpful in answering questions I had that I was struggling to find elsewhere.