Danilo De Rosa

Growth Marketing Manager

Lake Como, Italy (+01:00 UTC)Italian, Englishfrom Lake Como, Italy
$60 / hour
Product Market Fit

As an entrepreneur, Product Market Fit is the most important objective to reach when working on a new business. Without this validation there is no point to scale the marketing activities as the best way to work in this case is "Customer Development". I help every month new entrepreneurs to find their way into the market with their products. We work together with a specific framework built to help them to improve the product until it works perfectly for their first user base.

Design / UX

I have helped several businesses to improve their UX and UI based on a testing experiment framework with the objective to decrease the friction in their product/market fit and consequently track and improve their main KPI metrics. The high traffic platforms where I worked with in the past had a monthly traffic average up to over 12M users/month (EU/USA/AU based traffic). I helped also to improve the UX and UI of mobile apps on App and Android store to increase their retention metrics.

PPC Strategies

I have a wide experience in planning, executing and optimizing paid traffic campaigns through Facebook ADS, Google Adwords, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, Reddit where I managed a marketing budget of over $1.5M/year for several companies in EU and US. I have an extensive experience in planning organic outbound marketing campaigns to increase the organic reach with no investment.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I have helped multiple Silicon Valley-based companies to scale their revenues on Facebook Ads. I have been part of several teams that scaled their Facebook Ads campaigns (ROAS positive) from $10/day to $20K/day in less than 6 months. I am able to help companies to plan, launch, optimize and become profitable while scaling Facebook Ads globally through a detailed analysis of their Ads performance.

over 3 years of experience

Active Campaign permits me to help companies to automate their whole sales funnels in connection with the lead generation campaigns built my team using their same digitally unexperienced internal sales teams. I consider it a pure automated leverage.

over 4 years of experience

My favorite analytics tool to help companies to get their data to the next level. I used Mixpanel to help companies to drive better automations and messaging according to specific behaviors in their digital products (in particular iPhone Apps/Google Play apps).

over 7 years of experience

One of my favorite tools to analyze the first impact on the market of a new product. Its simple basic features permit to analyze in detail unusual behaviors from cold traffic in a very short term.

over 6 years of experience

I have tested Intercom with Sales teams of over 50 members and the way in which it helped companies to optimize all their response-time was amazing from the first test. I have built from simple to complex automation in sales funnels that involved lead generation, direct sales, chat and email marketing.

over 7 years of experience

Unbounce is one of my favorite tools to help companies to test new marketing strategies in a short time frame. The possibility to easily re-create existing front end environments, customizing key elements and its ability of tracking what matters with basic analytical features (CTA/Conversion Rate) makes it the ideal tool to test Conversion Rate Hypothesis or new performance marketing campaigns in their first MVP stages. Its DTR features makes it a must in combination with Google Ads.

over 7 years of experience

I have used Optimizely in most of the projects I worked on to be able to spot Conversion Rate Optimization improvements up to the +400% range. Optimizely was great to give me the possibility to plan a week-by-week Conversion Rate Optimization Plan increasing the performance of all my Paid Ads channels on a weekly basis with a great testing environment.

Reviews (3)
1 session
7 Feb 2019

Danilo was quick to understand what I did and brought fresh ideas which I needed. Strategy, SEO and general advice were welcome and I already applied some of these to my career coaching business. Thank you!

1 session
26 Dec 2018

Danilo provided some great insight and saved me loads of time! Much easier to just ask a professional instead of sifting through the internet and endless forums.

1 session
17 Dec 2018

Excellent conversation. In only 30 minutes Danilo was able to tell me lots of design tips and recommendations about my website. I now have a lot of work to do!