Dan Carmel

VP of Strategy & Innovation @ OMD Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel (+02:00 UTC)Hebrew, Englishfrom Tel Aviv, Israel
Outbound Marketing

I've built countless Outbound Marketing strategies for clients over the years, and I'd love to help you find the right way to reach your audience and make it count.

Growth Hacking

Trying to implement Growth in your company? I can help you better understand the methodology and mindset behind Growth. If your challenge is in implementing Growth methodologies in large companies, I can help with that too.

Technology and Tools

If you're interested in building or implementing new tools in the fields of Paid Acquisition, CRO, Onboarding or you're planning on building something yourself, I can help.

PPC Strategies

From planning paid acquisition journeys to finding the right acquisition channels, I can help you find new ways to acquire customers. My bread and butter is Facebook advertising, but I have experience with all the main ad platforms.

Mentor Toolkit
over 2 years of experience

I'm a proponent of JavaScript for Marketers. If you're interested in learning Javascript, I can help you find the right learning track, give you advice and help set your learning path. My passion is building full-stack Javascript-based products (using JS, Node.js and React), so if you're interested in more than Analytics implementation and Tag Manager, I'm here for you.

over 3 years of experience

I've been building, managing and executing paid acquisition strategies on Facebook for several years. I can help you build flows that acquire new customers, as well as working on optimizing current campaigns.

VP Strategy & Innovation, OMD Israel
OMD Israel
- present

As a VP in the Israeli office of the world’s largest media agency, I am heading two teams: Strategy / Planning and the Data and Analysis. I build Digital Marketing strategies for Israel’s largest brands, as well as international brands (Ebay, McDonald's, Adidas, BMW, etc) and startups . Projects vary from market research and branding to user journey modeling, acquisition planning and performance marketing. I also serve as a Marketing consultant for top customers, helping brands follow-through with implementation and activation (as well as consulting and working with Omnicom’s agencies - BBDO & TBWA).

Digital Agencies
COO, Stradom.io

Stardom.io is a Startup-focused, Growth marketing agency, founded by Roy Povarchik. During my time at Stardom, I worked my way up from a Growth Hacker to COO. As part of my role, I was responsible for all other teams, including Content Marketing, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, PPC, SEO. I also planned, presented and optimized Growth strategies for our clients. I was responsible for the overall performance of the agency, from analysis to reporting and optimization.

Digital Agencies
Mar 2019 - present

Tshaped is my personal journey to expand my skillset. It’s also a place for marketers who feel like Marketing isn’t enough. I share articles on Technical Marketing, as well as free Growth-related products that I build.

Hunt by Tshaped.io
Hunt by Tshaped.io
Jun 2019 - present

Hunt is a micro-tool that helps you leverage your Product Hunt launch. You enter your product's name as it appears in PH's URL, and Hunt scrapes your upvoters, finds them on Twitter and sends you a list of your followers along with their description, URL and follower count. You can then contact your most influential upvoters for collaboration, etc.

Notion for Growth Teams
Jul 2019 - present

Growth teams deserve a flexible way to deliver on their promise. One that fits their unique methodology, and is suited for cross-functional, test-driven work. With that in mind, I've created Notion for Growth Teams. A customizable, test-driven notion workspace template designed specifically for Growth Teams.

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