Web developer, growth hacker and passionate.

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Growth Hacking

Development is important, but a project is useless if no marketing is done. I can help you find original ways to promote your business, adapt your landing page for your buyer persona and see how to increase your users to customers conversion. I've had successes with ProductHunt posts, Reddit and IndieHackers, and can help you find ways to leverage those social networks.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is in an crucial part of your project. It helps you retain your leads, increase your chances to convert them, reduce churning and even revert it when done right. Even though I'm more a specialist in crafting your own mails and sending them from your backend using cron tasks, I did use a few tools like Intercom, Drip, and ConvertFox to do that work. I can help you set up your campaigns to better communicate with your members and discuss how to improve the open/click rate.

Technology and Tools

Developer by heart, I'm at ease working with languages like Javascript, Python, PHP, and Java. Implementing any API is clear for me and is done quickly. I can help you set up some parts of your code. I can also help you in reviewing your code and find ways to improve its performance.

Mentor Toolkit
6 years of experience

Hotjar is really nice, not only for the screen recording, that can help you target some confusing things on your website, but also for the heatmap they provide, which gives you an insight on how your website is used. I can help you setting all up and make some tracks to quicker understand your customer behavior.

6 years of experience

Before PHP, I started working on Javascript to try to simplify my website code. The menu was written in "document.write" code, and I was including that js on all page to avoid rewriting the menu on each page. That was the good old days. Now, I'm writing most of my website using the powerful Vue.JS tool, and love it. If you need any help about it, I can help you!

18 years of experience

For me, PHP comes with MySQL. So when I started building my webpages with PHP, I also learned MySQL. I'm not DBA level expert, but can easily work my way up a few joins and odd CASE request if needed. My longest query was around 32 lines with tons of joins (and surprisingly, worked ;) ).

18 years of experience

PHP was my first server side language. I worked quite a lot with it, and built a few useful library. I was really focused on the code quality and respecting the structure I defined (unless how PHP does ... ;) ). If you aren't using Symfony, I can help you without fixing any problem or implementing some odd stuff :)

16 years of experience

Loved testing the debian back in 2004 when I had some spare time, loosing my hair on drivers that was not open source. We've come a long way since then! I've made the definitive switch around 2006. I'm now running on a Fedora, and all my servers are Debian based. Love both systems.

6 years of experience

The Stripe API has no secret for me. I've built my own script in Python to do the work I need and back when I was working on VoilaNorbert, we implemented our own subscription service. So if you need any help setting Stripe, I can help you!

12 years of experience

I've been a developer for more than 15 years and built stuff with Python for more than 10 years no. Recently switched to Python3, I can help you make the change or assist you in finding that sneaky bug that's been haunting you for days ;)

4 years of experience

This is the default goto app I use now to track all my todo list. The possibility to split the cards in "Pending", "Current", "Done", "Archived" is awesome and help me see what I need to work on.

9 years of experience

Used to install it by default for any projects I was starting, so I'm pretty familiar with it if you need any help. Their latest version were more easier to install than the one back in time ;)

6 years of experience

Implementing Zapier to your tool might be a powerful marketing strategy. Back in time, we worked hand in hand with the team at Zapier to connect VoilaNorbert to their service. They helped us by having our service in their newsletter which lead to a few new users. In the long run, when your app is ready, you are visible on their ecosystem, which brings you more customers

8 years of experience

I've been a long user of Asana and their way to manage various projects and tasks on it. It's very easy to use and a powerful to have on the day to day work.

6 years of experience

I've been an user of Intercom a few months after the redesign that made them popular. The interface is really easy to navigate to, so if you need any help on it, I'm happy to assist you

Google Webmaster Tools
12 years of experience

Hate it. But it's useful :) The sole fact you need to add http+https for both with and without www is a pain in the a... But that's also a POWERFUL tool that helps you get notified when things goes wrong (errors 500) and help you quickly connect to Google search results, so it's a vital part of any online business!

Google Analytics
8 years of experience

Running Google Analytics by default is nice to get a quick overview of the health of your project, but it become more powerful when you start to track metrics and configure your dashboard to preview the results from those metrics. That's when you see the powerful tool that is Google Analytics.

8 years of experience

Heap Analytics is a very powerful tool to help you better understand how your customers react on your website. For instance, having this installed helped me see that many users where clicking on images to better view them, so I've implemented a modal system after that :)

Belfort, France
- present

I've been an entrepreneur for almost my entire professional career. I did a few stunt in companies for internship but always loved the freedom it brings to be your own boss. I've built various stuff to sustain my life, and only recently that some of them took off in a way that helps me stay afload of my finances.

Web Hosting
Belfort, France
Apr 2018 - present

An API that converts HTML documents to PDF using a single POST request.

Belfort, France
Nov 2017 - present

A marketplace to buy and sell SaaS projects

Digital AgenciesStartups
Belfort, France
Sep 2017 - present

A curated newsletters directory to find partnership posts to promote one's business.

Digital AgenciesStartupsB2B
Master degree

I did a master degree specialized in computer science.

Reviews (3)
Michael Taylor
1 session
22 Jan 2020

Cyril was really clear about how he could help and what he wouldn't be able to help with, so it was a very efficient call and he gave me a link to what looks like a really useful tutorial on the topic I wanted to learn.

1 session
12 Jan 2020

Cyril provided me with actionable information based on his own experience. It was a valuable call and I appreciate his time!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
13 Jan 2019

Had a great call with Cyril about cold emailing and various scraping tactics at scale. Highly recommended for anything email related.