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Go to market strategy

Launching a successful product to market takes time and strategic thinking. I have helped a variety of organisations through that process. Understanding the steps to develop a plan from strategy, planning, execution and measurement. Very much specialised doing this in the digital space.

PPC strategies

Qualified by google in all their advertising specialties; Google search, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Google Analytics. I can help you develop a PPC media strategy, from calculating MAX CPL from your CAC and LTV to identify the best advertising platforms. I can also help you with technical tips and tricks on how to set up, run and optimise your campaigns in these platforms to save money or make those $ invested go further.

Marketing automation

How to use the right data and insights to identify segments and develop strategies at each stage of the funnel. From demand generation, lead nurturing, conversion rate optimisation, reactivation, dropbasket, retention or referral.

Growth marketing

Growth can be achieved with the right set up of skills, data, insights and resources. I can help you understand the structure top growth brands like Expedia or Momondo are using to drive sustained growth or what I call, developing the "Growth marketing engine".


Planning your outbound marketing strategy? Leverage the knowledge of top growth brands: from paid search, display, paid social, email and affiliates. Learn how to plan, prioritise, orchestrate the set up a multichannel customer acquisition strategy, determine the budget, set up a plan to roll out the growth to meet your growth goals.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
over 10 years of experience

Qualified as a Google Analytics advertising professional with more than 10 years of experience as a user. I can help you identify what is the measurement framework, set up process for dashboards, reports and best practices with this tool.

over 12 years of experience

More than 10 years experience and more than 50Million spend in this platform, setting up campaigns and scaling across the globe. Qualified in all Adwords specialities; search, display, mobile, video and Google Analytics

over 7 years of experience

Thinking you´ve tried everything you can do with Facebook ads? Think twice. A well-planned strategy identifying audiences, data, insights, creative, testing and automation will be key to unfold all the potential you can reach with this channel.

over 5 years of experience

B2B paid social media platform for excellence. Don´t burn out your audience, it´s limited targeting volumes but well planned and combined with other channels can prove to be very successful for your lead generation efforts.

over 8 years of experience

Bing from Microsoft, not to be forgotten as a powerful marketing platform. Especially in the B2B scene, since Microsoft purchased Linkedin how this has enabled opportunities for ABM targeting.

over 8 years of experience

Use YouTube as an advertising platform to meet your marketing goals, reaching out to more customers and re-engaging with them. Use the right methodologies to assess the performance and the role of this media channel.

over 3 years of experience

Plan your marketing automation activity, funnel definition, lead scoring, cycles, content and testing plan. I can help you develop the strategic side of Pardot implementation.

Global media manager
London, United Kingdom

Focal point and responsible for media strategy and planning across different lines of business including Fleet Solutions, Industries and Aviation. Drove improvements in campaign results that led to double the annual media budget allocated, from $6M to $12M. Increasing the number of leads acquired X3 and reducing cost per lead 36% YoY. Shortlisted for “Best B2B Campaign” in the Marketing Society Brave Awards 2020. Agency team management (Mediacom) coaching, training, workload distribution and quality assurance of 2 marketing strategist and 2 media planners. Defining the global media strategy and playbook based on business goals for Existing and New customers through direct and indirect channels using ATL-BTL media. Supervising the execution of media campaigns to drive growth for the business through media, launching new products and services across 16 different markets integrated with CRM and Sales. Defining customer segmentation and audience-data strategy; identifying personas, and segments, user journey and selection of media-data-channels to target. Driving growth and improving conversion rate by planning testing roadmaps through paid and owned channels and data sources: Paid social / Facebook and Linkedin, Programmatic display, ABM, Paid search, email marketing automation (Pardot) and landing pages. Reporting and success measurement: Standardizing ways to measure success though the whole funnel, identifying metrics and set of media and performance reports. Driving digital transformation by developing media training, generating content and presenting it live and via mobile app formats, focused in 2 main areas: Media planning (process-focused) and media strategy (strategy-focused) delivered to 22 local markets.

Global acquisition marketing lead
VRBO, Expedia Group
London, United Kingdom

Led the global marketing acquisition strategy, roadmap campaign and testing plan across EMEA, Americas and APAC. Built the system, frameworks, best practices and scaling up of activities that resulted in +200% year-on-year growth of paid media user acquisition targets at a positive ROAS, and assignment of $8M budget. Global acquisition strategy and roadmap. Identifying segments, mapping customer acquisition journey (Media, CRM and Sales) and campaign planning and management. Media and programmatic team coordination: (Display/YouTube/Paid social, SEM, email, and Affiliates): Agreement on media budget distribution, mix of channel and testing/optimisation campaign roadmap. Partnering with product to develop the technology for advanced audience targeting, smart bidding, programmatic/ messaging and personalisation enablement. Messaging /content: Leveraging market research and user insights to brief the creative agency, coordinate the generation of the assets and creative concepts (display assets, landing pages, email cycles). Reporting and attribution: Working with Business Intelligence to create a marketing reporting and attribution system that would become a unique source of truth and help the organisation understand the impact of each channel activity on driving conversions, decision making on the distribution of budgets and campaign optimisation.

Real Estate
Global biddable media specialist now part of Booking H
London, United Kingdom

Responsible for paid media performance, marketing channel and campaign management with the goal of driving global expansion in markets such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria and Indonesia. Representing 30% increase traffic growth for the business sustaining ROAS. Promoting different products, such as: Flight bookings; hotel bookings; app installs and lead generation. Team shared a global online media budget of £25 Million/year. This contributed to the growth of the business, which resulted in the acquisition by for a value of $550M. Setting up, managing and optimising campaigns with different marketing goals such as acquisition, and retention based on ROI and lifetime value. SEM (Google, Bing and Yahoo) – Building, structuring, scaling up and optimising accounts (0.5M Keywords). Display/Video and programmatic: Testing and managing display activity through different platforms (Google display network, Outbrain, YouTube and Facebook). Lead generation: Setting up, managing and optimising lead generation campaigns through different channels (Gmail sponsored promotions, SEM and GDN) Affiliate network: Managed to set up and scale the affiliate network through CJ and direct partnerships through Partnerize. App promotion: 300K Installs and increased 20% LTV by using retargeting through UAC - PPC search, display and YouTube.

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Reviews (18)
Daniel Uribe
1 session
16 Jul 2021

Cristian give us clarity for a client with a B2B business model, he was very helpful at giving us ideas for new tests and focus for priorities. Also he speaks english and spanish, that's great.

Branko Nesic
1 session
15 Jul 2021

Cristian is awesome! He seems really knowledgeable and even though this was our first introductory meeting, he provided some useful advice on the next steps. Thank you Cristian!

Cecilia Rossini
1 session
12 Jul 2021

Had a very efficient session with Cristian! He gave some immediately implementable advice that I can take back to my team.

Daniel TaMaKaZi
1 session
28 Jun 2021

Cristian was great! He kept the first appt and sent me a meeting link a few minutes before which was very helpful. When the meeting started he was very personable and we got to know each other's background briefly. Then he allowed me to jump into my challenges and we were off into a great back and forth strategy session. We discussed different ideas and how I could implement small tweaks to improve on my challenges. I really enjoyed our conversation and I look forward to booking more time with Cristian.

Kilian Ekamp
1 session
22 Jun 2021

Very helpful session with Cristian who gave me a great overview over different paid advertising channels!

Harry Edmeades
1 session
15 Jun 2021

Good 30-minute call with Christian who gave me some top-level advice on some go-to-market ideas - thanks Cristian!

Marčela Mioč
2 sessions
14 Jun 2021

Cristian was super helpful. He shared some great ideas on how to improve performance and set up feeds. Highly recommended.

Rene Flores
1 session
3 Jun 2021

Cristian is very friendly and attentive. He really has a helping attitude. I strongly recommend having a call with him.

Alex Wagner
1 session
1 Jun 2021

I really enjoyed my session with Cristian! He's a great listener and gave me numerous actionable ideas for improving my copywriting business to attract more clients.

Khushi Lunkad
1 session
22 May 2021

Although we were supposed to deepdive into Twitter ads, Cristian helped me step back and diagnose things from a high-level strategy perspective to set a stronger foundation. Thank you so much, Cristian!

David Iorio
1 session
4 May 2021

Cristian is very knowledgeable and he was able to help me straight away with my PPC issues. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for help.

Kai Warwick
1 session
19 Apr 2021

Good mentor highly recommend

Ioana Serban from FintechOS
1 session
27 Feb 2021

We face the challenge of a local startup going globally, and my goal for this session was to get Cristian's input on what can I improve to our PPC campaigns targeting more mature and competitive markets. He provided great actionable feedback and some tips & tricks regarding content syndication. 👍

Nuno Pereira
1 session
21 Jan 2021

I had a great call with Cristian! He has an excellent and advanced understanding of Google Ads and helped me a lot in structuring my thoughts and what I should prioritise at the beginning, now that I'm restarting my Google Ads campaigns. Thanks!

Walter Scalzone
1 session
18 Jan 2021

nice chat about youtube ads and possible tactics to promote my new activation

Simo Elalj
1 session
28 Sep 2020

Cristian helped me to think about Paid Advertising differently, and jump a few ideas together. Thanks!

Aazar Ali Shad
1 session
7 Sep 2020

Christian identified some issues in my marketing plan that I couldn't see and also gave me some fresh perspectives.

Shankar Shethe
1 session
31 Aug 2020

Cristian is a hive of actionable ideas! He is approachable, provides practical guidance and most importantly is eager to help - This gives me a lot of confidence that it's not just a one time call but continuous learning (mentoring) process, and that's where the value truly is! Thanks Cristian for your insights.